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gang bang


Lewis starts to understand that being himself might be better than being others.

THERE’S A LOT OF ME ABOUT - Part 4 So, how will Lewis cope now his relationship with Kate is over before it began? What escapades will he stumble into next? What was the last film to win all five major awards at the Oscars? All of these questions and more...

Wife finally meets her match

One last party with a big surprise for the both of us

Part 3 It was a nerve racking wait until I could call at 9.30, all sorts of things were racing through my mind as to what they were doing to my wife, that thought alone made my cock swell up in anticipation. I made the call bang on 9.30, an anxious wait f...

The party

Wife finally reveals just how far she'd go to humiliate me to satisfy her cravings

Part 5 My final act of humiliation, or so I thought, was only hours away and one that we both would remember for a very long time. We finally arrived at peters county house, the drive packed with expensive cars with people milling around the grounds, we w...

Time off for bad behaviour.

Taught to talk dirty.

I was born on the day that Elizabeth became Queen. Not Elizabeth the first, I'm not that old! 26th February 1952. My parents were rich. Not loaded, but certainly well off. Like most of their class, they had wanted a boy. Not that there was a title to inhe...

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The slut of my life.

Jill was riding a man as another man struggled to keep his cock in her arse as she sucked a third man.

I knew Jill was a slut when I first met her but didn’t know just how big a slut she was until four months after we married. I knew she flirted with all the blokes at work and those we met in the pub, but it was at a party that she showed more than just he...

A Christmas Nighy out to Remember

Alexa was definitely the best thing unwrapped this christmas

For the first time ever, mine and my wife's Christmas party occurred on the same night this year. Invariably our work parties don't include partners so we are usually the taxi ride home for each other at the end of the night, however on this occasion we b...


8 into 1 does go

Steven arranges a gang bang party for me with a surprising ending

After that explosive meeting with Paul, I was lost within myself, reliving that moment in my head where he made me shoot my spunk literally everywhere , I tried edging myself but never came close to how Paul had expertly wanked me off, I knew I wanted mor...


The leaving party

What should have been a night out with my friend turned into my first gang bang

It had been several weeks since I'd been expertly fucked by Steven, my friend and I kept up our regular meetings although I desperately wanted another night with him, especially after what he did to me, and remembering how dominant he was which I really l...

Lottie and BBB

From a virgin to a slut wife

B's dad had a grin on his face and he was soon fucking me on the stairs. I had fucked father and son.

Hi I’m Charlotte. My husband recently showed me you’re website, I love the letters, and that has prompted me to write how I went from a fairly shy teenager to becoming a slut wife. Firstly, let me tell you that very few people call me Charlotte, I either...


Moira is a slut

Moira was being fucked by one man as she sucked a second man and wanked two more.

My wife Moira is a slut. No, she’s not a hotwife, because that would imply that I enjoy sharing her. Whilst I do enjoy watching her with other men it is rarely my choice. I will give you an example, but first let me tell you a little about her. Moira is 5...