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Condom Stories


The case of the 'bi' couple and the hetero male

The gorgeous, petite coworker and her fiancé wanted a threesome.

The following story is something I never planned on sharing, but as I read through some of the other stories on SH, I thought, why not. It did not happen that long ago - the year is 2018, I was working for a relatively big company in central London. It wa...


He stood watching

If you want that you'd better come inside.

Hi, they call me Jim and this happened when I was thirty seven, not long after my divorce. I met Jane in a bar and we got talking. She was much the same age as me and a bit of a looker. I could see she was married by her wedding ring and I still flirted w...

Never give up

Meeting mature couples

So after 15 years on this site, the meetings get harder to arrange as the age progresses. But being very selective in who I contact also adds to the lack of meets. But a while ago I had a reply from a younger couple who werent totally sure about an age pl...