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Building confidence with toys early on

As Alexa became more comfortable with sex toys they soon started getting bigger

As Alexa and I have got older we have naturally lost some of our inhibitions and concerns in life, thinking life is too short, trying our best to enjoy the moment in all aspects. When I first met Alexa she was not particularly keen on the idea of sex toys...


Probably six months after she met with her ex-boyfriend, Richard, and the revealing of her sexual past, and all its’ filthiness, I asked if she would like to meet him again. She replied that she would like to, but it would have to be the last time as she...

Used by a trucker

I just let him have his way with me!

I’d parked up at Smiley’s late one night, hoping for some action. Nice warm summer night, so I wandered into the loo, but it was empty. There were three big artics parked in the truck area, and I noticed one of them had his cab light on. As I walked back...


Ann and Richards friends.

Richard offers Ann to his friends to fuck.

After the anal sex confession she started to tell me more about the things she did with her ex-boyfriend, Richard. When I first met her, she was twenty one and she had quite a large sexual appetite. We would shag at every opportunity we got, in car, outdo...

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You may have read about June /Susan. we changed to June after there was some possible recognition. But this is me, first sexual experiences were with copies of Health and Efficiency, whilst at school, there was a taxi office that would sell to us. I and m...


“I was fucked bareback today.”

Tilly was on top, astride me. My erect cock was between her legs, peeled back and ready for entry, but pressing against the cleft between her buttocks. She slowly dry humped it. She leaned down and kissed me, her firm tits gently pressing my chest. “How m...

Crossdressing Journey: Tentative Steps - The Next Day

Finally, the follow up to my encounter with a new friend in a hotel

The next morning I woke with a pleasing memory of the previous evening. The thoughts of being played with whilst dressed as a girl were amazing and now a new day had dawned with the promise of more adventure. I got up and showered and douched in case thin...

Erica's Tale. Part 2.

Never to late to learn new skills.

The next day it was my turn to be dom. Fully recovered from the excesses of the previous day, we were raring to go. I was going to give as much as I had received, to make him beg for release. His cock was already hard as I secured him to the bed. Spreadea...