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Second Night Away

"Our second meet, one of the horniest nights of my life"

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Author's Notes

"I’m using this as a diary of being the bull, it’s more complicated than I thought so maybe writing it down and reading it back will help? I've tried to keep it pretty accurate but some bits like conversations are condensed/to the best of my memory. There are a few bits where my memory’s hazy but I remember the key points so I've interpolated between them so it makes sense."

This is follows on from my last story Hard Limit. We met, had a meal and, bound, he watched us fuck all night. In the morning, I sent him to get us breakfast but we carried on without him while he was gone, which turned out to be a hard limit. He reacted like a twat and left with her, pretty upset, leaving me in the hotel room.

Grace is her name (I wasn’t sure about naming her in the previous story but I think it’s fine). I’ve called him the cuck partly because then it reads like I don’t like him (although he’s alright really, I sort of get to like him), and partly because his name isn’t common and I don’t want to betray their confidence by making them identifiable.

Sunday 27 November

With them gone, cock still wet, I guiltily finished myself off, lying in the warm spot where Grace had been, then got dressed and checked out. I sincerely apologise to the Premier Inn cleaners for the state of the bed sheets and the rose petals which had dried onto the bottom of the bath and left pink stains.

I got the train home and, having only had a few hours' sleep, showered and went to bed. I woke up just after 5pm with no real food in the house. I’d been deprived of breakfast and otherwise not eaten since our meal in the Ivy the night before.

Hangry, I ordered a curry and, while I was waiting, did some research on here, realising that we’d violated one of the cuck's “hard limits”. I thought “Hard Limit” sounded like a shit Steven Seagal film so, laughing to myself, I wrote a story about everything I remembered about the night and picked that as the title. I confess writing it was fun and as bits came back to me I included them in a few drafts before pressing submit on Sunday night.

Monday 28 November

On Monday morning, sleep pattern fucked, sitting at my desk and struggling to focus, I felt like I’d let the dust settle but not too much. I messaged Grace.

Hey babe

Loved Saturday night, you were amazing

Sorry about the way it ended

Are you ok?

Has [the cuck] calmed down yet?

I know she’s not near her phone a lot because of her job, so I distracted myself struggling through calls. End of month is always busy and I’ve got two projects I’m trying to get delivered before everyone breaks up for Christmas.

Of course, I knew Grace might just not reply at all. But, about lunchtime, I got a message back.

Hi ed - I loved it too baby😁

[The cuck] is fine, he overreacted but it’s good now

I’m sorry about the way we left it

It wasn’t fair on you

We talked on the way home and he wants to do it again if you’re not too freaked out by us xxx

My heart leapt. I definitely wanted to do it again and to settle things with him given how he’d behaved with her which I was fucked off about. I hope it doesn’t come across as fake chivalry but I don’t like seeing women spoken to like that.

I called Grace after work as I wanted to hear her voice to check she was OK. She sounded great. I could hear she was speaking at that slightly unnatural high pitch she had done when we first met on Saturday. We chatted for a while and agreed we’d WhatsApp to arrange things.

Tuesday 29 November

Conversation turned to organising a second meet. Trying to appear casual, I said I was happy to do it but because the whole thing is reliant on him being a bit scared of me, I’d need to re-establish him as the submissive - unlike how things had finished on Sunday morning.


Are you going to hit him?

Not to hurt him

We just need to make things clear again

The cuck, having unblocked me, sent me a few messages. I didn't want to talk to him and I read but didn't reply. I asked Grace to tell him to expect punishment, and I wanted a written list of hard limits from him.

She messaged a short list back (the kind of things you’d expect; no lasting injuries, nothing public, nothing dangerous). Surprisingly, it didn't include us meeting or doing things without him. I queried it.

He says he couldn’t sleep when he was on the floor

Basically he couldn’t switch off

Like he was in a different reality

Then when he went down to maccies and everything was normal it snapped him back

Then he saw us and he just flipped

But I talked to him and he’s ok if he’s in the loop7

I joked it sounded like he needed a man up pill although I regret saying that: I couldn’t watch someone do to my girlfriend what I’d done to Grace and I’d probably have reacted much worse, so how much of a man would that make me?

She asked what ideas I had for a second weekend. I suggested something more secluded where we could take it up a notch for the cuck. We were both excited so we looked for somewhere to book for 3 December.

We both loved our bath together so we found a place with a hot tub on Airbnb. It was a lodge set in the grounds of a country pub, with an outdoor hot tub on a heated, private patio covered by a wooden pergola and sheltered from the wind (and prying eyes to an extent) with bamboo screening. This time, the cuck paid the £270-odd bill (I gathered a deep reach into his pocket) as part of his atonement for last weekend.

The safe word was agreed and, if unable to speak, five taps/kicks loud enough to be heard.

I had a prearranged date on Tuesday night where I must have bored the fuck out of her - what possessed me to organise it then I have no idea. I went to the toilet a couple of times and sexted Grace standing at the urinal, which was far more fun. Someone did say that vanilla dating wouldn’t satisfy ever again.

My rest of the week ran along the same lines. Message Grace first thing, try to work while checking my phone every 30 seconds, gym, then a mixture of sexting and planning in the evenings.

Saturday 3 December

The day couldn't pass quick enough. I picked them up from their place at 3. When I pulled up I could see Grace in the window. I half jogged to the front door, which she opened. Conscious of their neighbours, I went to give her a peck on the cheek at the front door but she met my lips instead and wrapped her arms around me.

I helped her with her bag and I couldn't stop gawping at her as she walked in front of me down the path from their front door, skinny jeans clinging to her legs and bum and her grey oversized jumper temptingly covering her toned torso.

The cuck offered me his hand to shake. I ignored it and told him coldly to get in the car. He slid in behind Grace and awkwardly placed his puffer jacket in his lap to cover his erection. I adjusted the rear view mirror to frame him out of my vision.

When we arrived just after 4pm, the cuck waited in the car while we went in and checked in with the owner/host. We were fine to drive down to the lodge to drop our stuff, but there was no parking except at the pub.

The host apologised that the hot tub was full with fresh water but not hot yet - he hadn’t anticipated us wanting to use it this late in the year until he rang Grace earlier. He said he’d set it to heat, which would take about four hours, and after that we’d just need to take the tarp cover off and jump in.

