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My Mistress fantasy part 1

"Cum target practice"

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It’s difficult to describe the position I’m in. My torso is weirdly contorted and slightly uncomfortable. My head, neck and shoulders are on the floor facing up, my back curved and pressed firmly upwards against the side of a bed. Hands cuffed under the base of the bed and out of the way from the rest of my body. Legs are dangling freely downwards with gravity, however, a spreader bar keeps them wide apart. My fleshy bottom cheeks are dangerously exposed and facing up towards the ceiling. I’m almost at right angles with myself.

My cock, already hard In anticipation, points downwards towards my face. I’m inches away from felating myself.

I’ve been ordered to not cum for 5 days. I have taken this faithfully and has been difficult at times. My balls are full, painfully full. They have been creatively tied up and harnessed with shoe string, dividing them snugly into two firm bulges of throbbing pink flesh.

My Mistress sits comfortably on the bed above me. She is very domineering as she leans through my open thighs and peers downwards at me. I’m locked into this position, unable to move and completely vulnerable. “Shall we begin”…

My heart is pounding and with each beat my tightly trussed up balls pulsate. I’m already starting to ooze pre cum which I can see clearly as my cock dangles close to my face. I’m so turned on and I have barely been touched. Mentally I’m already on edge and highly stimulated. I can’t control myself and I hate being out of control!

She starts by gently rubbing my balls with one hand and with the other she caresses the length of my shaft. A double motion of gentle pleasure feels my brain. Then her finger tip finds the dripping end of my cock which she massages slowly back into my sensitive gland to form a silky lather. With very little persuasion my cock flows a steady stream of viscous liquid. I can smell my own arousal. I’m moaning. I’m I’m so out of my own control.

Squeezing my spongey head with a vice like grip she milks one large final scoop of pre cum from my helpless cock and glides her sticky finger in a circle motion around my exposed butt hole.

I let out an exhilarating grunt as she plunges cautiously into me. My pre cum acts has a natural lube for her explorative tentacle and I offer no resistance as she slides in deep.

My Mistress has no difficulty locating my prostate. She has experience and knows how to work that magic spot. My breathing now changes, I’m almost hyperventilating. My face is becoming red. The intensity hits me immediately. It’s an overwhelming sensation, almost unbearable and hard to describe. I persevere. “Open your eyes and and look at me” it’s difficult to keep my eyes open with such intensity. I try to stay focused on her.

My moaning is getting louder. I can’t help myself. I’m squirming but it’s difficult to move. “You have a very responsive fuck hole don’t you?” My concentration is not good and my energy already weakened, I reply with a faint voice “yes” mistress.

She barely touches my cock, there is no need for any extra stimulation. I’m on the brink of an internal P spot orgasm. It’s bigger than a normal one. I want to her to stop, it’s becoming too intense. It feels like I want to pee. My cock is pointing down towards my face. I don’t want to piss all over myself. Ahhhh I have no choice but to stick with it. Then my toes start to quiver and my legs start to buckle and spasm. It’s happening.

My Mistress with her finger inside me on that magic button like a trigger, aims my cock and like a pump action shot gun shoots at me. She pulls my foreskin back hard with every cum shot. “Open your mouth” I do so. The first shot narrowly misses and hits my bottom lip and chin. It still takes me by surprise. The second more powerful shot is a direct hit and goes straight into my mouth. “Don’t swallow” I try not to. A few more pump action shots and my mouth is now full. It’s like target practise for her. The remaining uncontrolled shots land randomly splattering my face.

I’m covered. I can feel it in my hair. I can smell it. I can taste it. My mouth is full of my own warm salty, creamy cum. I try hard not to swallow and keep my mouth open. My Mistress leans over to take a photo of me in this state of humiliation. “You look beautiful” I obviously can’t respond. “Swallow” I gulp it down. Actually, it takes two gulps to clear my mouth and throat. “Open” I open my mouth and show her I’m empty . “Good boy” “what do you say” thank you Mistress.

She isn’t finished with me yet. My cock still hard and her finger is still inside me. She slowly removes it and gives me a powerful authoritative stare. “Clean my finger” I suck on her finger. I can taste myself. I’m so filthy and depraved that I enjoy her performing this taboo act. I find it highly erotic and she gets off on doing it to me.

With the same finger she collects some cum from my chin, and moves back to my exposed butt. This time she attempts to insert two fingers into my hole. She has only ever used one before so this is a first. I naturally clench and she smacks my deflated balls. Ouch, she wins and I’m forced to relax as she works two fingers into me with the help of a dribble of her spit. I can see the enjoyment on her face as I’m slowly stretched and toyed with.

Once again I’m made to suck and clean these fingers, they are tainted with the taste of my own ass and cum. “Does it taste good” yes Mistress it’s lovely. “Good boy” I carry on sucking with full commitment while we gaze at each other. “You are such a filthy fuck pig” I really am but there was no need to respond this to her.

I’m finally released from my position, un-cuffed and balls gently released from their restrictive harness. My cock is still surprisingly hard. The naughty finger sucking has kept me sexually aroused. I just hope my Mistress doesn’t want to take advantage of this. I couldn’t take any more. Not for a while anyway. I collapse, mentally drained and physically exhausted into a pathetic useless cum splattered heap.

Written by leam1

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