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Private house party and my first DVP

"1st time I take two cocks in my pussy at the same time"

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We went to a swingers' party held at a private house. This was the second party at this house that we had been to. Iain had bought a few sexy outfits for me and we thought this was a great chance to show off some of these outfits. All those who are fans of our adventures know how much I love to dress up in something slutty or revealing, so I was very excited for this party.

I decided on a bright red mini skirt which came to a few inches below my arse cheeks. This skirt, while being bright red and attracting attention, also rides up a lot, so I constantly have to pull it down to protect my "modesty". Given this was a swingers' party, I was glad I wouldn't have to pull it down quite so often, especially when things got underway.

On top, I wore a white crop top. The great thing about this top was that it left a bit of my stomach bare (I wore the skirt as a high-waisted skirt, which meant it was even closer to revealing my pussy and arse) and had a sizeable hole cut out of the middle. I was rocking some serious cleavage. Plus, my hard nipples were very evident, there was no hiding the fact I was braless under the top. A bit of make-up, my hair in an up-do and some sexy black heels, I was ready to go.

We got to the party around 9pm and I started with a glass of wine to calm my nerves. Those that have read our stories know that I get very loose after a glass or two of wine, I'm quite a lightweight! Not only that, I get incredibly horny and lose my inhibitions when tipsy.

There weren't too many young couples but we did meet Paul and Claire. They were in their early 30s and very much in shape. Paul was tall, slim built but toned. Claire was my height and wore a very sexy figure hugging black dress. As soon as they introduced themselves, Paul reached over and "adjusted" my top.

"Oops, your nipple's popping out," he said as he carefully moved my top in place.

"Thanks, I didn't even realise," I said.

I was a bit shocked at his forwardness but I was on my second glass of wine so I wasn't really too fussed. I could feel Paul's eyes on me, constantly looking me up and down.

"That is a very sexy outfit Ailsa, I love how your nipples are sticking out of your top. You have perfect boobs".

I just smiled. Iain embarrassed me further by telling them (and another two couples who were around us) how I like showing off my body, how I go out braless all the time, love flashing and love when people catch a glimpse of my body "by mistake".

"Well, I definitely hope we get to see more of that sexy body then!" Paul said.

I immediately liked Paul even more. Not only were the compliments he was making working but his genuine, polite demeanour was encouraging and was kind of turning me on. I knew he wanted to see me naked and I now really wanted him to see. I wanted to tease him and drive him crazy.

Paul and Claire moved to a different couch and soon stared playing. They were soon naked and Paul was having his cock sucked by a lady while Claire was sucking the host. I was already horny and the fact people were playing made me very wet. I immediately straddled Iain and started kissing passionately kissing him.

I had totally forgotten to wear thong and my skirt soon had ridden up to my waist. My shapely arse was now on show and Iain wasted no time rubbing me the way I love. God, I loved his hands on me. Both hands moved from my arse to squeezing my tits, then back to my arse (he's quite an arse man. I moaned as he kissed my neck, squeezed my arse and spanked me. We were sitting next to another young couple who were also making out but watching us intermittently.

"Get up babe, let's show you off a bit".

Always one to show off, I got up, my skirt around my waist, my freshly waxed pussy and arse on show to a few couples around us. I pulled my skirt down and we moved closer across the room. By this time Paul was fucking the host's wife while Claire was sucking the host while he fingered her.

I just wanted to get naked and have Iain please me but he had other plans. We stood a few metres from Paul, Claire and the host and his wife until Paul finally looked our way. Iain immediately turned me around, bent me over the table and slowly lifted up my skirt. I was very aware my wet pussy was on show. I couldn't see Paul's reaction but I didn't care, I felt so sexy and exposed as Iain flashed me to Paul. My skirt was at my waist as Iain groped my arse, spread them so Paul could see my arsehole.


A felt a firm spank and moaned as Iain continued to massage my arse. I felt Iain's hands push my legs apart which I willingly did. Iain gently teased my pussy with his finger. I could feel how wet I was as he took one finger and slowly rubbed up and down my pussy, coating my pussy lips with my juices. Iain then pulled me up and spun me around. I looked Paul directly in his eyes as he was still fucking the host's wife. He wasn't even watching her, his eyes were glued to me as I smiled at him.