Driving past the other lodges, none seemed to be lit inside so I guessed we were alone. I parked up outside ours and told the cuck to bring everything (everything) from the boot inside.

I took Grace's hand and led her in. The cuck placed everything down and I looked at Grace. She knew what I was going to do (we’d agreed it carefully) but he didn't.

I grabbed the cuck by the throat and pushed him into the wall. I could see he thought about fighting but he's out of shape and unlike last time, I was fully clothed and prepared. At any rate, he must have expected this. I brought my face in close.

"What do you have to say for yourself, you pathetic cunt?" I demanded.

"Sorry sir" he wheezed. I suppressed a smile. I liked the 'sir' thing.

"For what?" I sneered at him, enjoying myself.

He panicked and looked at Grace, obviously struggling to articulate it. I slapped his clammy face with my left hand and pushed upward with my right, squeezing his throat and leaving him on tiptoes. He grasped at my forearm.

"Don't look at her, look at me." I growled. "You even think about speaking to her like that again, I'll take her away from you for good."

His face was turning red and the veins in his temple started to show. "Do you understand?"

He nodded. “Good boy,” I said, and let go. He averted his gaze and I glanced at Grace, who nodded at me with approval - arousal maybe? I'd regained his fear and respect but I'd not done any damage.

I’d stopped at the shop on the way to pick them up, and poured Grace a prosecco (into a wine glass from the kitchenette - a step up from the mug last time, but next time we really need flutes) and opened a Peroni for me. I threw my keys to the cuck and ordered him to take my car back to the car park, then come back and get the cage set up.

The cage. I have a side hustle breeding dogs (currently Newfoundlands). I don't like crating the parents but sometimes it's unavoidable, so a few years ago I bought a couple of collapsible cages. Obviously Newfies are basically cattle so the ones I got were huge. I’d suggested to Grace we use one for the cuck and I’d tested sitting in it in the week and it was just big enough. The cuck had followed my instructions and brought it in from the back of the car.

He got back from the main building (fortunately he hadn't crashed or stolen my car, I later found out he only has a provisional licence) and we laughed at him making a mess of putting the cage together. It's so simple my Newfie bitch could do it herself if she had thumbs. Grace and I sat on the bed with our drinks and watched him struggle, her lying against my chest.

Grace had booked dinner for 6pm when the kitchen opened - early enough to have a light meal and get back for the action - but that still gave us some time to kill. I suggested the cuck find something to put in the cage to make it comfortable, then watch TV (Netherlands were beating the USA and there wasn’t long left).

I wanted Grace and I couldn't wait until after dinner this time, so I suggested we have a shower. She rolled into me and wrapped her legs around my waist. Standing up from the bed I walked us into the bathroom, telling the cuck not to disturb.

"Yes sir." I felt my cock twitching against Grace at the deference he showed.

This close I took a lungful of Grace's scent. Sweet but not overpowering. Fuck it was good.

I plopped her down on the bathroom counter between the two sinks, kicked the door to with my heel and pulled her jumper off to reveal her black bra underneath. She did the same with my black t-shirt, and we kissed for a few minutes, hands on each others backs, bodies together at the hips and my hard cock pressing into her.

When I couldn't resist any longer, I unbuttoned and pulled down her jeans, revealing matching black lace pants. I'm useless at fashion so I'll say the set was Victoria's Secret but they could just as well have been something from a charity shop. I have no idea and I don't care, they looked great.

She did the same and revealed my Moschino boxers (they have MOSCHINO written on the waistband, which makes it easier) and started kissing my cock through them, gently pecking at it with her lips, looking up at me with those big blue eyes. She grabbed the waistband and pulled down slowly, letting my cock bounce upwards at her chin.

Grace giggled with excitement, took the bottom in her hand and slid her tongue under my foreskin, right at the banjo string. I couldn't help but moan as she did it. After a minute or two swirling her tongue around underneath it, the suck got deeper. Half way down was enough for her (the night was still young) but I could feel her tonsils. I reached forward over her head and unclasped her bra, freeing her tits.

I stretched behind me and turned the wrong shower on (I turned the handle the wrong way and caused freezing cold water to spray out of the second handheld shower head onto my back, to Grace's great amusement. What's wrong with just a shower!?).

Nonetheless her laugh gave me a second to put my hand under her chin and gently pull her up to kiss, hooking my other finger round her pants and pulling them down. I stepped out of my jeans and hoofed them out of the way, we both took our socks off and turned round into the shower. As she did, Grace pulled her hair up into a band and asked me not to get it wet because she wouldn't have time to get it dry… great.

I led her round the water coming out of the shower head (one of those big square Milano ones) and pushed her against the wall. I started by kneading both breasts while sucking her nipples, and then licked down her body to her smooth pussy, which she must have waxed that morning.

I parted her knees, just far enough to get between them but not far enough to put her in danger of slipping in the shower tray. I licked up the inside of her legs and, parting her lips slightly with my fingers, carried on licking to her clit which I lapped at, enjoying the taste of her mixed with the shower water. She was as sweet as last week and I enjoyed her fingernails grazing the back of my head to the sound of "fuck, yes Ed". I slipped my tongue inside her and looked up at her through the water splashing me.

After a few minutes more I knew I needed more than my tongue in her, so I retraced my lick up her stomach, round her belly button, between her breasts and up her chest and neck, over her chin and into her mouth. Without breaking the kiss she rolled her hips and I pushed into her slowly, enjoying the feeling of her stretching and moaning into my mouth. Once down to my balls, I swung the shower head away from her so she could arch her back away from me without wetting her hair, supporting her shoulders on the wall.

Her pussy was just like I remembered it. Tight all the way up to her cervix, warm, moist and soft like velvet. I started to fuck and each time pulling out it seemed to cling to me like she was worried I might be leaving.

After a while I could feel her body tightening and her pussy starting to get even wetter. If we were going to cum together I was lagging behind, so I upped the pace to catch up. By the end of it I was fucking pretty hard - far harder than I'd planned and much harder than we went last weekend. I ended up slightly overshooting and finishing first, inside her, but only by a few seconds, so I kept riding the orgasm until she joined me, her legs turning to jelly as she squirted slightly on my stomach.

