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good fucking.

Used by a trucker

I just let him have his way with me!

I’d parked up at Smiley’s late one night, hoping for some action. Nice warm summer night, so I wandered into the loo, but it was empty. There were three big artics parked in the truck area, and I noticed one of them had his cab light on. As I walked back...


A reflection

As the years have gone by …….my sex life has taken a few turns

I have just turned 40 and if I may share with you how my sexual adventures have turned me into the woman I am today. As a teenager I found masturbation and orgasms which were a eye opener, I was addicted to solo self pleasure , in my early teens my pleasu...


Back in student days I wasn't often home. But most trips home was an easy pick up as I was like a new face to some. 1 night still gives me happy memories. We'd been in the local pub we'd been to since we were first old enough to get in/served. We were in...


I was in the spiders web.

I was scared of Bronwyn as was all my work colleagues

I was reading the email from the Chairman's Office that ordered my attendance at the conference he had ordered. In the email, it gave the names of 31 other managers in my region that would be attending, and said that car sharing was mandatory to save mone...