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Watched Stories


A boat trip

and a man on the cliff

Gail and I spent a week together, then I went to watch her on the camera shoot. She said it was not much of a shoot. She put on a little makeup, some little swimsuits. Changing was in a beach toilet. It was three changes and the last shots were her coming...


Recently divorced Sarah was in need of some fun in her life. Her children had all grown and flown the nest, she wanted to spend some time on herself, for herself. She had signed up to an art class, she was looking forward to getting stuck in as she had en...


I answered her advert

I asked how they wanted me to fuck Maria.  The man shouted missionary and Maria shouted doggy.

I was looking through some personal adds on line when I came across one that asked if there were any men out there willing to make a twenty five year old woman pregnant. That definitely perked my interest, especially as the photo showed her in a sexy pose...


Who's the daddy

My sister had me impregnate her lesbian lover

From an early age, fifteen, I got the hots for my sister’s best friend Ella. She filled my dreams and most of my waking thoughts as well. The two of them wore skimp clothing which only made things worse for me. I seemed to spend hours on end with unwanted...


I fucked Sheila in front of her boyfriend

I fucked his new wife before even he had fucked her.

I met Barry when I was a college. It was in the early 1990’s. He wasn’t that good a looking, but somehow he always seemed to pull the girls. I had a few girlfriends and lost my virginity to an older woman before sleeping with a few girls my own age (19)....

Bad Barry

Our first time swapping

Diane crawled between Laurel's legs and started licking her pussy

The one thing Laurel loved was to cuddle up with me in bed with my latest girly mag and either I or she read a story from it to the other. I particularly liked this mag because there were pictures that were meant to be from the stories, showing sexy ladie...

Mums the word sshhhh

Does it count as an affair?

He was wanking watching me with my hand in my thong

I am married , I am in a high powered advertising position but I got myself involved in a sexual situation that I should have nipped in the bud from the start but I was hooked. Let me explain better, I was working in London business trip for a couple of n...

Carlie plus S & S

I wanted to watch two gays while I watch

They egged me on so I could have a amazing orgasm

Hello my name is Carlie , I am in my 30s , single , got divorced last year , it happens it was a amicable split for both of us. I dont mind being single , like most single adults I have my needs , I gave a few male and female friends / associates I can ca...

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She did it!

First time with other

For a while now I have been asking, almost begging her to meet another man and enjoy herself like we used to do together. I have been taking those tablets for 3 years now, and slowly my erections faded. The drive was still there: with a wife and a body li...

Man potato

A replay of wife’s affair part 3

The wife says good bye to a neighbor

A little info , Am 41 now, I was 36 when this started , this part of the story I was 38, I got a transfer at my job, and had to move to another part of the country, I live in the USA , we moved from the mid west to the west coast, I was in my first week a...


Mate gives permission.

Carl left me with Debra to make love to her.

I went round on the Saturday afternoon to see my mate Carl. On arriving at his house this wife Debra opened the door. She invited me in and we walked through to the back garden. Carl was lounging on a lounger catching some sun. Debra went back inside to g...


Caught at work

caught workers fucking in my office. Ended up marrying her

I got into work at least an hour early as I knew I had a lot to do. As I climbed to the top of the stairs, (My keep fit push) I heard noises coming from the direction of my office. On peeking around the door, two of my staff Troy and Beryl, were fucking e...