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Punishment Stories


Punishment Session

Sunday Morning Surprise Fun

If you have read my initial introduction stories about my wife wanting help to be more of a slut ( her fantasy) search "Wife group training" and read the recent story "Wife forgot to tell me" . Basically she had a session with my Area Manager & Director a...



I got fucked

It was on a visit to Carol and Jeff. "Richard has been a bad boy." Irina informed them using my long name. "What have you been up to Dick?" "He fucked my sister." "You have been a bad boy." Carol commented. "I would fuck her." Jeff offered. "Jeff" Carol c...

Morning Coffee in the Kitchen

Distraction, impatience, pleasure

You sit in the Kitchen, a book in your hands, a fresh cup of coffee on the table beside you. Early morning sunlight streaming through the window, warming you, rendering you an oasis of contentment in its glow. And so I distract you, standing behind you, s...

Tess and Roger

My wife's first gangbang

She told him she didn't take it in the arse, his reply was that she does now.

My wife, who I’m going to call Tess, has a high profile position at work, hence the change of name. We had over the years had threesomes with another man, and then we went to a few parties. Tess is a rather strong woman and would tell me, and any other pa...


Served me right

Marks cock was much thicker than mine and Brians was way longer than mine.

I was out with the lads from my football team. As usual it was a pretty boozy affair. That was when Colin started. There is always one in any group that is loud and ends up leading any conversation. He started on about a trip he and his old team took a fe...


Hubby is a pussy licker

Jackie told me that Nick ripped her clothes off to lick her out and then reclaimed her by fucking her.

It had started off just like my typical day. Once a month on the second Tuesday of the month I have a four hour drive to a managers meeting then four hours back home. I leave at five in the morning and get back close to ten p.m. It was our normal boring m...

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A perfect maid

just how you would dream of a maid

One of my close friends documented this and I have posted it on here for him as he wanted to share the experience. It started as any other ordinary day. I had a few tasks to complete, including calling in on an elderly gent as part of a community project....

Youth leader

Girlfriend enjoyed her punishment

Caught girlfriend with a mate and disciplined her, she liked it.

My girlfriend was a wild thing. She was fairly small at 5' 2" but that didn't stop being a big part of everyone's life that she touched. To say she was outgoing was an understatement, at twenty seven she had far more energy than what I had. I ran a youth...