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Best Friends Wife

"Secret Hotel Meeting."

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My names Mark. I had know Michaela for years. She was my best friend James' wife. Over the course of our friendship we had flirted quit a bit. It used to get quite strong with me saying to her "One day you'll get it!" Michaela would give me a wry smile back and we would laugh.  Now some people would have described Michaela as a nice girl who was a little plain.  She didn't initially jump out at you but once you got to know her she got hotter. She was a petite girl who seemed to be hiding some ample tits. 

After they returned from holiday this was confirmed when James showed me the holiday photos. Her tits filled a red bikini top really well. After seeing this, I went from just flirting with her for fun to fantasizing and wanking over her. The thought of those titties bouncing brought me off again and again. Although she was making me cum on a regular basis I never thought I would actually have her. But then things changed. 

My mate was a good guy but not the greatest husband. He didn't cheat or anything like that. He did however not spend much time or effort on his relationship with his wife. He would rather see friends, play games or watch relentless amounts of TV.  When it came to sex he told me he never went down on her because she woundn't suck his cock.  I got the impression that sex wasn't that important to James. 

Then one time I called the house to speak to him. Michaela answered and complained he was out and had left her alone again. 

I said to her 'He shouldn't leave you alone like that or I might have to come round and give you one" This usually provoked a laugh but not today. "Come on then" she said.  "What ?" I replied with a laugh. 

"Come round now and give it to me."  she said. There was no humour in her voice. Just a strong straight instruction. 

My heart started absolutely racing. "Are you serious?" I said "Yes" she replied. "Were you serious when you said you would give me one?" I composed myself and said that "I had thought she was hot for ages and would love to but what about James?" 

"He gives me nothing she said. Sick of waiting for that to change" she said. This was a more gentle request. 

One last time I asked her just to be sure "Do you want to meet and have sex?".   "I want you to fuck me" she replied

My heart was racing and my cock was raging hard. My mind was made up then. I was going to fuck her. However I couldn't go round theirs and do it. Too risky. Mine was out of the question too. Needed a neutral meet.

"Do you want to meet at a hotel ?" I asked She agreed and we arranged it for the following week. 

I met her at the hotel around Midday. We both agreed we still wanted to do it and so we checked into the hotel. We entered the room and smirked at each other. I went over and started to kiss her. My hands made their way to her tits. They felt amazing. Big and firm. My cock was so ready. I told her to get undressed. 

We both started stripping off. I was naked first and jumped on the bed and watched her slowly undress. She looked up at me and said "Ooh Mark you're a big boy!" My cock was as swollen as it ever had been. She released her tits from her bra and then removed her knickers. She was there naked in front of me. She looked fucking amazing. 

She got on the bed and we started kissing. It was deep passionate kiss. Almost violent on her part. She then grabbed my cock and shoved it straight in her mouth. Hers eyes met mine as she started sucking it hard. If James could see this! I put my hand between her legs and slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. It was already wet for cock. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked her pussy juice off them. She tasted so good. I wanted to eat her. 

I lay on my back and told her to keep sucking my cock. Then i told her to put her pussy over my face so we could get into a 69. She looked at me oddly for a second as this was a new thing for her. I told her I loved it and with that she straddled my face with juicy cunt. She had a really lovely looking pussy, possibly the best i had seen. I spread her lips with my tongue and started to probe deeply into it whilst thrusting my cock in her mouth. Ever so often I would flick her arsehole with my tongue and push it in a little. I was rimming my best mates wife. God I was in heaven.  

After a joyful amount of time in the 69 position she decided she wanted to ride me. She turned to face me, deeply kissed my pussy flavoured lips and then slid down straight onto my cock. She was so turned on she didn't even bother with a condom.  She started riding me hard and I began sucking her tits. My hands grabbed her arse and my finger made its way to her arsehole. I slipped it in her arsehole and she was surprised that I was fingering her arsehole. 

She kept riding me. Harder and harder she rode. She started to shake a little and I could tell she was going to cum. A few strokes later she came. She came so big.  A shuddering orgasm. She collapsed on top of me. Breathing heavy, satisfied. Her body was limp, I however was still rock hard and I needed to cum. I rolled her onto her back lifted her legs and slid my cock back into her.  I started pumping her. I was in control now and Michaela was gonna get it at last. 

"Look at it" i said. "Look at my cock fucking you!" We both looked down at my glistening cock sliding in and out of her cunt. "Oh you cheating little bitch" I said. "I have wanted to fuck you for so long" Harder and harder I pounded my best mates wife. Deeper and deeper my cock went.

"Fuck Me Mark!" she said. I knew couldn't hold back much longer. I knew she could get pregnant if I didn't pull out. This just turned me on more. 

"Gonna cum" i said. I yanked my cock out at the last minute and then the spunk just erupted from my helmet. I came so much it was almost painful. It went all over her. Hair, face, tits, and tummy. All covered with my epic load. Years of wanking over her had just come out in one go. I stood there holding my swollen cock looking at Michaela. She was a great fuck.

We both smiled and went to the shower together. 

We only did it the one time as she moved on from her husband but it had been one of the best fucks I have ever had.

Not the absolute best but thats a story for another time. 

Written by SexyforSame

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