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If you knew what I knew

We had persuaded Will to invite Fria and myself to his house on the understanding that we would not tell his wife that he had fucked Fria. Unknown to him his wife, Maddie knew everything and was in on the planning, but Maddie did not want Will to know any...

Wife forgot to tell me.

Accidently let something slip.

My wife and I have always had a open relationship and she encourages slutty group sex. The other day she was reading what I had told people about her here in my stories, she had not been very interested until now. She said that I had missed out some fun t...


I'm a wanker!

I love wanking, always have and it turns out my missus does too!

I need to keep this story on track, no Ronnie Corbett monologue deviations here, for those of our generation that is. You see I (Cab) have so many stories about wanking I could go from one to the other with ease and before long you would have no idea whic...

The Gloryhole

A dirty hole part 1

Me and Samantha have been together 6 years now and like all relationships had our sex life ups and downs, from being new and can't keep our hands off each other to going 6 weeks without sex because we are tired and have other things to do, I have tried sp...

Jason & Annie

Short and sweet - lusty adult fun in the work place

We kissed our hands were everywhere- she was so wet and I was so hard

I have always been close to a lady work colleague she is younger than me , I am married but Annie gave me a thorn in my loins , yes I was flirty , and she lapped up my attention. I wasn’t getting any at home resorting to wanking off to porn , Annie was al...

Norman H

Impregnating my sister in law.

My brother Bruce asked me to fuck and impregnate his wife.

I was eight and my brother was ten when we were playing in the woods. During our playing we did something silly and it resulted in my brother having a near fatal accident. He had an operation by a surgeon at the scene to save his life. It left Bruce with...


Lucky me, 27 and 53

I fucked my niece's best friend.

I still cannot believe what happened between me and my 27 year old niece’s friend, Lianne. I was 53 at the time. Lianne is a friend of my brother in law’s daughter Jo. Jo and Lianne are both part time model’s and are fitness fanatics; well they keep thems...


Recurring Dream

Dream to Reality

I have this recurring dream about my husbands friend, he’s the absolute opposite of hubby, he’s 6ftish, muscular & a little dangerous. My hubby is smaller, not muscular and safe. The dreams started in lockdown, I’d dream I was with some guy, we’d be flirt...

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Bi the Bi

Being Bi was making me feel dirty ........then

We found a private room , we were sucking each other off on a 69

Back in the day I always knew I was bi but I tried to hide it , I was married with 2 kids , good job but I was drawn to grabbing at anything to feed my itch . I used to frequent 2 “cottage” park toilets , they stunk of piss , I would wank off reading the...

Big dildo & me

They had a box of pleasure under their bed

In a bag she had 3 dildos a big black one the biggest and thickest

I was invited to stay at a friends house while I was getting over a messy divorce, I was in bits a emotional wreck “Jilly & Don” were brilliant , I wanted to do something while I stayed , I did their washing , cleaned up and even cooked them meals which t...

Carl & Tom

Well I never .......

I found a box of gay wank mags , I was having a tug when I was caught

I was giving a friends dad a hand emptying a old shed , Tom is a laugh but he split up from his wife , we got stuck in he had to go and do a few errands, then I found a small box of gay wank mags , full hard core , anal , oral , group and facials , it was...

Jake ....<>

Music festival shag

She knew how to suck cock

Last year I went to a musical festival with a friend unfortunately, my mate is Dick with booze on him , we argued about everything , music , drink , people he was a twat I moved otherwise I would of battered him. Im a good mingler , I got my tent sorted ,...


My husband uses my sex toys on his own

He was sucking the rubber dick while he was wanking

I thought my husband was having an affair , he’s always so flirty , I thought it was our cleaner I was getting paranoid, I got a small camera and placed it in the bedroom , I would have to connect it to my laptop to check it , nothing then Sean said he wa...

The Wedding part 2

I left her in bed and went back to the party......

When I got back down to the bar the party was still in full swing. I found myself a drink then wandered outside. I saw the two old guys chatting with their wives at a table and wondered if their other halves knew what they got up to. I rolled one of my oc...

Kira's husband

The desperate husband

How my wife sucking a stranger saved our marriage.

I’m 38 and married to Kira who’s 36. Kira and I were on the verge of divorcing when I caught her giving a stranger a blow job and it was the best thing that happened to us and it saved our marriage. Since kira had the twins she lost interest in sex, in fa...