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"Things were a little awkward at first but that soon vanished as Ralph and I took turns in Cheryl’s pussy."

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It had been a long hot day and a hard one at work, and I was looking forward to the weekend as I got a pint of beer and sat down waiting for my mate Ralph.  As I sat down at a table, I noticed two girls in their late teens or early twenties.  I was twenty-one at the time.  I hadn’t seen them before and the first one was sat almost straight on to me.  She was extremely pretty.  The other one had her back to me but from what I could see she looked ok. 


I must have been staring or something because the pretty one said, “What you looking at?”  Not being shy at all, I quickly responded.  “I was looking at you and wondering what position I would shag you in.”  Her friend burst out laughing and turned to look my way.  She wasn’t quite as pretty but she had more of a cheeky grin.  Of the two she would have been my first choice to chat up.  The first girl responded to my suggestion of getting a shagging and it centered around Bob Hope and No Hope.


Now that I had both their attentions, I said that I thought that I’d shag the first one doggy style and the cheeky one I told her that I would want her on her back with her legs on my shoulder so I could see what her cheeky smile looked like with my seven and a half in cock deep in her pussy.  The cheeky one answered back that I was definitely a dreamer if I thought I had seven plus inches.  I offered to show it to either one or both if they liked.  The pretty one joked with the cheeky one saying what would her old man say. 


They both laughed and there was quite a bit of banter between the two of them, mainly around the cheeky one’s husband and his size, or more to the point the lack of size.  I even joked that if he wanted, he could take a look to as I shagged her.  At that point Ralph arrived with a pint of beer and sat down.  I filled him in on what had been said so far and especially that I wanted to shag the pretty one from behind and the cheeky one from on top.


Then I said, “Where’s my manners?  I we are going to shag you had better know that I am Toby, and this is Ralph.  The cheeky one told us she got called Polly and her friend was Cheryl.  Ralph and I joined them on their table.  I pointed out that I hadn’t seen them before.  Polly said that they normally drank in the White Heart but had fell out with someone there.  I could see Polly looking at her watch and asked was she in a hurry or something.  She said she was keeping an eye open for when their taxi arrived, which was due in five minutes.  She added that she had booked a taxi to go into town to a night club.


I must have looked disappointed as Polly said to cheer up and we could join them if we wished.  Ralph and I quickly drunk our beers and the girls drank their drinks.  We were just about finished when the taxi stopped outside.  It was a car type taxi and I quickly found myself between the two girls in the back and Ralph sat next to the driver.  As the taxi pulled away Polly whispered in my ear that wasn’t there something that I wanted to show them as her hands went to my crutch and tugging at my zip. 


I could feel my cock springing into life knowing that both Polly and Cheryl were about to see it.  There was a fair bit of giggling between the two girls as they freed my cock and took turns touching it.  I could see the taxi driver keep looking back at us but couldn’t see what the girls were up to.  We were fast approaching the night club and I had to take Cheryl’s hand off my cock to put it away just before the taxi stopped outside the club.  The driver was looking for payment and Polly told me to pay the man. 


The queue for the night club was quite long and as we stood waiting.   Polly kept stroking my cock that was now fortunately back in my trousers, even if it was throbbing with anticipation.  Soon we were in the club and Chery told Ralph what their drinks order was, as the girls and I found a table.  I was sat between the two of them and had a hand from each taking turns to stroke my poor cock.  I was beginning to think that the two of them were just cock teasers and that we were their cash cows for the evening.


Ralph returned with the drinks and after the girls had taken sips they were up and dancing.  Polly was the sexier of the two on the dance floor as she wriggled and writhed her body to the music.  Cheryl was more prim and proper as she gyrated her hips less aggressively.  Ralph was asking me if he thought we were in with a chance of a shag.  I told him I hoped so but felt that we were only invited along to supply drinks. 


A while later, I was proved wrong as Polly went up to the bar and returned with a round of drinks, just before the two of them disappeared to the toilets together.  They were all happy and laughing as they returned.  Cheryl told me to follow her, and I soon found myself outside and around the back of the club building.  There was another couple making out as she stuck her tongue into my mouth.  I grabbed a handful of tits as I responded to her kiss.  My other hand was on her sexy arse cheek.  The woman from the other couple gasped loudly as I presumed that she had just come.  The man was tucking his cock away and then the two made a hasty retreat. 


By this time, I had my hand in Cheryl’s panties and a finger in her juicy pussy.  There was a pile of crates a few yards down the alley, and I steered Cheryl to it and bent her forward and she held onto some of the crates as I took my cock out my trousers and fed it slowly into her pussy from behind.  Cheryl was a bit of a screamer as I pounded away at her pussy.  I just hoped that she didn’t attract the attention of anyone else.  As we hadn’t used condoms, I asked her where she wanted my cum and she told me in her pussy.  Cheryl gave an almighty groan as she came, and I emptied my balls deep in her pussy.


