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Creaming and cumming Stories

creaming and cumming

Back to the kitchen sink!

My landlord teaches me a lesson for being a dirty cum slut

I laid on my back, on my bed, running my feet up the headboard pushing them higher up ... My arse lifted slightly, so I could get a better view of between my legs. I was in my black fishnet tights, the crotchless ones that looked like stockings and suspen...

Jack Tar


Did not really know what a cuckold was until he was one

CUCKOLD. Like most young men, I would have never even considered the possibility that such a word existed, let alone the fact that I could grow up and become one. Not too long ago, the mere idea of it would have angered me greatly. I had a typical youth,...


Private house party and my first DVP

1st time I take two cocks in my pussy at the same time

We went to a swingers' party held at a private house. This was the second party at this house that we had been to. Iain had bought a few sexy outfits for me and we thought this was a great chance to show off some of these outfits. All those who are fans o...

How I met a mother

A story of a sexually charge encounter with a school mum

Mandy was one of the mums I knew from the school run. Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, about 5ft 5 and the perfect hour glass figure, her smile would light up the play ground gates. I had always fancied her and we always had friendly chats at the beginni...

Studland 7

We love summer

So we are finishing our drinks just chatting when Gary said how's this going to work with sleeping arrangements. Well we could try to top and tail,OK so who wants where then just get on the bed and I'll have what space is left I need to have a wee anyway....

The case of the 'bi' couple and the hetero male

The gorgeous, petite coworker and her fiancé wanted a threesome.

The following story is something I never planned on sharing, but as I read through some of the other stories on SH, I thought, why not. It did not happen that long ago - the year is 2018, I was working for a relatively big company in central London. It wa...

Our second encounter with the "Rude MILF"

Cumming inside her pussy in public was not enough. This time it was double the fun, and none of the clothes.

This is the continuation of the "Rude milf who did not want stracciatella" story that took place in my early twenties. Please have a read that one first if you wish to see the full picture:

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The rude milf who did not want stracciatella

She was rude. And older than me. I did not let her get her way, so we settled it under a bridge...

This little short adventure happened in the prime of my youth, during my university years. As a student, I was not too well off, but I managed pretty good, as I had little need for sleep back then, and balanced my days between classes and student jobs. On...

How I fucked my friend II.

Sitting on a cum-drenched blanket, we noticed her boyfriend woke up. Did he see us fucking?

This is the second part of what happened between us with my very good friend, Cat, when I was staying in her and her boyfriend's flat. Please read Part I. to get the full picture. ---------- After what was a brilliant and very passionate round of sex, I w...


Party party party 🥳

Got way more than i ever could have expected

I am not turned on same sex but I am always drawn to attractive large tits, the kind where you can see the nipples outline through the fabric. I knew T and D vaguely, a sort of waving hello knowing, the sort where you think how attractive both of them are...

I want more

Watching my neighbor play with herself while sunbathing: Part 2

I knocked on her door at 7 , she asked me to lift my dress to show her my panties

Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice. I had to tell you all about my meeting with my neighbor last night, while it’s all fresh in my mind and my body is still aching. I put on a nice flowery frock with matching light blue panties and bra set...


Date night with my fiance K.......... I tried pussy for the first time!

"not this was one pussy that i could eat out all day long!"

it was date night with my fiance K, and we were meeting each other at a club. i had just spent the past couple of hours getting ready. i was wearing a skin tight white mini dress and stilettos. i had my hair down in loose curls and wore a dark red lipstic...