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Shower Stories


Wife & Neighbour in shower

Hot of the press - Just Hppened

This has just happened about an hour ago. My neighbour poped in and wanted me to show him some functions in Excell ( spreadsheet ) My wife was in her dressing gown and just finished something and was going up for a shower before she went out shopping. My...


Shower 🚿 51

Putting it about again

Now Anna is pregnant we can go to the club, that is what we did last night. "It's Anna, yes? I'm Frank?" Frank said. "Are you sure Frank?" Anna asked as she turn to look at the man. "Yes" he replied, puzzled. "Sorry, we are looking for a couple." Anna rel...

Lonely Lady Biker

Our paths crossed at Eurotunnel

As a keen motorcyclist I love nothing more than going on a solo tour around Europe every couple of years. I normally do this when the wife decides to go on girly holidays with her friends (I bet she’s not nearly as naughty as me) I had an early start and...


Icelandic adventures

Bedding noisy Freyja in the room next to her parents

It happened in Iceland, I had taken 3 months off to travel in Iceland. It was when Iceland had the bank crisis, it was very cheap. What I had not anticipated was the woman I picked up. I spent the first week in Reykjavik, the capital. It was no larger tha...

Submissive in the Shower

A trip away ends with a wife getting used in the communal shower

My husband and I were on a rare trip abroad. Staying in student accommodation in Utrecht in The Netherlands during the summer when the students had all gone home. It was a business trip. He’d been there there the year before but I hadn’t been able to make...


What a barn find

going back to our youth found us a nice couple.

Helen and I were in our early forties. We had married very early at seventeen and our kids had flown the nest. I had been feeling that all the fun had gone out of our marriage, and wanted to do something wild again. I set up my plan to bring the romance b...


Spying on new neighbors

New neighbor puts on a regular show and then goes further

I had new neighbors move into the house next to my parents. They were a young couple in their mid twenties. I was just eighteen and waiting to start university in the September and had five weeks lounging around. I noticed that she would take a shower eve...

Pauls quest.

you only get a shag if you ask.

Surprise shag with a hot housewife.

I’m Paul and I love some of the stories I read on this website. Whilst I think some are BS there are a good few that I can relate too. I’m 38 and single and I love sex and I get quote a lot of it. What I love about being single is the chase, what I’m obse...

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Nicola L

Hi, I’m back. For those who haven’t read my blogs before I suggest you look at my blogs from the 17th, 20th & 21st Jan. Basically I’m a married woman who became bored with her life and I had the opportunity to liven my life up and I took it. I love sex so...

Paul and Janet

you never know a person.

Wife becomes a slut in minutes.

I want to share my story and after reading some stories, for some it will be tame but for my wife and I it was mind blowing and so unexpected. I’m Paul, I’m 55 and married to Janet who’s 47. Janet is an attractive brunet with (as she would put it) curves....