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Hottub Stories


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Back in the swinging Hotel

Saturday The airport was busy but Kim was waiting for us. "Anna, Tony, and this must be Sally." Kim kissed Anna's cheek then mine. "May I?" Kim asked as she leaned forward. "Please." Sally replied leaning forward to air kiss. "We could not give you the sa...

Northumberland Lodge

Hot Tub Fuck with Chambermaid

My name is Ben and my wife is Orla. Were in our late 40’s and both enjoy holidays, food, drink and other fun. We had booked a lodge in a hotel up in North Northumberland, the lodge was very modern, Scandinavian in style. Set in a park near the main hotel...

Second Night Away

Our second meet, one of the horniest nights of my life

This is follows on from my last story Hard Limit. We met, had a meal and, bound, he watched us fuck all night. In the morning, I sent him to get us breakfast but we carried on without him while he was gone, which turned out to be a hard limit. He reacted...


Two Nights

And we are having fun

I had met three men and been back to two when I met Tony. Tony was older than me, really older. The only reason I considered meeting him was comments on his profile. Its was his conversation and face on camera that convinced me. He was married, he still i...


A stop in an inn

A night of pleasure

It was the end of our engagement, the healer and Rose had agreed Ardith was not with child. "Such a pity, all the signs pointed to Ardith being very fertile." The healer said hinting I was at fault. I said nothing, not wishing to upset Ardith. I was not s...



and how it became a bareback orgy

This Kissmas party is special because of what happened when we all got home, we used to hold it ourselves but when the children arrived another couple took the party on, they serve more alcohol than we did. The party lasts from 20th December to Christmas...


Tony had me

I want him again and again

Simon had gone on a work trip and I went to a swinging club. I had not intended to go, I did invite Ken over but he was busy. So I went. I had never been on my own, Simon had taken me, but this time I went on my own. I took my key and changed in the locke...

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The Dentist 2

And the hot tub

I was at work when I got the call from my dentist and x lover. "You stopped calling me" "You stopped saying yes" "Come over, you can help test my hot tub." I agreed and she hung up. When I arrived she was fully dressed we went though to the back garden. J...


Gary's Party invitation 3

Party cum Fuck Session cont'd

My last story ended with Gary our host and Omar a young work colleague of Rob's, who had both just fucked my Wife Amy & Tina who is Rob's girlfriend and who have both become Fuck buddies of ours , we had all stopped for a drink and some of the food on off...


Gary's Party invitation 2

Party cum Fuck session cont'd

My last story left off with two cheeky lads Leigh & Alun , both work colleagues of Rob & myself ( Dave ), fucking our other half's in our host's Gary hot tub as we looked on with a few other work colleagues of ours, I looked at Ann now , noticing she was...


Hot Tub Surprise

Unexpected surprise!

I guess I should start with the introductions, I am 31 G my partner 29 N and my best mate 28 R. Me and my partner have been together for nearly 5 years and have a great sex life, we have never spoke about anything like what I am about to tell you but N ha...