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I was set up

"My dirty minded husband gets what he thought he wanted."

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Why am I writing this? A message to my husband. A good few weeks ago when we were finally allowed to mix with other people, rather than my husband use that time to be able to mix with family and friends he used it to trick me into having sex with a guy he works with and this is my story. I’m 32 and married, no kids unless you include my husband. A man who all during lockdown hinted about how hot it was to watch porn with his wife especially porn where couples swapped. And he would go on about ‘the guy in work’ who will remain nameless. Guy who according to my husband was obsessed with me and who would comment about his fantasy which was to ‘fuck me hard’. I asked my husband if he had punched him for that, but he just giggled and said that he thought it was ‘horny’ and was ‘just a bit of fun’. We had an argument and I wanted to know if he would actually get off on watching me have sex with someone else, he shrugged his shoulders. My husband told me that it was the guy who came to pick him up once and who saw me in ‘that skirt’, a tight black skirt I sometimes wear, and ‘that white top’ that my husband likes so much and apparently so does his ‘mate’. A slightly small, short sleave top with buttons part way down the front which apparently on this day, which I remember very well due to the leering dirty old, man, some were in his 60’s who picked my husband up and spent his visit staring at my breasts, I was wearing. And this was the man my husband fantasised about me having sex with. If he was handsome, I wouldn’t say so much, but he wasn’t. He was fit and looked ok for his age I guess but that was all. My husband would drop hints about how it was ‘just a little fun’ and maybe not actual sex but ‘maybe’ I should just let him look at me and if I was in a good mood, let him have a little feel because apparently, he like ’pretty young women with firm tits and ginger hair’ (actually, I’m strawberry blond). I fired back about how maybe I should just fuck him and have done with it expecting my husband to shut up and change the subject thinking I was serious, but he just grinned. I was furious. To play along with my husband perverted fantasies I agreed to his equally perverted old man friend to visit and I even agreed to wear the tight skirt with the tight top and no bra so he could see my tits through the materiel. Oh, and no knickers because the outline looked bad. Dirty Dave (not his real name,) arrives. My plan was to let him see but not touch, I undid enough of the buttons in my top to drive them both wild, so be able t see a little bit of what he couldn’t have, and it worked. He lived up to my nickname for him ‘Dirty Dave’ as soon as he walked in with ‘fuck your wife’s hot’ and ‘fuck those tits are amazing’. My husband just laughs. Whilst I made coffee ‘dirty Dave’ stood behind me a staired commenting on what a great ass I had and how hard I was making him. I warned him that if he so much as brushed his hand against me that the coffee would end up over his head. I took the coffee into the living room on a tray for the three of us and leant against the back of the sofa. I looked at my husband and then ‘Dave’ and asked him what he wanted to see, jokingly asking if he wanted me to strip for him. The two of them, in unison called out ‘fuck yeah’. I said that there was no chance then undid a few more buttons, opened my top a little more, just enough for ‘Dave’ to see slightly more of my breasts. Dave went all serious and told my husband that he just had to ‘fucking feel those’. My husband giggled and said ‘that would be alright’ looking at me for approval. I had no time to comment before ‘Dirty Dave’ took a step forward and slid his hand into my top and giving my left breasts and squeeze, then with the other hand he felt them both. I glared at my husband whilst his friend rubbed my breasts and squoze my nipples with his thumb and finger. Sarcastically I asked him if he wanted me to take it off, he didn’t answer, just lifted my top off over my head and proceeded to return to feeling me, then leaning down, he sucked my breasts getting pretty much all of it in his mouth and gently sucking. My husband just looking on in amazement and I will be straight with you, I found being touched and having my nipples sucked by a stranger unexpectedly erotic and found myself having to catch my breath. I felt his hand slide down my backside, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to feel for my knickers but for some unknown reason, I told him that I wasn’t wearing any. He stopped what he was going and announced, I assume to me’ that he was ‘fucking hard’. he turned to my husband and simply said ‘I want to fuck her’ to which my husband just repeated that vacant stare, looking for my approval. I could have stopped it there and then and pushed him away but I didn’t. For some reason, even though I initially had no intention of letting him enter me, I helped him lift my skirt up until it was up above my waist revealing far more that I had intended to show anyone that day. All dirty Dave could say was ‘fucking hell’ as he examined my semi smooth pussy. I was both furious with my husband for not objecting and turned on