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Taking turns Stories

taking turns
Harvet T

It turned this timid quiet woman into a total slut.

I heard Tina say, “Oh my god,” as she realised that it was now Mike fucking her and not me.

Tina had always been the shy timid little wife to Nigel. I had watched her from afar for some while before I got my opportunity. While Tina was married to Nigel, he made all the decisions in her life from what she did to what she even wore. When she told...


Swapping and sharing

Things were a little awkward at first but that soon vanished as Ralph and I took turns in Cheryl’s pussy.

It had been a long hot day and a hard one at work, and I was looking forward to the weekend as I got a pint of beer and sat down waiting for my mate Ralph. As I sat down at a table, I noticed two girls in their late teens or early twenties. I was twenty-o...


I cuckold a mate

Craig moved closer on hands and knees to watch my cock in his wife

I was out with a mate, and he was getting pretty drunk. Craig asked me to get another round and he would tell me a secret. I told him he had enough and Sandra his wife would already be pretty mad with him. He was insistent that he didn’t care and wanted a...


Three cuddly older ladies

I had one sitting on my face while another impaled herself on my cock.

I knew it was going to be a good evening. I was one of the youngest to work for our company. I had barely passed twenty years old when this happened. It was a works do as we had just completed a big contract three months early. The big boss was not only c...

Wendy n Frank

Horsing around

He pulled Wendy's but plug out and then her duo balls and replaced it with his cock.

I told you last time about Wendy's diaries and her fantasy to be raped, well while reading her diary there was a piece that had made her day regarding her butt plug and her Duo balls. Upon asking her about it, this was what she told me. One of the reason...


It worked for us

They fucked my wife to get her pregnant.

I wasn't sure who was the most upset, my wife or I to hear that I was infertile and could never get Sonia pregnant. We were told that our options were a sperm donor or adoption. While they would do just one more test on me IVF didn't look viable as my spe...


Then there was three

Workmate offered me a threesome with his wife

My workmate Arthur was telling me that his wife Cherry wanted a threesome. I was shocked that he was so open about it. His wife was a good ten years younger that Arthur and I had often wondered what she had seen in him, being that much older than her and...

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