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Oral Stories



“I was fucked bareback today.”

Tilly was on top, astride me. My erect cock was between her legs, peeled back and ready for entry, but pressing against the cleft between her buttocks. She slowly dry humped it. She leaned down and kissed me, her firm tits gently pressing my chest. “How m...

Crossdressing Journey: Tentative Steps - The Next Day

Finally, the follow up to my encounter with a new friend in a hotel

The next morning I woke with a pleasing memory of the previous evening. The thoughts of being played with whilst dressed as a girl were amazing and now a new day had dawned with the promise of more adventure. I got up and showered and douched in case thin...

Erica's Tale. Part 2.

Never to late to learn new skills.

The next day it was my turn to be dom. Fully recovered from the excesses of the previous day, we were raring to go. I was going to give as much as I had received, to make him beg for release. His cock was already hard as I secured him to the bed. Spreadea...

Erica's's tale. Part 1.

Never too late to learn new skills

My husband and I (Sounds a bit regal doesn't it?) had been married for eight years, we had tried most things that a couple can do and were running out of ideas. It would be wrong to say that we had become jaded, but we were looking for new pleasures, but...

An evening for surprises

A threesome? With a pair of lezzies? Who wouldn't be interested?

It was the usual, characterless corporate hotel. Not the one my company usually used. This one was in the middle of London's theatreland, so in addition to the residents there were people having theatre dinners. They had now mostly gone leaving just the m...

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Alfa-Romeo and Juliet.

In-car entertainment.

My dream car was a 1992 Alfa-Romeo Spider. I can see some of you wrinkling your nose, but I had very personal reasons for wanting one. I paid a car finder to track one down and he found one. Red. Perfect. Convertible. Perfect. Left hand drive. Not perfect...

How I met a mother

A story of a sexually charge encounter with a school mum

Mandy was one of the mums I knew from the school run. Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, about 5ft 5 and the perfect hour glass figure, her smile would light up the play ground gates. I had always fancied her and we always had friendly chats at the beginni...

Time off for bad behaviour.

Taught to talk dirty.

I was born on the day that Elizabeth became Queen. Not Elizabeth the first, I'm not that old! 26th February 1952. My parents were rich. Not loaded, but certainly well off. Like most of their class, they had wanted a boy. Not that there was a title to inhe...

Granite City. Part 1.

Getting back in the saddle

If, like me, your main reason for reading stories on S.H, is masturbation, my last story was too long. If you waded through it, thank you. If you gave it a thumbs up, thank you thank you. According to Google, the average wank lasts eight minutes and the a...

Northumberland Lodge

Hot Tub Fuck with Chambermaid

My name is Ben and my wife is Orla. Were in our late 40’s and both enjoy holidays, food, drink and other fun. We had booked a lodge in a hotel up in North Northumberland, the lodge was very modern, Scandinavian in style. Set in a park near the main hotel...


We aren’t drinking the coffee

You pour two coffees knowing full well they’ll be started but won’t get finished, the thought that in the next ten minutes you and I will be in the bedroom is flooding your mind, you hand me mine, but don’t let go of it immediately, you lean in, plant a t...


A fantasy realised, or just a fantasy about a fantasy realised?

It was only supposed to be a fantasy but when I got home...

I’m Sen, an incredibly horny 60 year old with long hidden and erotic fantasies that I would once never have dreamt of telling my rather conservative toy boy of a hubby (Cab), Well he’s 59 but he’s a toy boy to me. Something happened over Christmas which c...