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Frustrated wife takes advantage

"Her husband has ED and she misses sex"

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Author's Notes

"A tale of a frustrated wife still in love with husband but missing sex"

I had met Alan a few weeks ago now. I think we both enjoyed alone time and taking our granddaughters to the park was a great excuse and that was where we met and our relationship blossomed. We were both married but not so happily,  otherwise why would it just be us taking children to the park? We had several casual conversations while the girls were on the swings , each one a little more personal. I think things changed when I mentioned my birthday was the next weekend. Alan had showed up with a bunch of flowers and I couldn't help starting to cry at his kindness. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet for coffee in the week , just us, no children to worry about! 

The chats became more personal, more intimate and whilst his wife had gone off sex , my husband was still willing but ED meant it wasn't always possible. I had said I may as well give up on the idea. Alan was kind , told me how I was very attractive and any man would want me. I noticed he was peering down my cleavage and we both laughed.

 "You perv" I said.

 He reached over , put my hand on his crotch and I could feel his erection. 

"See what you've done to me " he said, it's his issue not yours. 

It's not his fault and I knew hubby had encouraged me to take a lover.

 I had told Alan hubby wanted to watch a game on tv on my birthday and we didn't even go out!

 "I would love to take you to dinner and then make love to you after”

 I laughed but he didn't 

"I am serious " he said and the thought of it made my nipples hard. 

I took his hand, rubbed his forearm and felt his muscles, ...and began to feel my pussy moisten.

As we left the shop he hugged me into his chest and it felt nice , comfortable. 

A few days later hubby and I had tried to make love. He caressed my breasts, sucked on my nipples , gave my pussy a good lick , got me ready but he just could not get hard. I played , I stroked, licked and sucked but nothing! He could sense my disappointment and apologised

 " It's only sex I still love you "I said.

The following morning I rang Alan. Was he really serious? Maybe we could have dinner and see where it led. Could I really do this?

Arrangements were made to meet in a town about 30 miles away. I told hubby I was visiting an old friend. 

I took time preparing and left for the hotel and restaurant at 6. I put on the new bra and covered my now bald pussy with the new panties. When I arrived Alan was there to greet me with a big hug, smartly dressed looking quite the gentleman. He had obviously made an effort.  We went into the bar for pre dinner drinks. He paid me quite a few complements and we enjoyed a nice wine with the meal. He held my hand as we drank reassuring me I was still a very attractive lady. His hand caressed my cheek as he told me he was developing feelings for me.I told him not to get too serious but couldn’t help feeling a little tingle. I felt so comfortable and giggled as he told me I had wonderful breasts and legs to go with them. The drink was starting to take effect but I knew this was a chance to feel again the joy of being stretched and filled with contents of full balls. 

On the way back from the bathroom, I noticed a group of ladies looking over at Alan , talking about him.I realised he was a very attractive man

I  decided I was going to let this man have his way with me and I was looking forward to the trip! Having undone a couple of more buttons I leaned towards him and gave him a good view down the cleavage. I was glad I decided to put on the sexy lingerie that pushed my breasts together so he could stare into the deep valley. 

"You know you’re making me hard again" said Alan

 "Knowing that is making my nipples stiff and pussy wet." 

"Now I am even harder" 

"Well let's not waste it then, lead me to your room" I responded. 

" Are you sure" 

"Absolutely " I replied. 

He paid the bill and we walked to the elevator with his arm around my waist. He pulled me in for a slow kiss and whispered 

“Thank you”

In the room we kissed properly this time. Alan offered to go in the bathroom while I changed.

 "Don't be silly " I said. 

I asked him to unzip me and he lay on the bed to watch what I hoped to be a sexy striptease. The dress fell to the floor and I stood before him in bra panties and stockings.

 "You really are beautiful, I love your body " he said. He couldn’t take his eyes of my breasts which were over filling the bra, and I could tell he liked the stockings!

With that he got up and took me in his arms again. No time for the striptease! I felt his hands everywhere , especially on the bare skin between stocking tops and panties.

My turn now to strip him starting with shirt and tie, I slowly removed them and began to kiss his chest and nipples. He kicked off his shoes . My hands explored his muscular chest, I kissed his neck and ears. He seemed to like that.

Next then I undid the belt of his trousers. I pulled them off as he lay on the bed and stared at the growing bulge in his boxers. He took my arms and lay me next to him on the bed kissing me eagerly as he slipped down the strap of my bra exposing my hard breast with stiff nipple extended! 

" So lovely" he said exposing the othe breast.

" Please stand and let me see you properly". 

I stood a bit embarrassed by my slightly sagging breasts and did a twirl for him.He took one tit in his hand weighing it, then lowered his mouth to the nipple and began to lick. I could see and feel his erection growing. We lay together on the bed as he spent time playing with my tits and growing nipples. 

My hands went to his boxers slowly lowering them till his cock emerged. Decent size slightly bigger than hubby. Those balls looked so full. I stroked his shaft and cupped the balls, watching his look of pleasure turn to moans. I took the head in my mouth and began to suck and gently wank his cock.

 "Please no more I am about to cum!"

 I didn't stop and tried as best I could to take the full load his balls delivered Rope after rope in my mouth then over my tits. Alan jumped up 

"So sorry" he said “but it’s been so long!”

 "I m not you will last longer now!" 

He immediately pulled my panties down kissing my thighs as they lowered until eventually exposing my now very wet pussy. 

" My turn " he said as his lips explored me and eventually found their way to my clit. 

I let my fingers run through his hair. His hands held my breasts stretching the nipples as his tongue explored my love tunnel. He had got hard again very quickly and I had to beg him to please put it in me. He smiled , rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit, making me wait. 

"Tell me you want my cock in you"

"Just fuck me please, don't keep me waiting"

My nerve endings were tingling as his mushroom head rubbed on my clit. I could feel my orgasm building! Then a quick push and I could feel him inside me., filling me. Through lack of use I was tighter than I thought . He slowly pushed in and out ....and in and out.... until my orgasm swept my whole body. I could feel the veins of his hard shaft rub against the tight walls of my pussy I watched his face sweat forming as I felt thrust after delightful thrust. The smile fading from his face to be replaced by a serious almost painful look as his moans turned to grunts as his balls smacked my arse. Then he delivered the second load this time deep inside my pussy. My body quivered as I felt the wonderful feel of sperm rushing deep inside.

"Stay there" I said I didn't want him out yet! 

He began again to massage my swollen tits and their enlarged nipples Slowly he softened and slid out . We hugged and kissed and lay in each other's arms enjoying the afterglow.

And it was only 11.30.......... 

Much more of the night to go

Written by expatwife53

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