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Bestfriend Stories


shared with best friend

My wife had arranged for me to fuck her best friend

Before I met my wife Claire she had a best friend Lana. When I met Claire, Lana had already married Mike, and I soon became mates with him. The four of us went most places together including holidays. I enjoyed both Lana and Mikes friendship. Then out of...


Threesome with my friend

This was always meant to be

HI I'm back again, the previous 2 stories I've recently put up on the cuckold and dogging genres have been well received, so after careful consideration I've decided this story is the best one to come next, it involves my Hotwife and star of the stories J...

How it began pt1

Swinging with our best friends

How it started. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Nigel. I’m Fifty two, 6ft 3 tall, 16 stone, ex rugby player, (until the old knees gave in). I’ve been married to Linda for thirty two years. Our two kids, (Matthew and Charlotte. Charlotte...

Fun with Karen

Two 3sums with Karen

This all happened back in 1999 when we were both recently single, me at 35 and Karen at 33, but its still quite fresh in my mind. Karen was someone we would talk to as a group of 2 friends when out on a Sunday night, she wasn't a stunner, didn't have a gr...


Wife to Slut; The beginning

Giving my best friend to my husband, our first FFM

My husband is my modern day version of Mr Darcy, so I will call him that. I am a modern woman juggling a serious job that is now based at home, with kids and a house. As much as we loved each other, the lockdowns and home schooling had been difficult. We...


Mike's wife

It was April 1st, 2009, but this is no joke

It was gone 11pm and I was just about to go to bed when there was knock at the door. "Is Mike here?" asked Carol. (He wasn't and she knew he wasn't.) I invited her in and we chatted about her being unhappy with Mike and how she was frustrated about being...

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Two Fortieths. Part 2, his

His present had tits.

In part one, I described my special birthday present from my husband and my promise to return the favour. But how? What would improve on the treat that he had given me? Two women, not including me? A bit obvious and that would almost certainly involve pay...


Recurring Dream

Dream to Reality

I have this recurring dream about my husbands friend, he’s the absolute opposite of hubby, he’s 6ftish, muscular & a little dangerous. My hubby is smaller, not muscular and safe. The dreams started in lockdown, I’d dream I was with some guy, we’d be flirt...

Jane Stays Over Night with Suz

Old and hidden passions

Jane Stays Over Night with Suz and they Play More Than A Netball Game An old friend and Mrs R realize old and hidden passions for each other, with an added ingredient while Mr R is away It had been great to see all the girls again, we said farewell in the...


Night Out Surprise Ending Part Two

This time it gets deeper

Hi all again, part two of this true story as you have read in part one I wasn’t intending to fuck anyone that night let alone someone’s wife who i have know for many years. I received a phone call asking if I fancied another go with his wife at their hous...


Wank Bank

Helping a friend sort out his computer lead to an interesting discovery and more...

I have known Rich for years, having been at school with him and also having worked with him for five years, before I changed jobs a couple of years ago. He has always been a bit of an idiot when it comes to computers, so he had called me over one Saturday...