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Permission Stories


I love pregnant women

My wife said my pregnant girlfriend was coming round. She had just given me permission to fuck her.

There is a subject that I haven’t seen on this web site. It’s fucking pregnant women. I enjoyed fucking my wife when she was pregnant. The swollen belly, the heavy tits, it’s just heaven. I just loved it and got my wife pregnant again as quickly as I coul...


Was she a prick teaser?

Lance told me there were two conditions to me sleeping with his wife.

This happened over twenty-five years ago when I was twenty-two and just started to work at an electronics company that designed equipment for other companies and sometimes manufactured them for the company as well. Quite quickly I was drawn to a woman in...


Kelvin offered me his wife

We didn’t even make it to a bedroom, I fucked Gloria on the stairs groaning and moaning.

I hadn’t seen Kelvin since I left secondary school. I was thirty-six and had moved around a lot with work. I finally got a posting back near home and was temporarily bunking down at my parents until I got sorted. I had just walked into an estate agents an...


The happiest New Year

Her head dipped under the blanket and was sucking my cock with ither sat just feet away

I met Cathy at a swingers party. I went to the party with one woman and all but left with another. It was love at first shag. Although I dropped the girlfriend off after the party, I was back with Claire just a few hours later. She felt the same as me and...


The ultimate wife swap

I could her my wife fucking with Alan as I prepared to fuck kis wife.

I was out for the evening with my wife Claire and our good friends Alan and Marci. I had known Alan all my forty-one years and found and met Claire and Marci when we were out looking for girlfriends. It was in a local youth club and for me Claire was the...


Another man's wife

Dennis demanded that I stop sleeping with his wife. I told him it was his wifes choice and not his.

Being single at thirty-four wasn’t easy. After my divorce, at first, I wanted nothing to do with women. Then my cock reminded me that it had been the best part of two years since it had seen any action. Morning erections and unwanted ones throughout the d...

Tired old man

Sharing sisters

The sisters knew I had been sleeping with both of them

I had been chatting Jackie, at work, up for over a month and continually asked her out for a date. Every time I asked, she turned me down. She wasn’t wearing a wedding or engagement ring and seemed to enjoy my flirting, so I wondered if she bats for the o...

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The swing seat

I pushed the seat away, lined up my cock and then let go of the seat allowing gravity to penetrate her.

I made my wife Jemma a swing seat with a difference. It had a cut-out to make it much easier to get between her legs and either suck her or fuck her as she swung gently back and frow on my cock. There were also straps to keep her legs up and out the way....

Farmer G

Two gorgeous girls in my bed

Steph returned with her hair messed up having just fucked two fishermen.

It was pretty soon after I had inherited my grandfathers small farm that this happened. I was thirty seven. Not in bad shape. Working on the farm helps with that. My girlfriend didn't want to move to the farm so I would see her just at weekends. The weath...

Lydia and Alun

Were not finished yet.

I was shocked to hear that Alun slept with his land ladies and then he told me to take a lover or two.

Hi I'm Lydia and I'm married to Alun. We met when Alun was twenty eight and I was twenty three. He was a travelling salesman. At first he covered one patch and England, Scotland and Wales were split into eight different sales areas. He was on the road mos...


Dan wanted me to fuck his wife

I stood watching Carrie being spit roasted. How I wanted to fuck her sexy arse.

We were in the pub when Dan asked my wife and I to see his wife, Carrie, got to and from a mutual friends party the following weekend. I had always fancied the pants off Carrie but as she was married to my best friend I had never even considered making a...


I made love to my mates wife

After licking Gina's pussy, I plunged her vibrator deep into her pussy and turned it on full.

A mate, Rick, asked me to help him and his girlfriend Gina move house. We had almost packed everything up when he got called away for work. He has one of those jobs that when you get the call you have to go. It was down to Gina to pack the last few things...

slim Jim

Sexercise is good for you

Kaylee's husband told me to keep fucking his wife as it was doing her good.

At just thirty seven I found myself at the doctors with a potentially serious health problem. The doctor suggested that I needed to loose probably two stone in weight if I didn't want the condition getting worse and to do more exercise. There was light at...