at another man looking at me and touching me, and all the time as I watched him, my husband just looked at Dave and what he was doing but this time he had his hand in his pants touching himself. Dave put his hand between my legs and gently rubbed me there before sliding his fingers into me and gently massaging my clit with one hand and my breast with the other. We just looked at each other, neither of us saying anything. He leaned forward and kissed my neck, whispering that my husband had told him that I like it when he does that. I was fucking furious with him now and that’s probably why I didn’t stop Dave. In face when he stopped squeezing my breast and moved that hand down to his trousers, I knew what he was doing and a few moments later his fingers slid out of my pussy and my legs where gently pushed apart. I moved back so that I was sitting on the back of the sofa and I opened my legs even wider. I felt ’Dirty Daves’, what turned out to be a very long and very thick cock, press against me pussy before, with one gentle thrust he was inside me and it was amazing. I came close to coming right there and then and expected Dave to just fuck me as hard as he could, but he didn’t, he moved his hard back ad looked me in the eyes and he slowly and gently thrust himself into me over and over. His fucking was gentle, one hand rested on my back to stop me from falling back down the sofa and the other went back to exploring my breasts. All I cold think of was how sensitive my nipples where and how his teasing them was going to make me cum, and before long I did. I let out a gentle grunt and must have gripped his cock with my pussy, he shushed me and whispered, ‘not yet’ and with that he just carried on gently fucking me. Dave let go of my breast just long enough to open his shirt, and with that pulled his shirt open and pulled me closer so that my breast pressed against his chest. I looked at my husband who had his cock in his hand watching us until he shot his cum into his hand and scurried off to clean himself up. I didn’t give a fuck what he thought, I was enjoying another man’s cock and right there and then that was all I was interested in. Dave was whispering to me, talking dirty, things like what an ‘amazing cunt I had’ and how tight my pussy was. How he was going to fuck me until I came hard and how he was going to cum inside me. The thought that I had forgotten to take my pill for the last two days slipped into my head but left just as quickly. I found myself still finding ‘Dirty Dave’ and ugly and disgusting man’ whilst at the same time pleading with him to fuck me hard and make me cum. I think I even said to him something about wanting to feel his cum inside me just before I told him how disgusting I found him, actually as he started to fuck me harder, I remember us both leaning back, he was fucking me hard as I told him that he was an appalling man, a dirty old fuck and that he disgusted me before I begged him to keep fucking me. And with that he pulls his cock out of me, spins me round and forces my head down over back of the sofa and fucks me from behind. He fucked me doggy and hard laughing about how he knew that he was a dirty old man but that I loved it. I had the deepest and longest lasting orgasm of my life at that moment. My husband re appeared looking less happy now, now that he had cum and it wasn’t so exciting for him. He ‘suggested’ to Dave that this was enough now and that he shouldn’t cum inside me. I was furious, how dare he set this up and then decide when it should end. With that I shouted at Dave that I was coming and that I wanted him to cum inside me. Dave’s cock exploded inside me and I had the next biggest and longest orgasm of my life feeling Dave cum again, then a little more. About half an hour ago I was a loyal wife, now I was a dirty hoar who slid to her knees in front of her husband and sucked his mates’ cock clean. In my defence I asked my husband after I had done it if that was ok. He just staired at me And when it was all over Dirty Dave shouted out so that all our neighbours could have heard him how ‘fucking amazing’ that was. I went to shower and by the time I came down Dave had left. My husband started to comment about how that was a bit too far so I shut him down with a glare. Two days later it was Dave’s turn to pick my husband up for a night shift, 10pm to 10am. I was in bed wearing what I call ‘old mans PJ’s’. I heard Dave run upstairs and burst into my bedroom, ‘he sez its ok’ referring to my husband. I called down and asked him if this was ok as Dave proceeded to take off his trousers. ‘whatever’ was the reply. I pulled my PJ trousers down and opened my top and let ‘Dirty Dave’ have me. He was running late so it was a quick, rough and a dirty fuck this time. After he had cum in me, he dressed and walked out. Twice a week for a the next few weeks ‘Dirty Dave’ would come round and I would let him do whatever he wanted to do to me and it was a lot. That was until my husband admitted he was wrong and asked for it to stop, so it did. I don’t miss ‘Dirty Dave’ dirty sex, but I do miss the excitement of bad naughty sex. Maybe one day I will convince my husband to enjoy watching his wife being fucked by other men, just not ‘Dirty Dave’ and his long, thick hard dirty cock.
Written by Jayne

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