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Humiliation Stories


Amy story continued

Amy's slutty desire continued

Since I got positive feedback about my first story with Amy and Ross, I thought I would tell some more stories of experiences we had after that. After our first experience with Ross, I was constantly going over the night in my head. I never thought Amy wo...

Sapphic temptress and the wife

A naive and subservient wife

Sally never wanted children. They were Don's idea. She was a career woman, returning to work as soon as she could. Luckily both her own mother and her mother-in-law doted on the grandchildren and motherhood barely shifted the course of her career by a few...

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Second Night Away

Our second meet, one of the horniest nights of my life

This is follows on from my last story Hard Limit. We met, had a meal and, bound, he watched us fuck all night. In the morning, I sent him to get us breakfast but we carried on without him while he was gone, which turned out to be a hard limit. He reacted...

Hard Limit

Cuck loves a night bound and gagged but next time, we agree hard limits

I'm a 26 year old bi guy. I've been bull for a few couples about my age in the past but Covid stalled that until recently. I met a bi guy on another site (24) who said he wanted to cuck for his girlfriend (23, blonde, B cup, tennis player). He said he wan...

Don’t talk in your sleep

it’s a bloody good job that the wife has no idea what my dreams involve, that was the initial inspiration behind this fantasy story, hope you enjoy. Names changed to protect the guilty.

I woke to find my wife Sophie staring at me in a really odd way. “Wow! What was that all about”? She asked “What was what all about”? I asked totally confused by her question “Your dream!” “What on Earth are you talking about”? “You were blatantly enjoyin...


Forced to watch

She put her foot in his lap and pussy in his face to show him my cum.

I had been seeing this woman for a few months. I knew she was married and she made no secret of it. The big rock on her finger confirmed that, but it didn't stop her climbing into my bed two or three times a week. I had decided that I would ask Melanie to...

Cuckhold Dave

From cuckold to stud

Me, the wife, Lisa and Grham

My wife is tall, just over 6’ and a size 18 with nice DD breasts. We are both 43 and have been married for 20 years. Our swinging lifestyle started out of necessity. We had a very active sex life until I became ill and wasn’t able to get a hard on. We eve...


Second time with Pam

Pam cuckolds poor Ben and humiliates him

It was a cold wet night as I pulled up outside Pam an Ben's House. It was a little under 24 hours since I caught them at the dogging site and had my way with Pam. As Pam let me into the house I could see Ben looked upset and dejected. I didn't care as I w...


How i think things may have been different if i realised what i really was

So the other day a perfectly normal conversation triggered the memory of when I was in early 20s and at the time didn’t even realise that I was starting my journey to becoming the sissy faggot I have turned myself into now because I would go swimming alon...