I put my hands under her bum to stop her falling and she was instantly apologising. I said she had nothing to apologise for, and I'd been watching her anyway in case she slipped, but I realised she'd meant the squirt.

I laughed it off. It was absolutely fine and I loved it. She said she'd only ever done that on her vibrator before and never with a guy, and that she was embarrassed she'd made a “mess”.

I looked up at the shower head we were standing under and she laughed. I told her she could let loose and make as much mess as she liked tonight and kissed her again. I paused to admire the view of her, her body glistening wet, supported by my hands under her bum, pussy stretched around my cock.

I pulled out of her and grabbed the mini shower gel from the tray, and had a long shower together, exploring our bodies.

There weren’t any windows in the bathroom and we'd both been so enraptured we’d lost track. I checked my phone in my jeans pocket and noticed it was 5:30pm.

Grace grabbed the towels from the heated rail and we got dry. I had a quick shave at the 'his' sink while Grace made herself up at the 'hers' - her hair mostly dry although apparently in need of some attention given the steamy room. It was weird being naked and doing normal domestic things with someone else’s girlfriend and she’d occasionally glance in the mirror at my cock hanging lazily.

I walked back out into the bedroom to grab a shirt from my bag, only to find the cuck, slightly breathless as if startled, lying on the bed apparently watching Strictly Come Dancing. I assumed he’d been peeping. I ordered him off the bed.

I dressed, put a coat on and went outside for a smoke with my second beer - the cuck had emptied the box into the mini fridge in the kitchenette. I saw him hesitate about whether to join me, but he rightly stayed where he was.

As I walked back in, Grace emerged from the bathroom, dressed in her jeans and a red blouse which was much more figure hugging than her jumper, showing off her cleavage - slightly Christmassy too. She folded a black scarf around her neck and put her jacket on.

The cuck put his big waterproof puffer on, but it was so big and thick he looked like the Michelin Man.

To be honest when we were planning I'd wanted to hogtie him and leave him on the floor in the dark bathroom waiting for us to come back, but Grace had pointed out that she didn't want to be responsible for his death in the event of a fire. As much as I disliked him for what he’d done the weekend before at the hotel, I was forced to agree with her.


We walked up together, us in front and the cuck behind so we wouldn't see his little prick at attention.

The meal was lovely. I had a schnitzel and Grace had risotto. The cuck; I have no idea, he had something but mostly he was watching us in awe and I was too busy finding out more about Grace to care about him.

I loved the way she seemed to laugh so freely and would bite her lip behind her glass when she was listening to me speak, as if she thought by doing it I wouldn't see. I wondered if she was, or had ever, been like this with the cuck.

We spent a lot longer at the restaurant than planned - we didn’t eat till quite late in the end and instead of a quick light dinner, it became a bit of a piss up for Grace and I, the cuck sipped diet coke (trying to keep his costs down?). I found the more I drank the more I looked at her and wanted to rip her blouse off there and then and fuck her on the table.

We left the cuck at the restaurant - Grace told him to wait for her to message him before coming back and joining us just so we didn't have him awkwardly standing around. Grace and I were getting on well and we were very much on the same wavelength, I felt like the cuck seemed to follow us around and get in the way like the butler from the Tomb Raider games.

Grace and I thanked the landlord, added the meal to the room bill, playing the happy couple with the weird mute third wheel, and she rested her head on my shoulder as we staggered back to the lodge under heavy skies, although the moonlight was filtering through.


We got back and I took the cover off the hot tub, now steaming nicely, and started the heater under the pergola. Grace shut the blinds on the glass doors at the front of the lodge so we'd have privacy and went to freshen up. I poured her a prosecco and knocked the top off another Peroni for me.

I got undressed, dumped my clothes by the bed, streaked naked through the cold air into the hot tub, and lit a rollup. Grace emerged from the bathroom and undressed herself as she walked out through the doors and across the patio towards me.

I hadn't really admired her naked from a distance before but as she walked she looked amazing silhouetted against the light from inside; her hips swinging accentuating her slender curves and her perfect thigh gap. Her streaky blonde hair was now up again and it showed off her beautiful neck and shoulders.

I took a drag and she climbed in opposite me, breathing in the smoke as she passed through it and sighing with pleasure. I smiled at her and took her glass of prosecco from the ledge on the side with my free hand. I held it and the rollup, moving them forward and backward alternately in a 'this one or this one?' motion.

She giggled and held both hands up, signalling 'both'. I grabbed my beer, moved across to sit next to her and handed her the prosecco and the rollup. Her thigh was soft and slippery on mine under the warm water, and I wrapped my arm around her. She took a long drag and exhaled, and I smiled at her struggling not to cough.

Having overdone it at dinner we decided to chat for a while and let it go down, steam and smoke combining in the cold air. I desperately wanted to fuck her without the dead-eyed stare of the cuck, but after a couple more drinks, Grace took a selfie of the two of us and sent it to him with the message "come".

A few minutes later, he returned. "Sir, Mistress," he addressed us. Fuck - I loved that - and also 'Mistress'... I assumed he'd been thinking about how to address her when he was sitting in the bar waiting.

"What should I do now?" he asked.

I opened my mouth to answer but Grace, closer to him, told him to pick her clothes up that were strewn across the patio and fold them neatly in the wardrobe, then fetch me another beer and refill her bottle of prosecco. He hurried off and I turned towards Grace, impressed with how she'd dominated him, even in a small way, so effortlessly.

I kissed her without thinking, the prosecco still juicily bittersweet in her mouth. I reached across to her far hip with my left hand and pulled her round and into my lap so she was straddling me, the warm water making her seem weightless and her skin even softer.

I shifted my hips forward so she could tuck her legs under mine. Grace reached behind me for my pack of rollups and popped one into my mouth, her two fingers on my top lip. She lit it and I sucked in and kissed the smoke into her mouth as my hands fell down her back and to her bum cheeks. She shifted closer in my lap, trapping my cock and bending it upwards so it was between us, and she started to rub her clit up and down the bottom of my shaft underwater.