After we had straightened our clothes and started to make our way back into the club another couple were about to make use of the alley.  I not only felt relieved at emptying my balls, but for the first time since we left the pub my cock wasn’t erect.  Back in the club the two girls again rushed off to the toilets.  Ralph of course wanted to know how far I had got with her.  He looked quite envious of me when I told him I had shagged her.   When they returned Cheryl grabbed Ralph and the two of them were on their way out the club.  I assumed that Ralph was in for the same treatment that I had just had.  I joked with Polly that I had done as I had suggested and fucked Cheryl from behind.  Her cheeky grin had my cock twitching again.  She told me that she had heard.  I told her that just left fucking her on her back with her legs right up.  With her cheeky smile she just waved her wedding ring at me.  I joked that he could watch if he liked, and she said that the dirty bastard would probably like that.  It was about twenty minutes later when Cheryl and Ralph returned.  The two girls again went off to the toilets. 


Ralph joked with me saying that I could have used a condom, so it wasn’t so wet and sloppy for him.  Not that he was really complaining as he had just got his leg over a rather pretty girl.  The girls returned and it was getting towards the end of the evening.  All four of us was up dancing.  Polly had several more strokes of my cock that caused it to become completely erect again.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  Fortunately, in the dark of the club I managed to put my hand in my pants and rearrange my cock to make it more comfortable. 


As we left the club the four of us were arm in arm as we walked towards the taxi rank.  Another queue.  Then the four of us were again in a taxi.  The driver asked where to and Ralph who was in the back with the girls gave his address.  I was disappointed when he got out as did Cheryl.  I had hoped for perhaps another shag with her.  As the taxi pulled away, I saw both of them enter his house.   I asked Polly where she lived, and she told me to give my address next.  As the taxi stopped outside my flat Polly told me to pay the man as she got out.  I was soon with her as the taxi pulled away.


“So, you want to fuck me on my back do you,” she asked as she again stroked my cock.  I told her yes as I undid the door to my flat.  As we entered, I asked about her husband, and she told me what he didn’t see didn’t matter.  I soon had her naked and was sucking her tits as I fingered her moist pussy.  Polly reminded me that we hadn’t got all night and to get on with it.  I was soon out of my clothes and with Polly on the bed. 


As I joined her, she joked and said, “Like this,” as she held her legs tight to her chest and up past her head.”   I told her yes just like that as I got into position and looked down on her cheeky face.  It wasn’t cheeky for much longer as I thrust forward and slipped almost half of my cock into her pussy.  I watched her scrunched up face as I ploughed in and out.  She was really tight in this position, and she asked could she put her legs down. 


As they lowered, she locked them behind my back.  I fucked her for another five minutes or so before I was about to come.  Polly was also just about there as I asked her where she wanted my cum.  Unlike Cheryl, she didn’t want it in her.  She came hard and I pulled out just in time to spray her stomach with another good load.  After a short rest she told me that she had to get home, or he would be wondering where she was.   We dressed and I walked her four blocks away to her road.  Like young teenagers we hung around at the end of the road kissing and I asked her if I could see her again. 


I arranged with her to see her the following Wednesday evening.  We were to meet in the pub again.  Over the next few months, I would see Polly on her own on Wednesdays and Polly and Cheryl on Fridays.  Ralph had started going steady with Cheryl, not that it stopped her from still sampling my cock when she felt like it.  Then the weather was changing for the worse and instead of heading into town, Cheryl invited Polly and I to join her at Ralph’s house.  Ralph seemed surprised but was ok with it.  We made the short dash from the pub to Ralph’s house.  Although I had shagged both girls many times Ralph had never shagged Polly.  It didn’t expect what happened next.


Polly was all over Ralph and was quickly on the floor sucking his cock in front of Cheryl and I.  Not to be outdone Cheryl dropped to her knees and took my cock out.  Both women stopped in time to make sure neither of us had come.  It was our turn, and the girls were on the sofa together as Ralph and I got between their legs and after removing their panties we were licking and sucking their pussies.  Ralph tapped me on the shoulder, and we swapped pussies.  This happened several times before Ralph took Polly off to his room. 


That was my cue to shag Cheryl on the sofa.  Cheryl is quite a screamer and later as we both sat on the sofa, naked, Polly and Ralph joined us saying did we want some drink. Polly was teasing Cheryl about how noisy she was while I was fucking her.   After a drink Ralph grabbed Cheryl’s hand and whisked her away to his bedroom.  Polly was soon sucking my cock to get it hard enough for round two.  Then it was her turn to moan and groan as I fed my cock into her pussy.  


