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My wife and I have always had a open relationship and she encourages slutty group sex.

The other day she was reading what I had told people about her here in my stories, she had not been very interested until now.

She said that I had missed out some fun times which she had enjoyed.

The first she mentioned was when I was a shop manager for a national retailer. At an xmas party my area manager was obviously attracted to her. For some reason she just gives out an "air of being easy" which lots of guys pick up on.

After a few drinks the area manager and I were chatting about her and I admitted about our open relationship that I would not mind if he made a play for her. A bit later he made his move and took her up to his hotel room. They were gone for about 30 minutes. Nobody seemed to notice.

When they came back she just mingled as if nothing had happened and he sat down at my table and asked if I was alright about that. He said that she was very keen and took the lead which he found great fun.

A few months later he visited the branch again, a normal thing, and invited us both out for a meal at his hotel, which ended up with us both having my wife, his first threesome, which he thought was amazing. He was particularly impressed with her ability to take more fingers than he had ever used before, he was afraid to fist her though, even when we both had fingers in her he could see she ok with being stretched,

Again on a future, un-announced, visit, which he didn't have time for an overnight stop, I suggested he visited my wife at home. I made a quick phone call and she was up for it. So away he went. He got a quick blow job and fuck then had to leave for an appointment.

Anyway while she was reminding me about him after reading my stories, she mentioned another visit by him and a director of the company whilst I was at work. Which she said she forgot to tell me about, but it seems the director asked her not to tell me in case it got around the company.

They both were only there for only an hour or so one lunchtime. I used to phone he most lunch times for a chat. On this day when I phoned, the area manger was going down on her and she was wanking the director when the phone rang. She explained it was me, they said answer it but don't say anything about them. During the conversation the area manager carried on eating her and she continued to wank the director.

When she hung up the director said that she was a good cheating wife and got her to suck him off, he cum in her mouth very quickly.

Then they changed ends. The area manager mentioned about her liking for a lot of fingers, which the director went for almost fisting her, but again he also held back from that. They both both fucked her, the director slapped her fanny with his hand when he withdrew and said thank you.

They then had coffee, made her promise not to tell me and left. She never did tell me until now.

The area manager left the company shortly afterwards, he has phoned her a few times but doesn't come to our area in his new job but will again when he can.

I do have a secret myself, about fucking her cousin regularly, unless she reads this she my never find out.

Written by swest

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