I let my head fall back, enjoying the rollup and occasionally holding it up for Grace. As she grinded, I let my eyes defocus looking at the fairy lights in the pergola above us. I wondered if this was what cuckolding was supposed to be like; my previous experiences had mostly been quickie fucks in grotty houses with slightly greasy tatted girls where somehow one condom didn’t feel like enough protection.

But here, a girl I'd known in person for a grand total of about 20 hours was grinding on, and sharing a high with me. I felt totally comfortable with her.

The cuck came back and placed our drinks on the side of the hot tub by my head. Grace didn't break rhythm. He asked what next and, honestly I just wanted her to keep grinding on me like that forever and for him to fuck off. Without focussing my eyes, I shrugged that I didn't care, taking the last swig from the bottle in my hand and dropping the butt in. Grace stopped grinding, pulled me upright by my chain and I realised she was looking for me to answer for us. Time for me to earn my pay as her bull.

"Do you think he's earned a treat?" I asked her.

She regarded him, now to her left, standing awkwardly on the patio, with a tent in his crotch. I thought I could see disgust or pity in her face but I wasn't sure whether that was just part of the act. I sensed her hesitation and, missing the feeling of her grinding, put my hands on her bum cheeks and squished her closer to me, so my balls were against her clit, my cock pointing upwards along her stomach. I nodded to her to indicate the answer and she said “I think so”.

I reached up to the fresh beer and took a long swig. I pointed the neck of the bottle towards him and said slowly "get yourself one." I pointed it at Grace, "I'm going to fuck your girl in here," I lifted Grace by the bum with my free hand and squeezed her clit into and up me as I said it. "You can drink it and wank while you watch".

He turned away quickly, it was his first time seeing us fuck since last week (officially). "But," I caught his attention, "this is the start of a long night, and the last chance you'll get. We don't want to hear a sound from you. Do you understand me?".

"Yes sir."

"Go on, we won't start without you, I know what you're like," I teased him.

Grace, now at the top of my cock, rolled her hips at me and caught my tip under the hood of her clit. She moaned with pleasure and called to him as if to a child, "what do you say?"

"Thank you sir, thank you mistress."

While we waited for him to get back we kissed, my hands on her tits and the intensity of her rubbing increasing. As he arrived back and handed me the beer, in one smooth motion she slid up my front and back down again directly onto my now throbbing cock.

We did a good ten minutes of slow riding and fuck she was good. All the way from balls to tip and her tight pussy was squeezing me the whole time. My eyes locked hers as she bounced up and down and I shifted myself further forward on the bench to create space so I could do my bit thrusting in time with her.

Honestly, I'm not sure how good of a wank it was for the cuck at the start. Watching it from his perspective was mostly my head and neck and Grace down to her tits, them slapping the choppy surface of the water. The real action was underwater and invisible to him. Realising this, I lifted Grace up by her bum and she instinctively wrapped her arms and legs round me.

Being careful not to slip on the bottom of the hot tub, I deposited her on the edge closest to the heat lamp and gestured to the cuck to come round. I crouched on the bench seat under the water and carried on fucking her, holding her hands so she wouldn't fall.

Unfortunately, while this was a much better view for the cuck, we were now both pretty much entirely out of the warm water but for our legs, and the heater was losing the battle with the night air.

It was fucking freezing - maybe a degree or two over. My balls immediately migrated into my lungs. Grace began shivering and her goosebumps and chattering teeth made clear this position wasn't much fun. We both needed this to be finished, and Grace, sat on the lip, couldn’t really do much to help except offer dirty words of encouragement (her eyes seeming to imply 'hurry the fuck up you dickhead').

The cuck was annoying me too, jeans open and furiously wanking, the action of his arm causing his puffer to make scratching noises and his belt buckle to clink on each stroke.

For the second time that day, I found myself fucking to schedule. When Grace and I mercifully came her legs shook but I accept that could have been a shiver. I pulled out last second and finished on her stomach to give the cuck the best view.

He came as well, a much less impressive spit coming from his mushroom dick and landing on the patio. A grunt of pleasure came from his direction but drew the interest of neither of us. I pulled Grace into an apologetic kiss and collapsed back into the water to warm up, splashing the cuck.

We kissed for a minute or two but the steam from the water and our combined misty breath was starting to betray the fact that it was time to go inside.

I heard the sound of the cuck's flies being zipped and his belt being buckled. "Finished?" I called, half question and half instruction. Yes. Finished.


We stood up and Grace cutely grabbed my cock, still hard, and led me into the lodge, both of us dripping wet. In our haste earlier we forgot towels, and without us asking, the cuck went to fetch them while Grace and I stood in a naked embrace, dripping on the wood floor.

The cuck brought toasty warm towels from the bathroom rail. Once dry I folded mine around me and, kissing Grace, I asked her to get 'the stuff' while I went back out to turn the hot tub and heater off (after a cheeky smoke stood next to it - we’d left them on the side of the hot tub).

I walked back into a now candlelit room. The cuck stood naked and erect. Grace was strapping a pretty pink ball gag into his mouth*. I hadn't seen this side of her before and the hardon that had calmed when I was outside was instantly back, raging against my towel. She wasn't afraid to manhandle him into it and select the tightest notch behind his head.

Next she pulled out the chastity cage she'd bought and fixed it to him, locking it shut and ensuring his wank outside would be his last.

She took the key and mimed throwing it into her mouth and swallowing, which made me chuckle. I kissed her and complimented her work. Grace pointed at the cage and ordered him in without speaking. Dominatrix Grace was hot as fuck.

He crawled in and Grace slammed and latched the door behind him. She stood up and snaked her arm around my waist, and we embraced as we admired him cowering in the cage, adjusting his position but not quite able to get comfortable.

Seeing him bound and helpless the weekend before had been good but I admit that, having seen this creature speak to Grace so abusively then, raging and almost in tears in our hotel room, now grovelling in a cage with a big pink ball gag in his mouth, felt good. Like justice done.

She looked up at me and kissed me and as she did, untucked my towel and let it fall to the floor. She pushed me backwards onto the bed so I was sitting.

I loved her taking the lead like this. She seemed to be growing in confidence as a dominatrix and cuckoldress with each minute.