My pussy was on show but I wanted to show more. I slowly moved my hands to my boobs and massaged them feeling my rock hard nipples. I slowly pulled my top to either side, finally exposing my perky boobs. Iain moved behind me and then moved his hands to my boobs and flicked my nipples and massaged my boobs, all the while I smiled sexily at Paul. As soon as my boobs were out, I could see his mouth go "Oooooo" and his bit his finger as he continued to stare.

Paul's reaction to my naked body, knowing I was turning him on and driving him crazy got my pussy absolutely drenched. I needed a cock. I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted Paul's cock but he was still fucking the other girl.

So I pulled Iain to the couch, pushed him roughly onto the couch, took off my top and skirt and straddled him naked. Finally, no more clothes! I fumbled with Iain's trousers wanting to taste his cock but he stopped me as he grabbed my arse and pulled me in. I'm not one to say no to a good make out session, especially when I'm the naked one. It makes me feel incredibly sexy knowing that I'm naked and Iain's priority is feeling me as opposed to having his cock sucked. But this time was different, I was so horny for cock!

Iain went to work on my nipples as I straddled him naked and moaning, my pussy wet and aching for attention. I pulled back so Iain could feast on my naked body. I sat back on his knees as his hands immediately went to my boobs, squeezing and playing with my nipples. I felt so sexy, so exposed, I was loving the power I had over him.

I kissed him passionately again and started unbuckling him. No resistance, good! I knew he need to be sucked and I wasn't going to disappoint him. I quickly dropped to my knees as his rock hard cock sprang forth from his trousers. I didn't waste any time with teasing him, I immediately engulfed him and slowly worked my way to taking him all into my mouth. I coated his cock before bobbing up and down, moaning as I finally had him inside my mouth. I love sucking Iain's cock. I don't know why some ladies don't like it, it's such an empowering feeling looking up seeing your man moaning in pleasure as you suck his precious cock. It gets me wet thinking about it.

I saw movement to my left and saw Paul and Claire coming our way. Claire was quite petite, tight body, reasonably sized boobs and a tight bubble butt. She wasn't overly curvy but she was easily one of the hottest women that night. She would turn heads wherever she went. Paul sat next to Iain and Claire straddled Paul and started immediately riding him.

At the same time they encouraged Iain to touch Claire. He looked at me and I nodded. He reached over and played with her nipples as I sucked away while eyeing her pussy engulfing Paul's cock. They were definitely a sexy couple to watch.

All the excitement was getting to Iain and he stopped me before he came too quickly. I got up and sat next to Claire.

"You should kiss her," Iain whispered in my ear.

"Claire, do you mind if I kiss you?" I asked.

Her response was to kiss me, much to the delight of both Iain and Paul. Paul pulled out as they both watched as I straddled Claire and we kissed. I felt her hands on my boobs as I played with her nipples.

The boys looked like they needed attention so I soon got back on my knees and started sucking Iain. Paul went back to fucking Claire much to my visual delight.

"Do you want to touch?" I asked Paul.

"I want to, but I'll come too quickly if I do," he replied.

I smiled to myself, boy did he know the right buttons to push!

"Go on, suck Iain," Paul instructed Claire.

Claire looked at me and I pulled back from Iain's cock and let her wrap her hands around him. Claire was immediately on his cock, taking him in her mouth and bobbing up and down. Iain moaned. It was such an erotic moment; my man being sucked by someone else again.

I kissed Iain passionately.

"I love you," he said. I smiled and we kissed. It was a very tender, yet sexy moment. I quite enjoyed kissing him while he was having his cock sucked.

I continued to kiss Iain as he moved his hands and caressed Claire's back and arse. I soon felt a hand on my arse. I was a little surprised but also very turned on. I was glad Paul couldn't resist and finally decided to touch me. I enjoyed his large strong hands on my arse. I stuck my arse out further, tempting him and giving him a good view of my pussy.

Then I felt it, his fingers on my pussy. He was testing the waters. I didn't resist which encouraged him to slowly slide a finger inside me.

