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If you have read my initial introduction stories about my wife wanting help to be more of a slut ( her fantasy) search "Wife group training" and read the recent story "Wife forgot to tell me" .

Basically she had a session with my Area Manager & Director a few years ago but only told me about it recently. I didn't mind her having them but our rules are no secrets.

I phoned my mate on Thursday eve - "her slut trainer" - who immediately said that she must "pay". He got back to me the next morning and suggested he visited with 2 friends, who he had used for this experiance before, for a surprise session on Sunday morning, when they were all free. He knows that my wife and I have a late moring in bed on Sunday mornings.

It was arranged that I go down stairs at 10 a.m. "to make a cup of tea" and let them in quietly. I made a lot of noise clinking the cups coming up the stairs to disguise the guys behind me.

I put the cups down on bedside cabinet and pulled the duvet off of her, she wears pyjamas. She asked what I was doing, I said she was about to be punished for her little secret and the guys came in. She was startled and gave a little a giggle.

I held her head and got my tounge down her throat while they removed her pyjama trousers and knickers. She didn't struggle at all. They seemed "very experianced and confident" in their actions, which probably helped her to accept it.

After I finished kissing her I saw her legs were held up and open while she was being fingered and eaten by 2 of the guys, the other was taking off his trousers. I just held her hand and played with her boob.

They were very decisive and didn't say much. It seemed very "clinical"

All 3 guys had their trousers off and she was getting a real fingering whilst she wanked one of them. Another guy was squeezing and pulling at her other boob, he could see that I was not being gentle with the boob I was paying with.

All 3 of them had her realy rough, on her back & doggy, which was a bit strange because in past multi sessions there is always at least one guy who is slow and gentle.

She sucked and swallowed all of them. I didn't want to fuck her this time, I just watched, held her hand and played with her boob.

Throught it all hardly a word was spoken by anyone, which added to the atmosphere of her punishment.

When they had finished with her I did put it in her mouth and slowly pumped it firmly whilst holding her head still, for some reason it took me ages to cum. I enjoyed them watching her take it for so long with a few gags and hoped they enjoyed using her.

While they got dressed and I was still getting sucked, they did have some light fingering and told me that I was lucky to have such a fun wife.

They thanked her and left, we pulled the duvet over ourselves and went back to watching the Sunday morning T.V. gardening program. She did try to say something to me but I told her to be quiet, I went back downstairs to make a fresh cup of tea. We have not mentioned it again so far, Monday morning,

Hopfully she will need to be punished again sometime, this was one of her better sessions.

Written by swest

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