Grace knelt down, pushed my stomach back so I was leaning on my elbows, spread my legs and started sucking my balls, which had returned south in the relative warmth inside. She took them in her mouth and pulled at them gently. With her hand she started to rub my cock in a twisting motion, her thumb on the head, teasing the hole. She moved down to my ass and flicked her tongue in my other hole (which came as a surprise), pushing my cheeks apart and rimming me softly.

As she did she changed from a twisting motion with her fist to a vertical one and I could feel my damp balls bouncing and hitting her nose. The cuck’s deformed face was pressed up against the front of the cage, watching us intently.

After a few minutes, I grabbed Grace’s hair and pulled her gently up my body so her face was level with mine, and kissed her, thanking her. I moved my hands down her again and pushed her up the bed by her hips, over me, enjoying her body sliding past, till she was knelt on the bed with her knees level with my head.

Her pussy was soaking. I put my hands on her ass and traced my tongue around both lips. That familiar buttery sweetness was there - she tasted divine. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and used it to lap at her, her clit towards the back of my tongue and her hole at the tip. I stuck it further inside her with each lap, eventually following it with my middle, then ring and - just about - index fingers to try to extract more of that sweet nectar.

I could hear her calling my name and I looked up, along her flat stomach and between her tits hanging down, at her face looking down the bed back at me.

I shuffled underneath her, jokingly crawling up her body until we were back level again. “You called?” I smiled. My cock flopped so it was resting on her ass. She licked my wet lips and chin and then her own lips tantalisingly as she tasted herself. Fuck.

I offered my fingers to her. She took them in her mouth and licked the taste off those too, my right palm now cupping her chin. I shifted my hips to line up with her pussy and she moved hers to give me the right angle. I pushed in and watched her eyes which seemed to illuminate in the candlelight as she took it.

I parted my legs to give the cuck the best view of me penetrating her until I was balls deep, straining my stomach and pushing at her innards to get as far in as I could. She grimaced for a second, closing her eyes and gently biting down on my fingers, but when her eyes opened again they were looking only into mine.

Chest to chest, I could feel her heart pounding, as she rhythmically lapped at my three fingertips with her tongue. I started to fuck her, making sure to let my balls and thighs slap her on each stroke, getting faster and faster, occasionally twisting myself to stir her and feeling her moan as much as hearing it. Grace rocked her hips in time and I used the spring of the mattress to bounce her.

I paused for a second at the top of an in-stroke and took my fingers out. I hadn't noticed she'd been gently gnawing at them with her teeth and I kissed her passionately and ran my freed hand down her side and round to her bum. I started to tease her hole, using her own saliva as lube, bouncing my hips to start thrusting again.

I looked into her eyes as if for permission and she nodded. I slipped a hooked finger into her ass, using it and my left hand on her right bum cheek to control the pace. She resumed the deep kiss and her tongue danced with mine in my mouth.

I enjoyed being in all three of my Grace's holes at once. Everything about this was perfect; the candles, the warmth, the way her body felt on mine, the way she moved with me but also against me in perfect sync.

Grace’s body began that now familiar tense and I could feel her pussy start to grip me hard. She began to shake and I could feel her juices dripping between my legs. She started cumming first, but this time I could feel her orgasm radiate across her body in waves.

“Look at me baby,” I whispered, and, as we embraced, the tips of our noses together, I watched those waves seeming to crash through the blue sea of her eyes**. I felt like I was looking into Grace’s soul.

Without even realising, my hips bucked and I exploded deep in her, my balls between her bum cheeks pumping. I took my finger out and moved both hands to her upper back and she moved her fingers through my hair. I could only think to say “Grace” and, catching her reply, “Ed” in her mouth, we shared our most passionate kiss yet.

I honestly don't know how long we lay there for, but I remember holding her tight to me feeling her chest rise and fall for what seemed like hours as we came down. Her arms were round me and I traced gentle paths up and down her spine with my fingers.

I was starting to think she'd fallen asleep but her eyelids fluttered and she flinched, as if she’d made a decision. She propped herself up on my chest and started playing with my chain.


"I think I love you" she said, nice and loud.

I caught my breath. Okay, I knew she was going to say something like that, but hearing it still shocked me. Throughout our planning that week, we’d said we wanted one to ourselves where we could show one another how we felt. Now it was time to humiliate the cuck, roleplaying that we’d fallen in love with each other.

As we hoped, he stirred in his cage. Not happy. Muffled protests. He banged the bars, once, twice, three times. Then nothing.

Three times, good boy.

Grace lifted herself off me. My cock fell out of her and landed in a little puddle of cum that had formed in my groin. It had calmed but it was still a semi and it felt cold now not being inside her. I watched her spin round to walk to the cage, hips swinging with her steps. My cum was dripping out of her down the insides of her legs.

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at them. "I love you too babe," I said with a smile.

The cuck responded as expected, staring daggers at me and kicking the bars. His little floppy dick was dripping inside the chastity cage and his hair was damp with sweat.

Grace knelt down next to his cell and whispered something to him I couldn't hear. I'm not sure whether she was taunting him or reminding him of the safe signal, or a mix of both, although there was no way he'd forgotten it. My question was partly answered by her lifting her left foot up and placing it on top of the cage, giving the cuck a long stare up her leg and at her pussy, both coated in my cum.

"What do you think of that then, boy?' I asked, joining her in a crouch by the cage, deliberately letting my cock hang down in front of him, damp with her juice. I said something about treating a woman properly and not like property and concluded by looking into his vacant face and telling him he wasn't worth Grace. "She'll never love you the way she does me," I said.

He shook the side of the cage and, although I couldn't hear the words, the meaning was clear.

I pretended to be shocked. I turned to Grace who kept up the charade.

"No?" I asked animatedly. "I don’t think he agrees with us babe?"

"I don’t think so," she replied.

I said that didn't make sense. Because he'd never defy us like that. What more demonstration did he need, I affectedly wondered. "Do you want me to show you how much your girl loves me?" I asked.

Silence. His little doe eyes lit up as a "yes" but he played along.

"Baby, get on your knees, hands behind your back". She did as she was told.

I stood up and, hard again from the anticipation, fed my cock into her mouth, sliding it to the back of her throat, deeper than I'd been before. I grabbed her hair and, lighter than she made out, pushed the back of her head into me, so my balls were on her chin and her nose was in my close trimmed pubes.

