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Fun with Karen

Two 3sums with Karen

This all happened back in 1999 when we were both recently single, me at 35 and Karen at 33, but its still quite fresh in my mind. Karen was someone we would talk to as a group of 2 friends when out on a Sunday night, she wasn't a stunner, didn't have a gr...


Ruff opened the door

My mate let me use his wife and then regretted it when she wanted more.

my mates and I were pissed. Barry had already passed out and Trevor was close behind. That left Ruff, Gill and me. Ruff suddenly asked Gill if he was to be granted three wishes what would they be. Gill quickly replied, "More money than I could ever spend,...

Henry IX


A friend in need

In the spring of 1993, I was made redundant for the first time in my life. I was apprenticed as a plumber, but had morphed into a pipe design draughtsman. A highly specialised and highly paid discipline. But my company had bought a computer that could do...

Paul D

So I have been married to Wendy (W) for 25 years, she is 48 I am 45, we live a nice comfortable life mainly as a result of W’s career in running a business, we have never had children and my jobs have always played second fiddle to W’s career, I am fine w...

Nigel T

the Blackpool gang bang

I shared my wife with strangers which started our swinging life off

I’m going to share my story in secret because the wife is horrified that we did what we did and would leave me if she thought I had told anyone let alone on this sort of site so I won’t use names. Just before lockdown we travelled from Swansea to stay in...

Nigel and Carol

The affair

Our first time ruined my wife

My wife Carol is 36. She’s a strawberry blond who everyone wants to fuck. I’ve caught many a man looking at her in ways that they shouldn’t and more than one friend’ begging me to let them fuck her ‘just once’. I would tell her every time, usually during...


Day we relised who we were.

Threesome with boyfriend and his work mate

Me and my boyfriend was split up at the time. He rang me late one night saying can he and his mate come around for a drink and some cocaine. They came over and we had drinks and drugs.his mate said why did my ex leave me for this new girl. He said i was s...

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Interracial swingers in Africa

The true story of how my gorgeous, young, ebony wife and I become swingers

This is absolutely true. My wife is in her early thirties and I am …..well, older! We have always had a very adventurous sex life. My young black wife is very open minded and loves sex - in all its forms, apparently. This is a true account of some of the...


Hot Tub Surprise

Unexpected surprise!

I guess I should start with the introductions, I am 31 G my partner 29 N and my best mate 28 R. Me and my partner have been together for nearly 5 years and have a great sex life, we have never spoke about anything like what I am about to tell you but N ha...


Asian taxi driver

My slutty woman let's taxi driver have his fun

This happened not to long ago,while myself and a woman that I was playing with were away for the weekend in Warwickshire. We started out by having some great sex before we left the hotel and this usually took the form of me giving her a good fucking while...