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Steven and I become lovers, however a meeting with friends was about to change all that with a surprise revelation from one of them.

The first few months after we went our separate ways was, for me, the most difficult. I'd lost my confidence, my ED raised its ugly head, then the sale of the house fell through so we were still financially connected as we rented it out with at least a st...

The night I took 40+ inches of TS's cock ( Chapter 2 - Continued)

Chapter 2:  An Iron Bar Hits My Face, and I Am Forced to Rim All The Girls

The night I took 40+ inches of TS's cock For those of you just starting to read about my event I suggest you read Chapter 1. The five girls started to surround me and push their concealed packages into my face. I licked at each of their bulges, growing in...

The night I took 40+ inches of TS's cock.

Chapter 1: Let the Party Commence - Meet the Girls

I love TS girls, and one of my many fantasies was to be made airtight by TS magic wands. My definition of airtight is one TS cock down my throat, one up my arse, and my cock anal fucking a TS pussy. This time, I decided to go large in every sense of the w...