I turned to the cuck and gestured at her full head. "This is how I make her feel", I said, and mercilessly pulled out and plunged back down her throat again. I felt Grace stiffen and stifle a gag, but she kept composure.

“Do you love me?” I asked her. She nodded profusely and my cock rubbed the bend of her throat.

I fucked her mouth for a few minutes, telling her how much I loved her and what a good girl she was and how good her throat felt. I taunted the cuck he was missing out and it was such a shame he was stuck in the cage(s).

Maybe you should have been a better lover? How could you hope to satisfy her with that fat body? With that little willy? You’re a failure as a partner and as a man. Was it your parents? Did they fuck you up? Are you a fucking queer?*** Is that why you can’t satisfy her? Do you wish you were taking this up your ass?

Grace spent some time looking down at my stomach coming at her over and over, but occasionally she'd look up at me and I'd search her eyes for discomfort (or, let's say, discomfort she couldn't handle). I expected an immersion-breaking quintet of taps on my leg at any second, but she took it, and all I saw was the faint grin (or as much as one can grin with a throat full of cock) each time I said something that struck a nerve. She looked bewitching, pink lips stretched and pouting, makeup a total mess, exaggerated gagging adding to the effect. I was so proud of her.

A few minutes more and the mixture of fluids pouring out of her mouth and down her front reached the floor. I hadn’t cummed, but it was time to fuck.

I pulled out and she dropped to the floor, coughed and caught her breath, but in seconds she was back kissing my cock again, unbeaten.

"Has the bitch in the cage ever made you feel that way baby?"

She looked up at me and then at him, that same disgust/pity look from earlier in the hot tub on her face. Her eyes seemed to catch the reflection of a candle and it made her look angry. She shook her head and carried on kissing.

I looked at him. The ball gag made it difficult to gauge his feelings. He was hunched over and sweating, face right up against the wire bars like a desperate inmate, but I could still see the grin in the corner of his eyes. He was loving this.

I asked if he believed it now. He kept up the act, shaking his head defiantly. He wanted more as well.

I told Grace to stand, bend forwards and rest her hands on top of the cage. Her fingers naturally slipped through the bars and he went to try to touch her. I told him “no” and he obeyed.

Her hips and ass in the air looked perfect from this angle, that hourglass figure looking so inviting. I pushed into her from behind without hesitation, feeling as if home again, still as tight as she’d been all day. I fucked her harder and rougher this time, spanking her and leaving light hand marks on her. To get deeper I hooked my right foot round her knee and kicked her legs apart.

As we fucked I took her arms and pulled her hands behind her, holding them together with my right hand so her face and tits were against the bars on top, strands of her hair falling through. “Don’t touch,” I ordered the cuck, although he wouldn’t have dared.

Grace changed tack; “fuck yes daddy, harder.” As commanded, I started to swing my hips harder, filling the room with the slapping of skin on skin, knocking her into the cage, making it shake. I deliberately fucked with no finesse, just all the power I could manage, but with my right thumb I stroked the palm of Grace’s hand, and in turn she gripped it tight as if to confirm silently that she was OK.

“She’s so tight, boy,” I taunted him. “She’s mine now.” He responded with a baleful howl through his gag, his chastity cage dripping with precum.

I leant forward to Grace. “You ready baby?” I whispered into her ear, finding myself out of breath. She leant back and flung her arms up over my head, turning to kiss me loudly, smashing her lips on mine.

The two of us backed up together onto the bed, her on top. She swung her legs up into the air and I caught them, wrapping my elbows round them and bracing my hands at the back of her head, pushing it forward to look down her body at my cock, still in her.

I carried on fucking, now with Grace’s head in front of mine in a full Nelson position. We’d talked about this in the week and Grace was confident she was more than flexible enough. To help us along she strummed her pussy and after a few more minutes I stood up, carrying her in front of the cage, still fucking.

I could see over her shoulder the cuck had moved so his face was now up against the bars. Grace was getting close and so was I. Despite her being fairly light, this position wasn’t an easy one to maintain, and I was glad when she tightened.

“Squirt for me baby,” I said into her ear, loud enough for the cuck to hear. She turned to me and looked into my eyes, I smiled and nodded and she grinned back.

Grace came first. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen, looking down over her shoulder I could feel her cumming like she had before, but this time she squirted all over the cage. I moved closer and pointed her at it like a water pistol, keen not to waste it.

I could feel it dripping down my legs as I kept thrusting. Unlike earlier, this was no little squirt, and I could see and feel her stomach muscles tensing as she pushed.

As usual, I wasn’t far behind, the sight of her orgasming like that pushing me over the edge. As I came I lifted Grace slightly to allow me to fall out of her and my load glugged over the cage too. I won’t claim I soaked the cuck anything like Grace had, considering this was my fourth of the day, I think I managed a decent spout.

The first pump hit the cuck’s forehead and cheek just above the strap of the ball gag, and the second his chest.

Grace raised her arms and hooked them back over my shoulders so I could drop her legs to the floor. She dragged me down by my chain with her in front of the cage on the cold wood floor, partly in the puddle we’d just created, and kissed me deeply. I sucked her tongue and bit her lip as the cuck watched, inches away.


Grace pushed me off her playfully, breaking the kiss. “I need a drink baby, you want one?” she asked, hoarse from the throat fucking.

“Yes please,” I said. She used my shoulder to lift herself up and I watched her hips swinging as she went round to the kitchenette.

I hoisted myself up to sit on the foot of the bed, still panting. I glanced up at the cuck, drenched in sweat and squirt and cum, staring dopily back at me with his pink ball gag in, struggling to catch breath himself through his snotty nose.

“Alright?” I asked, finding myself warming to the guy for some reason. He nodded. I reached out and knocked open the latch on the cage with my toe and told him to clean the room and then himself. He clambered out and gestured to the gag.

“OK”, I said. He’d earned a break too. He struggled for a second to unbuckle it behind his head and looked at me with a pleading expression. I undid it for him.

“Thank you sir”, he said, rubbing his jaw, then scurried off to clean.

