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HORNMANJI: The game for couples continues

The next three turns in this saucy game

Welcome, welcome, welcome back to the second part of this big adventure. We left our game explorers trapped in the house of Art and Amy and locked into playing the game, down to their underwear. Will they manage to get out of their predicament in one piec...


On the way back home I decided to pay a visit to a sauna that I had heard about but never tried. I showered and wrapped a towel around my waist and took a look around, The cinema was occupied by two guys who were wanking each other off and the sauna and s...


Lewis learns that the many ‘hims’ have good and bad lives

So last time (like the movie serials of old) we left our hero in a tight spot…but, would he be able to get out of the howdy-doody car in time? Let’s find out shall we? THE REAL KATE AND THE FAKE LEWIS. “You aren’t Lewis,” Kate stated arms folded. “Er…I bl...

Erica's Tale. Part 2.

Never to late to learn new skills.

The next day it was my turn to be dom. Fully recovered from the excesses of the previous day, we were raring to go. I was going to give as much as I had received, to make him beg for release. His cock was already hard as I secured him to the bed. Spreadea...

Erica's's tale. Part 1.

Never too late to learn new skills

My husband and I (Sounds a bit regal doesn't it?) had been married for eight years, we had tried most things that a couple can do and were running out of ideas. It would be wrong to say that we had become jaded, but we were looking for new pleasures, but...

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Alfa-Romeo and Juliet.

In-car entertainment.

My dream car was a 1992 Alfa-Romeo Spider. I can see some of you wrinkling your nose, but I had very personal reasons for wanting one. I paid a car finder to track one down and he found one. Red. Perfect. Convertible. Perfect. Left hand drive. Not perfect...


My little friend

It’s 16 centimetres long with three vibrating fingers, and it is pink. It’s my favourite toy. We call it Pinkie. On this warm Saturday morning, C is plying a wondrous trade between my legs as he gently slides Pinkie along and between the slick folds he lo...

One night, two ladies and a whole lot of cum

two young lades discover how to become the center of attention

This was a story told to me about a very “naughty” sexual encounter when the lady in question was a little younger than she is now. As I was not there, and I have filled in some of the blanks the work has gone under the “Fiction” banner. We all remember t...

Cap 2022 Follow up

Sexiest video I have ever been sent - and no I am not sharing

So it started on that last day at the Cap D’Agde. Killing time by the pool, I met three Brits – all living in France, Sam, Sarah and Maria. They were naturists rather than swingers – at least they all said they were. Sam and Sarah were a couple – Maria wa...