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Drinking Stories


Tasty surprise!

Felt properly used!

I'm not actually into anything I'd call kinky - no bondage or pain! - but a couple of years back I had an experience which really turned me on. I had started to blow a guy in the woods when he said "Ah, yes, I'm going to piss." and without any more warnin...

Harvet T

It turned this timid quiet woman into a total slut.

I heard Tina say, “Oh my god,” as she realised that it was now Mike fucking her and not me.

Tina had always been the shy timid little wife to Nigel. I had watched her from afar for some while before I got my opportunity. While Tina was married to Nigel, he made all the decisions in her life from what she did to what she even wore. When she told...

Lucky Ken

I woke to a beauty in my bed

Fiona told him that she was not only with someone, but fucking and about to come.

The last thing I could remember was being in a really crowded pub watching the footy. Our team was winning, and everyone was in good spirits in more ways than one. I had eyed up one of the bar maids and tried my luck with her. She was quick in letting me...

My partners past 2nd story

Can't get enough cock

So next day after finishing work S is waiting by his car Bert comes out and unlocks the car and in they get ,ready for some cock he asked her ,I'm always ready she said.they arrive at his flat dingy place lives on his own ,has done for years he makes a dr...

Callela "

Her Exhibitionism continues (Shes amazing)

Callela Holiday 2 (Exhibitionism) We slept for a while and I was awoken by the sound of the shower, I got off the bed and peered through the ajar bathroom door to see Paula playing the shower head water onto her labia masturbating. This was not the wife I...