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Cheating sister Stories

cheating sister

Sisters, Sisters

Nother will cum between sister

A few months ago Irina asked me to suck a cock. I did not want to simply refuse, so I asked if I could fuck her sister. Surprisingly she said yes. I never expected her to say yes, and never expected to come near her sister. Her sister moved into Irina's f...

Tired old man

Sharing sisters

The sisters knew I had been sleeping with both of them

I had been chatting Jackie, at work, up for over a month and continually asked her out for a date. Every time I asked, she turned me down. She wasn’t wearing a wedding or engagement ring and seemed to enjoy my flirting, so I wondered if she bats for the o...


Double trouble

I discovered her strange family arrangements.

I first saw Kelly in a bar and I knew immediately that I wanted her. She was gorgeous. She looked like an Amazonian goddess. Tall, well built, solid looking and generally gorgeous. I was under her spell from that moment on. She seemed to know. Perhaps it...