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Flirting Stories


Flashing in the theatre led to a handsome stranger fucking me in the bathroom.

Fucked by huge cock whilst hubby was blissfully unaware.

We do love the theatre and go frequently, we have a relative who is often performing and often obtain free tickets which is a super bonus. This particular show was a Saturday night and we were having drinks in the theatre bar prior to the show, I had noti...


The slut of my life.

Jill was riding a man as another man struggled to keep his cock in her arse as she sucked a third man.

I knew Jill was a slut when I first met her but didn’t know just how big a slut she was until four months after we married. I knew she flirted with all the blokes at work and those we met in the pub, but it was at a party that she showed more than just he...


Doctor knows best

As she rode me, her well developed tits swayed above me.

I had just got out of hospital after a fortnight in there. The length of time was because I lived alone and had nobody to look after me when I left. Whilst in there I had an operation, and the doctors afterwards was telling me that I needed to exercise mo...


A night out with the girls

The alcohol took control

It had been a few months since my encounter at that country pub . Ever since then have been on a high . I have’nt been able to help myself that when ever my husband and myself would go out on any social occasion . I would dress as seductively as I could ,...


Julie the Tease

Nearly Cucked

Julie and I have been married for a little over 20 years, our only son is now at uni so we now have time to enjoy ourselves. We like to have city breaks well away from our home town where we can indulge in little games. Now Julie looks younger than her 45...


The ultimate wife swap

I could her my wife fucking with Alan as I prepared to fuck kis wife.

I was out for the evening with my wife Claire and our good friends Alan and Marci. I had known Alan all my forty-one years and found and met Claire and Marci when we were out looking for girlfriends. It was in a local youth club and for me Claire was the...


How we returned to swinging

I found an advert and picture of my best mates wife, in a swingers magazine, cheating on him.

Sorry that this is a bit long winded but I felt the whole thing needed to be said. This all started when we were eighteen or nineteen, in the days before the computers took over the world. I had met Anne, and my mate had met Brenda. If I had met Brenda fi...


Cider with Jane Part 3

My husband wants to see me fucked, and fucked hard I might add

We were driving back to the hotel after, what had been a very nice wedding. It had all gone to plan, and a great time was had by everyone. Colin, my wife and I had left before the reception had ended. I'd learnt a bit about Colin at the wedding. He was ve...

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Cider with Janey Part 2

As my wife pulled up the zip on her ankle boots, we both had an eyeful of her cleavage.

Some of you might recall my story called, Cider with Janey I posted on the 22nd May. This is how things unfolded the next day. It was the day of the wedding. We didn't have to leave the hotel until midday, so this gave my wife and I plenty of time to have...

Ben and Karen

A cuckold warning

How a one off leads to his regularly fucking my wife

My story is a warning to all on how you can become a cuckold husband if your not careful. I’m 36 and married to Karen, an amazing woman in how she looks and how cleaver and funny she is The problem is, she has a regular fuck buddy who I introduced her to....

Sex on Great Keppel Island

A promiscous hotwife strikes gold

This happened about 20 years ago when Sophie and her girlfriend went to Great Keppel Island (off the coast of Central Queensland) for the weekend. I was at a sporting carnival. Each year I would play tennis and Sophie would go to Keppel. Often, she went a...