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Stranger Stories


Double penetration at a masquerade party

Fucking strangers in India.

True threesome. Whilst working away in India, my wife's friend introduced us both to the wonderful world of swinging, initially Lois was far more up for it than I, that is until the masquerade party in Mumbai. Lois worked as a locum in a variety of cities...


The worm turned

I thrust hard into the pussy to find it wasn't my wife sucking Amelia's pussy, that I had just penetrated.

Things were all change, my precious daughter had just left to start university and my wife had just changed jobs. Within a few week my wife seemed down and a little miserable. I assumed it was due to our daughter leaving home as they had always been very...

Lucky Ken

I woke to a beauty in my bed

Fiona told him that she was not only with someone, but fucking and about to come.

The last thing I could remember was being in a really crowded pub watching the footy. Our team was winning, and everyone was in good spirits in more ways than one. I had eyed up one of the bar maids and tried my luck with her. She was quick in letting me...

Nicola W

Life of a slut 10

never too old

I genuinely can’t’ stop and even if I could, I don’t want to. In fact, the more shocking the experience, the better it is for me. I became bored with just having sex with random men and women and jumping into bed with couples for the sake of it so I did t...


She was a nymphomaniac

With her shawl over me she was wanking me on a bus.

As you will be able to quickly tell, this happened well before Covid. I’m Roger a twenty-four-year-old single man that lived on his own. It’s not that I wanted to be on my own, it was that I hadn’t met the right girl yet. I hated to do it, but as my car w...

John Boucher

Ladies night out

Wife’s night out, but she takes me along sort of

It’s two weeks before Christmas, Saturday night and she’s off out with her mates, one of those Christmas party nights where you book a table and party the night away with lots of other tables. I’ve been to the place before too, it’s an old country mayor c...

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Layby fun part 1

I couldn't believe my luck!

I am married but the sex is non existent, so when I am feeling horny I often pull up somewhere and mastubate and I always have my vibrator with me, but on this particular day i had 2 vibrators with me so pulled in to a layby and there were 2 lorries but I...

She was ready for this.

A lot of planning for this.... Part 1

Let us go back a little, I met this amazing woman on a chat app, we got talking and over a few months the chat became sexual. Now I tend to hide my dogging and bisexual side a lot since well, it is no body's business to know. I am bi to the point of fun n...

This was November 2019 A while back whilst fully dressed en femme in stockings, suspenders, French satin knickers, basque, blouse, skirt knee boots, bobbed wig and full make up, I stopped in a Layby about 9pm so darkish the Layby was very quiet except for...


Story from Ben

swinging party goes wrong when last minute invite fucks all the girls.

What I love about swinging is having the wife’s arse at the end of my cock whilst I fuck her hard and make her scream. The beaty of this is that its not my wife. My wife is on her knees with a guys cock in her mouth choking and spluttering as he fucks her...


Found a woman in my bed

after the party I found Claire in my spare bed and ended up with a long term affair

I was clearing up the house after the previous nights party. I had finished downstairs and was finishing the bathroom when a naked woman walked straight in and sat down and had a pee. Then she was up and after a wipe was back into one of my spare rooms. I...