I sat back and looked down at my cum-soaked body, unable to tell which fluids were mine and which were Grace’s. For virtually the first time since dinner three or four beers ago I realised I’d got down to a soft semi, so I took the opportunity to have a piss.

I did so, and on my way out passed the cuck in the passage waiting to use the bathroom to get cleaned up, nearly slipped on the mopped floor, and met Grace at the bed. She’d brought back a beer for me and half a glass of prosecco for herself (presumably the rest of the bottle), and was scrolling through Instagram.

I sat beside her and flopped back onto the big pile of pillows, resting my beer on my chest with my left hand and outstretching my right arm across the pillows behind Grace. She intuitively lay back, resting her head on my arm, and rolled into me to rest her glass on my chest, hooking her right knee over mine.

I stroked Grace’s lower back with my fingertips and asked if she was having fun. She was. We talked and flirted for a few minutes while we finished our drinks.

The cuck reappeared, looking refreshed. Grace instructed him to sit at the dining table and wait, which he did, his silly chastity cage clinking on the wooden seat like some weird cowbell. He’d picked the chair farthest away from the ball gag that I’d left on the table when I took it off and cannily avoided going anywhere near the cage. Crafty bastard.

I asked Grace if she was tired - as if to challenge her - and she said no, not yet. Was I?

“I could go again.”

“Babe…” she started. “I want to do the thing.”

“The thing?” I asked. I knew what she meant. I wanted to hear her say it.

She rolled her eyes - she knew what I was doing. “I want to dom.”


We’d talked about it during the week. This was as much my fantasy as hers, and I think Grace’s growing assertiveness as the evening passed had partly been to persuade herself (and maybe me?) that she could do it.

First, we dealt with the cuck. I thought about putting him back in the cage, but it was damp in there. Instead, Grace retrieved the pack of cable ties (another purchase of ours) and, chaining two together for each leg, secured him to the dining chair legs. I pulled his hands behind the back of the seat and she very adeptly tied them together too.

Lastly, and I sensed against his wishes, the ball gag was reapplied. I ruffled his slightly greasy hair.

Next was me. The bed didn’t have posts on each corner so that wasn’t an option, but to be honest the bondage fetish is the cuck’s; Grace and I could take it or leave it and I’d sub for her whether bound or not. Grace did want to make sure my hips were restrained, so I’d brought a ratchet strap with a 10m orange belt.

I threw the strap under the bed from one side to the other and then lay down, face up in the middle. I looped the strap through the ratchet and tightened it around my hips, then moved it so it was out of the way. Grace moved it round to the side of the mattress out of my reach and, without hesitating, cranked it a few more times (more than I expected) so I was pinned, it was pushing me down into the mattress. She gave the strap a playful strum and it vibrated like a guitar string; it was painfully taut.

I looked down and tried thrusting - nothing - although I did notice I was back hard again. I love seeing a capable woman.

Grace looked around for a second, then went to the wardrobe. She pulled out her black scarf and as she walked to me I drank in one more sight of her and lifted my head, allowing her to tie it round me as a blindfold. I felt her hair fall on my face and I pursed my lips for a kiss.

“Hands behind your head Bull,” she instructed, “no touching”. I did so, realising the cuck and I were both now under her control. I had butterflies and I could feel my worn out cock throbbing.

She moved off the bed, pulled my feet apart slightly, and I heard her walk round blowing the candles out. I tried to peek out of the blindfold, down my nose, but there was just blackness, so I shut my eyes and enjoyed the anticipation.

It felt like ages… how many fucking candles were there?… but then the mattress moved under Grace’s weight as she stepped up onto it, placing one foot either side of me.

She squatted down and ran a fingernail over my chest. “Are you going to be my good Bull?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, smiling.

It didn’t last long. She slapped me, hard. My ear rang but I heard through the other one, “‘Yes’ what?”.

“Yes Mistress”, I ventured. Fuck.

Her breath seemed to catch and I realised she’d been enjoying being called that as much as me. “Good Bull.”

Her hips knocked my cock forwards so it was again between us, but with her weight still supported by her feet, she was squatting. Grace started by trapping it and rubbing herself up and down the bottom of my shaft, like in the hot tub earlier. Things this time were complicated by the strap around my waist, which chafed the top of my cock as she grinded. I was expecting to find this uncomfortable but actually, the odd pussy and polyester combination felt surprisingly good.

She started at the base of my cock and moved forwards to the tip, her weight balance shifting on the mattress. Having reached the tip, she did a little swirling motion with her hips so my head and her clit ground against each other, each time becoming wetter and more slippery.

Then she’d go back down again to my balls, crushing them slightly, and I could feel her juices starting to dribble down them and between my legs. Being blindfolded allowed me to concentrate on every sensation and hear myself moaning.

“Are you enjoying this Bull?”

“Fuck yes Mistress,” I replied. From the wetness, it appeared so was she.

Grace placed her hands on my chest and upped the pace, grinding faster and faster, far more so than in the hot tub where it had been slow and rhythmic. She seemed to keep selecting different parts, for a while focussing on my tip and, as I started to squirm underneath her, moving back to the shaft where I was less sensitive.

Her sensitivity wasn’t an issue though and after 15 minutes or so she came, soaking me and allowing her feet to slip away so she was sitting on me. Her hair fell on me again and her tongue parted my lips to kiss. I so desperately wanted to unclasp my hands and hold her, but I resisted.

Her hips shifted and she pulled away, biting my bottom lip and forcing me to move my head with her, but her hands on my chest halted the movement. “Down, Bull”, she ordered, her words seeming to drip liquid sex.

She drew her feet up so the tops were on my thighs and the strap tightened further, her knees now resting on it. Grace took my cock on her fingers and I felt the coldness of lube being added (it was getting late, to be fair), then she held it upright so she could slide down onto it.

She started by teasing, taking just the head of my cock and twerking her hips, her hands on my chest. I don’t know how long that was for, but it felt like hours. I was dying to push my length into her.

I sensed she was daring me to do something, so I tried to buck my hips and push into her, but it was pointless. The strap was pinning me down by itself, but having her feet on my thighs meant I had no leverage at all to thrust upwards either by pushing with my legs or crunching my stomach.

