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After the workout - the shower

"This can't just be my fantasy..."

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Author's Notes

"One day, I want this to happen for real. Anyone ready for a workout..?"

I've finished my exercise in the gym and it's time for a shower.

This is my favourite part.

I get naked and hold a towel in front of me when... I see you, also undressing... early 50s, an awesome, stocky, defined body, with light fur all over and a thick bush showing above your towel.
It's my fantasy... and we catch each other's eye for a second or two too long.

I have to see if this can be real. So I walk past you and head round to the most secluded corner of the showers - and I notice you start to follow.

I leave the door of my shower open so when you walk round you'll see me. Your footsteps first and then you're there... you pause... and we look at each other again before you look over your shoulder and quickly come into my shower with me.
The shower's on. My body is wet. You hang your towel and I take your hand and pull you towards me. You're exquisite body, naked with me...FOR me.
Fuck, I want you.
Your body is all wet now, the water running off your muscles. I stand behind you and wrap my arms round to trace my hands over your chest. You can feel my rock hard penis at your back.
I kiss your neck. You feel my hot mouth on you. As my hand reaches down to find your hard cock, you turn and I kiss your chin. You wrap your arms round my back and our open mouths find each other. I want to kiss you long and slow in the shower as my hand slowly strokes your thick penis.

You hands go to my shoulders and you gently start to push me down.
I kiss your neck again before my mouth goes to your chest and finds one of your big, wide, nipples. Hard in my mouth now. So hard. I mouth it, my tongue flicks round it and then my teeth tease it. You feel it hurt a little but it's, fuck, it's exquisite and you want more.
But I'm on my knees now and I start to lick round your bush. Fuck, it feels so soft and gorgeous against my face. I'm licking your shaft and your balls as my arms wrap round your thighs.
Your look down and see this guy, this mature guy lost in sex with you. As you lean back to feel the water on your face, you feel my mouth take you. My lips slip over the head of your penis before I take the whole length and my tongue swirls round your shaft.
Push forward now, darling. Push your cock into my mouth. Feel my arms grip your legs. I want all of you.
I can taste your pre-cum. I lap round you now. I pull back and turn your body away from me.
Lean forward now. Offer yourself to me.
You lean against the wall and pull your cheeks apart and my tongue is on your hole. Does that feel good? My tongue licking round you, the shower falling on your naked body and this guy at your hole. Feel my tongue push into you now. I want to taste you.
You push back and gasp 'now... let's do this now'...
You stand and pull me to me feet. There's a passion now, an impatience, even, as you hold my body against yours and kiss me hard. This guy you've never met - naked with you in the shower. I want your tongue in my mouth. There is a connection here only two men can feel. Fuck, we're lost in it and I want more... but you pull away from my face and look me in the eye..

"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me"

You turn round and put your hands on the wall, opening your legs and offering yourself to this mature stranger.

I put my hands on your back and slide them down to your hips.

The water is cascading over your magnificent muscled body. My hands on your arse now I lean forward and my penis finds your hole. I've never been harder as I push into you.

You push back, your hole stretching round the shaft of my cock. And I don't stop. Simultaneously, you feel my weight on your back... and my cock pushing deep inside you... and my arms wrapping round your body.

"You want us to fuck?" I whisper

"Please. Please... let's fuck. Let's fuck together"... and you lean into the wall, push back - and I give you all I have before pulling out.

And then I go in again. My arms tight round your torso, I start to thrust into you. Into YOUR body. Feel my cock sliding in and out of your hole. You turn your head and we kiss - hard, out of control kissing as the rhythm builds and I start to thrust harder.

You hear a noise and look round and there at the door... we're being watched. A black guy - younger... naked - he has a defined, smooth body and he's watching us through the door, wanking. He has a huge cock which is rock hard in his fist. WE'VE made him hard. He's turned on because of US fucking in front of him. He sees you looking at him, smiles and nods his head. He doesn't want us to stop...

And we can't stop.

I'm fucking you now. Harder. Harder and faster and with each thrust you push back, taking my hole penis down to my soaked bush.

Our moans are getting louder - almost a whine now as we fuck, my darling, fuck like animals - and all the while, our friend wanks harder, his chest muscles tense as he masturbates his huge cock so fast.

You see him as you feel my cock suddenly get even harder in your arse.

"I'm cumming... I'm going to cum for you..." I can barely get the words out before you feel my hands grip you hard and I start to pump my cum into you.

Take it all. I want you to take it all and... fuck you can't help yourself as you start to cum too. As I thrust my seed into you, I see one spurt, two spurts of your cum hit the wall before I reach down and take you in my hand, your cum now cascading over my hand.

Our friend gasps as he can't hold it any longer - and starts to cum too - like a cannon, thick white cum spurting onto the shower door.

I thrust into you. I want you to have all my seed. Take it. Want it...

My body collapses against you as the thrusting finally eases. I start to soften but it feels exquisite, my shaft covered in an envelope of my cum which is dripping out of your hole, matted in your hair, down your leg.

And my hand is covered in your cum. As we stand in the shower, I lift it to your lips and you lick it all and, with it on your tongue, you lean in and kiss me. We kiss each other. Our arms round each other. Over my shoulder, you see our spectator smile at you as he licks his own cum from his hand and turns and walks away.

We stand in the shower - the water falling over our exhausted bodied. Spent. Our arms round each other. Two men, knowing they've felt a real sexual passion, a union.

And they know it won't be the last time.

Written by Dan158

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