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Fact Stories


"Uncle" Tommy

When someone you know so well suddenly sees you in a different light.

An experience I had from long ago. Tommy was some not related to me, but as we called relatives and close family friends Uncle or Aunty, even if they were not. Uncle Tommy was therefore a presence as I was growing up, as my mother was a great favourite of...

The Local Lido

A memory of a once busy meeting place, hidden away in plain sight. Now long gone.

Driving past the location where the last public Lido in Notts used to be reminded me of all the summers I used to spend there growing up. However, later on in life I switched allegiance to another location when I discovered a new word: Cottaging. For any...

Terri's Knocking Shop part 3

More romps with Rachel & housemates

Continued from part 2... To my amazement this arrangement continued for several months. I was shagging Rachel almost every night I was home on my 2 weeks leave, the occasional night out with Carol, a shag with her in my car before dropping her off, and sh...

So ive moved on and have moved out of london to north hampshire, and ive gotten on with my neighbour wendy, shes a single middle aged probably mid 40’s, not seen her with a man, and rumour has it she is lesbian. I would guess she was a size 14, lives like...

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I finally get my wish!

My wife agrees to come to a swingers club and makes a fantasy become a reality

We’ve all been there haven’t we guys? We’ve all secretly fantasised about our wife sleeping with another man, well at least I have! Anyway, during the summer, my fantasy became a reality. I have known my wife Sarah for nearly 20 years. We met in our early...

claires true colours

my other half begins to show her true colours part 1.

Hi so thought i would share with you, Ive been with my current partner for nearly five years, and know that her previous partners have always been black or asian tho,she says her last one was a prick. my current partner is 5ft 8 38yrs old size 14 with a r...

New life. New beginning. Part 5

Moving out. Starting anew.

As stated in the first 4 parts. The young lady in this story asked if I could help her write her account of what happened. The alarm woke me the next morning totally refreshed. I jumped in the shower and as I started to shave my pussy I was tempted to try...

New life. New beginnings. Part 3

Moving out. Starting anew

As requested here is part 3. As I stated in the first two parts. I was asked by the young lady in the story to write this on her behalf. The next day was yet another beautiful day, and I found myself awake at what I thought was really early. I checked the...

New life. New beginnings. Part 2

Moving out. Starting anew.

Thanks for the feedback. As requested, here is part 2. As I stated in part 1. I was asked by the young lady in this story to write this on her behalf. I dropped the bags on the bed, I then started to look through my new clothes. I held up a light pink ves...