Later when we had dressed Cheryl and Ralph joined us.  After more drinks Polly said she had to go home, and I offered to walk her home.  She said there was no point as it was just a short walk.  After Polly left Cheryl decided that she was up for some more fun.  It wasn’t my first threesome, but it was with Both Ralph and Cheryl.  Things were a little awkward at first but that soon vanished as Ralph and I took turns in Cheryl’s pussy.   I ended up spending the night and Cheryl got fucked twice more before I left in the morning.


Come Wednesday night I was indoors waiting for Polly to turn up.  She never did and I sat wondering why.  I found out on Friday when Ralph turned up at the pub sporting a serious black eye.  On asking him how he got it, he told me that he had a knock on the door and as he opened it some man punched him straight in the eye and then in the stomach telling him to stay away from his wife.  Out of his other eye he saw Polly sat in a black car.   Ralph had probably taken a punch that was meant for me as I was the one fucking Polly the most.  The man got into the car and tore off up the road.


A short while later Cheryl arrived telling us that she hadn’t seen Polly as when she rang her, she was told to F.O. by Polly’s husband.  We ended up back at Ralph’s taking turns with Cheryl.  The following Wednesday Polly did turn up at mine.  She had also had a black eye that was now disappearing, although there were still some signs of it.  She told me that her husband had followed her to the pub and then on to Ralph’s.


On her return home he slapped her around the face and punched her several times on her arms and chest.  I offered to go and give him some of his own medicine.  Polly told me no, as she had seen a solicitor and didn’t want any complications to get in the way of getting a divorce.  With that she gave me a big kiss and left. 


The next two Fridays I again had fun with Ralph and Cheryl.  I thought that I had probably seen the last of Polly.  Ralph told me that he had a court date for Polly’s husband for assaulting him.  Later that week I heard that he had been given community service and a two-year suspended sentence. 


The next Friday to my utter surprise Polly turned up at the pub.  She informed us that she had an order against him to keep a minimum of 500 meters from her at all times.  He had moved out of their house and Polly said that she hoped that she would never see him again.  I took Polly back to my flat and Ralph took Cheryl to his house.


It was the first time that I had spent the whole night with her.  I was glad to see her cheeks smile was back, although that soon disappeared when I started fucking her.  As it had been the Friday night, Polly had no reason to rush home, so she stayed all day Saturday as well.  We spent a good proportion of it in bed fucking and sucking.  Ralph invited us to join him and Cheryl on Sunday for lunch. 


It seemed so strange that after telling us that they had just decided to get engaged and married, then a few hours later the four of us were having a romp in Ralph’s bed.  We swapped partners several times.   Later Polly and I returned to my flat for the night.  I was so exhausted that I just cuddled up to her and fell asleep.


During the week Polly went home.  I missed her so much, but at weekends she spent it with me, and sometimes also with Ralph and Cheryl.  This went on for almost six months.  Then I was stunned when Polly informed me that she was pregnant.  I knew there was a slight chance that it was Ralph’s rather than mine, but I asked her to marry me anyway.  I moved from my flat into Polly’s house.  I spent any spare time, when we weren’t shagging, getting the room ready for the baby.  We also still had the occasional swap with Ralph and Cheryl.  Ralph seemed particularly happy to fuck Polly as her tummy swelled.  I think he knew there was a chance it was his.


Ralph and Cheryl’s wedding plans were moved forward when she discovered she was also pregnant.  It was hard to stop Cheryl and Polly talking about babies and baby things.  Then Polly was in hospital having our daughter.  Afterwards I was out celebrating with Ralph.  We ended back at his house where Cheryl had moved in just before their wedding.  I finished my celebrations by shagging Cheryl in front of Ralph.


We attended their wedding although we had to leave early as our daughter was quite demanding on Polly.  I didn’t see much of them over the next few months, but the two women spent quite a bit of time together.  Then Cheryl was in hospital, and I was celebrating with Ralph at the birth of his son.  Afterwards I returned the favor and Ralph was shagging Polly while I looked after our daughter.  There was little chance of swapping as the babies grew up, and the fact that I got Polly pregnant a second time didn’t help.  The women still continued to see each other.  I was sent a message that Cheryl was missing my cock.  We managed to organize a night where the grandparents had the kids.  I fucked Cheryl silly, while Ralph fucked Polly.  By the time they left Cheryl was walking knocked kneed.  Polly’s divorce had come through and I decided to make an honest woman of her.


That was nearly ten years ago.  Although not so often these days, but we still swap when we can, or I get to fuck Cheryl or Ralph gets to fuck Polly if the opportunity arises.   I just hope that we can keep this going.

Written by Ollie

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