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East meets West part 2!

It happended again this week

Where to begin...So from me getting an unexpected fuck from Ivan in the back of my car after football a month ago. We had exchanged numbers, I did think that there was no way he would get in touch, he had tried fun with a man and probably felt guilty, as...

East meets West!

Big "Ivan" takes me.

Sometimes nothing happens when you feel horny, you want to suck or fuck and trying to arrange a meet leaves you very frustrated! I have had in the past month 3 amazing experiences, whilst I'm very aware of my wife and her lover Ian she cannot know some of...

Gay sauna visit in Mansfield

Lots of fun in the sauna!

I had been to the Sauna before in Mansfield a few years back but was too nervous as it was my first time being fully naked in front of other men. It had been an off putting 1st experience, I was eager to try again, and so it proved I had a lot more fun se...

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The Local Lido

A memory of a once busy meeting place, hidden away in plain sight. Now long gone.

Driving past the location where the last public Lido in Notts used to be reminded me of all the summers I used to spend there growing up. However, later on in life I switched allegiance to another location when I discovered a new word: Cottaging. For any...

A Hotel Encounter

A hook-up over the internet got even better suddenly.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have travelled a great deal with work, and this has meant staying in endless hotels. I thought that this would mean endless opportunities to hook up with strangers, but in truth it was very rarely the case, especi...

My virginity gone forever…

How I learnt that I was made to serve older men.

Who doesn’t like a first time story eh? Here goes… For context I was newly 18, about 5ft8 and slim. Hairless and good looking. The urges started when I was around 18 when my girl best friend at the time came out as bisexual. Over the next weeks, I started...

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Brokeback shower

Playing with another guys cock

Some years ago I was working away in London building an exhibition for an exhibition company. They put us up in a small hotel near the venue. We worked pretty long hours to hit the deadline. One evening after a particularly sweaty day at work and after a...

So, I have been writing about my wife of late having sex with our neighbour Ian. Today though, I felt horny after finishing work early, went on to a hook up site and a chap local to me just wanted to suck a cock and go meet. I text to say I would be there...

My very first time

The night that I discovered that I am Bi.

My name is Will and with my partner Mal have enjoyed many interesting adventures. We are both bi and open in our relationship. This is a pretty accurate account of my first timer with another fella. 10 years after leaving the army I met up with one of my...

Adventures of a married man

The urge that cannot be denied!

I have written stories on here before but had to delete for reasons to protect certain people. Last week I was just at home on a few days off, Wife at work, Kids at school, college etc so decided to go for a drive then walk in the woods a few miles from o...

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