She felt it and it was what she wanted. “Oooh,” she cooed, “my naughty Bull”. I allowed a “mmmm” to roll in my chest, hoping she’d feel the rumble in her hands. “Who’s in charge, Bull?”

“You are, Mistress.”

“Then why are you doing things without permission?” I was silent. “I want to hear you beg, Bull.”

“Please, Mistress…”

“Please what?”

“Please let me in”.

She moved down an inch, maybe less. “Beg,” she ordered.

I begged, earning an extra inch each time. Each time, she ordered “beg”, expecting more, and my pleading became desperation. Finally, I got the last inch and she was sitting on my balls.

“Do you want me to fuck you Bull?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well, ask then,” she ordered, so close I could feel her breath.

“Please mistress, please fuck me,” I pleaded.

She did. She started tantalisingly slowly, that pussy, still tight after being pounded all evening, dragging upwards almost to the point of me falling out, and then she crashed herself back down onto me, crushing my balls and making me wince slightly. She did it again, and again, and again, each time faster. It was all I could do not to touch or try to adjust the blindfold to see (in fairness, it was only moonlight through the skylight illuminating the room anyway), but she was riding me superbly, occasionally varying pace and depth. After 10 or 15 minutes, I could feel my balls starting to tighten and I lay back to await the beautiful release.

Suddenly, Grace stopped and sat down heavily. “Beg,” she ordered. Oh no.

I said anything I could think of. Eventually she lifted her hips and began again, but by that point I was throbbing and we were virtually starting from square one. Except we weren’t; actually she seemed tighter, and wetter, and each stroke in and out seemed to start a pulse of pleasure not only in my cock, but up my spine.

She judged it perfectly again the next time, waiting until just as I was on the cusp to edge me. While I begged this time, she tormented me by moving her pussy achingly slowly up and down me as I strained against the strap trying to buck my hips - she knew I was powerless but she was keeping me on the edge.

Stuck in a mind fog, I tried to think clearly. The third time would be the one, where she’d let me cum. Good things come in threes, don’t they? This was our fifth fuck of the evening and my cock was starting to ache now. She seemed to wetten and tighten as I approached orgasm and I genuinely believed this was it.

She paused a third time, seemingly edging not only me but herself. No. Fuck!

“Please,” I heard myself say, beating her to it. “I love you.”

I’d said too much, but it wasn’t too out of character I guess and I felt her pussy tighten when I said it. She started again, really riding hard now, each stroke of my raging cock like a lightning bolt through every fibre of me. I could feel it coming a fourth time. So could Grace.

Grace tugged the scarf off my head. “You wanna cum with me baby?” she said breathlessly.

“Fuck,” I couldn’t speak. “Fuck, please baby, let me cum.”

We came together, totally in sync, and it was toe curling. My body spasmed under the strap. As we started our kiss, I unclasped my hands and flung my arms round her to hold her while my balls, I’d assumed running on empty, unloaded whatever was left into her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed until her orgasm stopped, then lay in each other’s arms again. I loved the feeling of her heart pounding and her warm body against mine.

We were into the small hours. I was drifting off but, even by my low standards, being strapped down like a patient on a gurney wasn’t a suitable sleeping arrangement. Grace drowsily stood up and I fell out of her, both of us covered in another layer of fluids. She reached around to the ratchet and released the strap with ease (I need to ask her about that). I rubbed my sore hips and threw the orange strap, soaked in the same fluids, onto the floor.

We released the cuck from his cable ties. I took the ball gag and Grace unlocked the chastity cage (I was not going anywhere near that thing). He was staring at the bed as if into space, but after a few seconds he stood, saying nothing, walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

“Is he OK?” I whispered to Grace. She shrugged and collapsed under the duvet, unconcerned. I didn’t fancy being murdered in my sleep, so I followed him.

I opened the door to him, lying on the bathroom floor, wanking hard, his fist a blur. He didn’t stop.

“Oh…you OK big man?” I asked.

He nodded and swallowed. “Yes sir”.

Sunday 4 December

Grace’s 9:30 alarm woke us up (ahead of our 10am checkout). We’d slept facing each other in a hot and sticky embrace of tangled limbs and waking up to her face, makeup a mess, was bliss.

The cuck, having kindly not murdered us, had showered, folded the strap, collapsed the cage and packed our bags but left a change of clothes each; his chores completed absolutely soundlessly. I wasn’t sure how I felt about him going through my bag (I did say he was like a butler).

Grace and I peeled ourselves off each other and showered. No sex - we were too sore - but we kissed gently under the hot water as we washed. We brushed our teeth in the two sinks and got dressed.

I walked uncomfortably (my jeans were chafing my hips) up to the main car park, brought the car back and we slung everything into the boot. I took one last look around the lodge, locked the door, and drove the three of us up to reception. I went in to drop the key off and when I got back to the car, Grace had swapped to the back seat behind me, next to the cuck.

Feeling slightly spurned, I started the engine and pulled away. Watching them in the rear view, the cuck seemed interested only in his phone with his usual poker face, ignoring Grace’s glances. But I noticed once we got onto the motorway, in the first display of affection I’d seen between them, she was resting her head on his shoulder, her wet hair on his puffer. Chalk and cheese. They were both dozing, and I found myself rubbing my eyes too in sympathy.

I thought about suggesting a drink or something - I didn’t want it to end - but ultimately decided to drop them off back home. Grace took my chain and pulled me in for a discreet kiss and a cuddle. “Message me?” I asked, and she nodded.

The cuck held out his hand and this time I shook it. Something like a smile passed his lips and then just like that, they were gone.

I stood on the kerb, stretched my aching shoulders, and lit a rollup. I checked my phone, complaining about its battery being nearly dead. 11:15. I had writing to do.

* £15 on Amazon with next day delivery, one of the reviews read “I ordered this collar for my ferret unfortunately it is massive and just slides off her”; I laughed for ages.

** My poetry here is almost as good as a Steven Seagal script to be fair.

*** I’m not at all homophobic, and to clarify I wouldn’t use that term out of “character” - it’s certainly not my intention to offend. I’d spoken to Grace to find out what would get into his head and she’d suggested those points, one of which was his bicurious-ness. Verbally humiliating people isn’t something that comes naturally to me at the moment but I did get into it.

Written by Edbb96

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