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Extramarital Stories


Things happen for a reason. Part 1

A 3some was fun but two of us were outrageous.

It was with a couple I had met a few times and we had planed a weekend away. Hotel booked for the Friday and Saturday night, rooms next door to each other in case someone wanted to sleep, not that that happened very often. The Wednesday before it was all...


I fucked Sheila in front of her boyfriend

I fucked his new wife before even he had fucked her.

I met Barry when I was a college. It was in the early 1990’s. He wasn’t that good a looking, but somehow he always seemed to pull the girls. I had a few girlfriends and lost my virginity to an older woman before sleeping with a few girls my own age (19)....


Sexercising with the boss's wife

I opened my eyes just as Gina sucked my cock to the back of her throat.

It was nearing the end of the second lockdown when I started to get health problems. At twenty-six and living alone I was ordering in food and stuffing myself due to boredom. It seemed an age before I managed to see a doctor who straight away told me to l...


Wild time on holiday, what happened next

I was turning into a very hot wife; some might say a slut on this holiday

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my posting about my entry into the world of swinging. It would be true to say that our night with Angelo didn’t go as we had planned it too. After the eventful day at the beach I casually mentioned to Paul...


Wild time on holiday

I never thought our holiday would end up like this, so glad that I was finally on my way to being a hot wife.

I am a bubbly blonde, 5' 6” with small 32a boobs, slim flat tummy, long thin lithe legs, a nice, toned size 10 body, I am in my mid 50’s and still have a very high sex drive, in recent years my hubby who is 65 has struggled to keep me sexually satisfied,...

Ricky D

Lindsay becomes a Hotwife

The sight of my wife's pussy rising and falling on his thick cock caused mine some discomfort.

Lindsay was twenty four when she discovered that, like three of her four sisters, she was unable to have children. At first she was devastated. We talked about adoption and even surrogates, but Lindsay rejected the ideas. She was on depression and anxiety...

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Anon Jane

A shameful secret

The secrets of a wife in need.

I’m not sure if this is classed as swinging but I’m having a bit of excitement that would be considered ‘wrong’ in normal circles and I need to share it with you. I’m a 45-year-old happily married woman. I have two grown up boys. I love my husband very mu...


Unexpected Pleasure

Had her From The Rear Bent Over A Stack of Boxes

A couple weeks ago a 63 y.o. widowed lady from church asked if I would help her move some things from her house to her storage unit since I have a truck. She is 7 years older than me and still very nice looking with a ready smile, so I agreed. On a warm S...


New Colleague Adventures

New work colleague chemistry

As per my profile I've been lucky to have a number of 'friends' over a couple of decades working across the country for several large companies in senior field roles. I was always super careful as I was married, and didn't want any drama with miscommunica...


Girlfriend suggeted and open relationship

Keith and I seemedto be fuckng the others partner in sync and it turned into a competition.

Emma asked had I ever cheated on her. I was honest when I told her that I had been faithful to her. I asked what had caused her to ask. She started telling me about her friend at work that had an open relationship. It had come about because he had been ch...

Stocking lover

A blast from the past

As she descende the steps I had my cock out and pulled her panties to one side and slipped in.

It was the mid nineteen eighties that I found myself visiting an old aunt in hospital. She had fallen ill with pneumonia during the start of the winter season. She, to the best of my knowledge always been single. I promised to go feed her cat for her and...


Two Fortieths. Part 1, hers.

My present had an eight inch cock.

Like most women, I have my fantasies. I am happily married, no kids, I love my husband and our sex life is very good. But I still have my fantasies. Soon after our marriage, my husband encouraged me to share them. He did the same. It turns us both on to t...