Oh God, it felt amazing. I was so worked up and wet that my pussy took his finger without any resistance. His fingers were larger than Iain's and it filled me up just right. He started fingering me harder as I continued kissing Iain, now audibly moaning into his mouth.

"What's happening?" he asked.

"Paul is fingering me"

Iain responded by kissing me and pinching my nipples. I was basically bent over at the waist, arse and pussy exposed to Paul as he fingered me, I started pushing back onto his fingers. I couldn't continue kissing Iain and pulled back, moaning out loud as Paul fingered me hard. I felt so full! It was amazing. I moaned as Paul filled me up with his fingers and watched his wife suck my fiancé. It was such an erotic moment for me. It felt amazing to let Paul who had been eyeing me all night to have his way, as well as give Iain the present of feeling another woman's lips wrapped around his big cock.

Paul pulled out and Claire stopped sucking Iain and lay on the couch and spread her legs. Iain was then between her legs in a flash and slide his cock hard into her inviting open pussy and he started fucking her with a passion.

“Turn over and lie down gorgeous," Paul instructed.

I laid down on the couch and opened my legs revealing my soaking wet cunthole.  Paul then slid his big hard throbbing cock inside me. I was still so wet that it slid in easily. Knowing I was ready, Paul started fucking me hard and fast. I grabbed Paul’s shoulder as I lay there, naked, countless eyes on me as Paul fucked me. I could hear how wet my pussy was, as well as my voice as I screamed in pleasure.

All four of us were together on the couch fucking each others partner, the guys rammed their hard piston like cocks deep into our soaking wet cunts.

"Yes, don't stop, don't stop, keep going," I screamed.

I could feel my orgasm building and building until it finally hit me.

"Uuurrghhhh," I moaned as my body shook my pussy was quivering and I couldn't take any more.

Once my orgasm subsided, Paul took his cock out of my swollen pussy but I was determined to make him cum. So I dropped to my knees and immediately deep throated his cock, gagging as I did. Making sure it was wet enough, I pulled back and started roughly wanking him off. Every so often I'd take his cock in my mouth, make his cock nice and wet, bobbing up and down giving him a very sloppy blowjob, then pull back and wank him off.

 As soon as he closed his eyes I knew he was going to cum and I immediately wrapped my lips around his cock and was rewarded with a strong jet of cum spraying inside my mouth, quickly following by another and another. I loved the feeling of Paul’s cock pulsating in my mouth, filling it with his hot creamy spunk..

At that point I could see Iain still pounding Claires pussy hard her legs open wide as she encouraged him to cum. She shuddered hard and came as Iain exploded his cum deep inside her wet pussy. Iain then withdrew his cock and came over to me, I started to suck his cum covered cock mixing his cum with Paul’s cum and Claires cum juices in my mouth…. It was so fucking hot. I then swallowed the lot. Paul was meantime licking the cum from Claires swollen pussy. We all took turns at clean our cum and juices from each other.

Both guys were soon hard again Paul then sat on the couch and invited me to straddle his thick hard cock again. I did but in reverse cowboy position. Iain was hard too as he and Claire watched Pauls cock slide up and down my pussy. Iain said 'that looks so nice I wish my cock was in there too....' I said, 'come on Iain join Paul ....'

Paul then got between both Paul and my legs and started to ease his cock in to my already filled cunt. This was a new first for both of us DP. All I could feel was the two amazing cocks squeezed in my pussy. The feeling was very intense. Claire shouted encouragement and both guys then started to fuck me hard at the same time. It didn't take long as I came numerous times and started gushed juices down both hard cocks as they slid together in my stretched cunthole, and soon I came again as both Paul and Iain came too filling my womb with their hot creamy spunk at the same time.

Iain pulled his cock out and got up with a huge smile on his face, Claire immediately replaced him and started to lick my pussy and Pauls cock. Pauls cock slid out of my pussy and Claire then greedily ate my pussy lapping up both guys spunk from my swollen hole.

Wow what an amazing session it was, what a terrific night of firsts. I especially liked meeting Paul and Claire. Sadly, we didn't get their number and from our conversation we had with them that night, I think they would have moved overseas, so we may never see them again. Oh well, here's to finding another couple to play with sooner rather than later!

Written by Anonymous

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