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Cum swallowing Stories

cum swallowing

Night out On Holiday

funny how seeing something on a night out changes how you think ?

On a recent trip to Holland, my wife, Kristy and I spent some time sightseeing in Amsterdam. One evening we were drinking in a bar, when a man got up on the stage and began dancing. He kept inviting women to come up and dance with him and finally one woma...

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Beth's bucket list part 1

A short story to start of Beth's bucket list.

This is the start of a few stories coming from Beth's bucket list, her bucket list has seen her and Sarah, William and I have some adventures. I've broke it down into a few segments as to go through it all in one go would be far to long, and I doubt we co...

My Sister’s Ex PT4 - Owned and Controlled

Rich takes total control as he enjoys creating daring tasks for Sophia and punishments when needed.

I had gone to sleep that night feeling extremely content. I had just had the most amazing sexual experience and had also submitted my control over to Rich, my sister’s ex and now I guess my dom. I awoke the next morning in a dream-like state, expecting to...

My Sister’s Ex Pt1 - My Favourite Blue Dress

My sister’s bully ex notices me dressed and I can't resist

My name is Sophia and I’m a twenty-one-year-old sissy girl who loves to dress femme all the time. Over the past few years, I have got more and more daring with my feminine side, going out in public dressed. It was on one of those adventures I discovered a...


Private house party and my first DVP

1st time I take two cocks in my pussy at the same time

We went to a swingers' party held at a private house. This was the second party at this house that we had been to. Iain had bought a few sexy outfits for me and we thought this was a great chance to show off some of these outfits. All those who are fans o...