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"Lewis learns that the many ‘hims’ have good and bad lives"

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So last time (like the movie serials of old) we left our hero in a tight spot…but, would he be able to get out of the howdy-doody car in time? Let’s find out shall we?


“You aren’t Lewis,” Kate stated arms folded.

“Er…I bloody am,” I countered, confidently. I might not have been the Lewis she knew but I was most definitely Lewis. It wasn’t my fault the only things that had been specific about the names were the ladies phones.

“You’re not Lewis. I KNOW Lewis, and you’re not him,” Kate countered, tightening her folded limbs. I was now in a much better place, mentally to face her accusations as I definitely was Lewis.

“I AM Lewis,” I challenged right back, standing up from the bed and walking over to her. “My work pass says Lewis, my driver’s license, my birth certificate, my passport. You bet your arse I’m Lewis”.

Kate stared at me and studied my face to see if I was giving any away any signs of doubt about my own identity. Seeing none she changed her tack.

“Well, maybe you are Lewis, but you’re not MY Lewis. You’re not Lewis Smith,” Kate stated, her eyes burrowing deep into my psyche.

“I…I…I don’t know what you mean by that,” I stammered, feeling the pressure of Kate’s probing.

“You look like him. I’ll give you that. You look an awful lot like him…but you’re not him,” Kate said, absolute certainty flowing through her voice. I could deny it and try to drag this out or be honest and try to win her over. Instinct told me to drag it out…I decided to ignore it.

“Okay. You’re right. I’m not YOUR Lewis. I’m not Lewis Smith,” I continued. Kate looked as if she was going to burst into tears upon hearing that but somehow kept it all together and merely straightened her back, drawing herself to her full height.

“So what are you then? Some kind of CON-MAN?” Kate demanded more than asked. I sat on the bed and decided to lay it all out in front of her.

“Nope. I’m just a guy who…looks a lot like other people that have more interesting lives,” I confessed, realising how sad it all sounded.

“Really?!” Kate challenged.

“It’s true. It’s pretty sad of course, but still true,” I acknowledged. Feeling sorry for myself for trying to take advantage of someone else’s life.

“You came all this way…for cakes?” Kate questioned, a laugh lilting through her voice.

“I’ve got a sweet tooth,” I replied, offended at the implication there was no reason for me to come around. Kate chuckled at that.

“Just like the other Lewis all right. Christ, you could be twins,” Kate suggested, which made me wonder how she figured out I wasn’t her Lewis. She must have worked this out from my expression as she offered up an answer. “He has a mole behind his left ear. You don’t have it and I knew he would never get rid of it,” Kate explained.

“I’m sorry. I take it you and he were…” I left the statement hanging in mid-air like an open invitation for her to step into. She merely nodded. “May I ask why you split up?”

“I suspected he was cheating on me,” Kate revealed. It was now my turn to merely nod, although I refused to reveal what a mother-fucker he was.

“Well, I’m not your ex, I’m not here to cheat on you, I just want to make cakes with your mum and her mate. What say you come back there and join us?” I proposed. Kate nodded and we headed back to the kitchen to have a silly night of culinary confectionary that ended with the best tray of cupcakes I’ve ever ate or been part of the process of creating. Upon leaving I got a tight sexy hug from both Barbara and Carol before I headed to the front door with Kate.

Before I left I inserted my number into Kate’s phone under the name Fake Lewis which made her smile.

“Thank you,” Kate remarked before leaning forward and placing her lips on mine, her mouth tasting like strawberry cupcakes as she pressed her body against me, her breasts squashing against my chest, her hips pressing against my growing length, her lips dancing across mine as I slid my hands around her waist and pulled her ever closer to me, the two of us dry-humping each other as she moved her hands around my back, her kisses becoming more intense as I felt her tongue surge fiercely into my mouth.

I was in heaven right now. I felt like I’d been run over by a lucky truck and been knocked into a bouncy castle inhabited by super-models such was the intensity of her kisses. I moved my hand up to her hair and the back of her head as my tongue moved against hers, my cock grinding against her pelvis, my breathing becoming more intense before she moved her mouth from mine.

“How long are you in town?” I asked, my forehead pressing against hers.

“I go back to uni in 2 weeks,” Kate replied, her breathing shallow, but her longing clearly deep.

“Do you think we should see each other again?” I asked, immediately regretting the phrasing. Kate pulled back and straightened herself down. Something I did clearly reminded her of the other Lewis. I’d blown it.

“I don’t know. We’ll see,” Kate advised. I raised my eyebrows taking that as a bit of a win. “Impressive package though. Bigger than Lewis’”.

“Yeah, your…” I began, before realising that me saying “your mum thought that as well” could sour the deal. Instead I finished on a different note. “…probably not wrong there”.

Kate moved back inside and gave me one last look before closing the door.

“Bye,” I said, unsure if I’d ever see her again but hoping that fate could provide me with a way to return to those arms.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“You met someone,” Kat remarked as she walked into the small kitchen where staff could grab something to eat as I continued to eat cereal for lunch. I nodded as I had a mouthful of Shreddies.

“And you had SEX!” Kat stated, saying sex somehow quieter and yet somehow more pronounced than the rest of the sentence. I nodded again as I gulped down my mouthful of lunch.

“But the two events were with different people,” I confessed. Kat placed a hand over her mouth in shock at this.

“You slag!” Kat insulted, but fairly. I nodded in agreement, I was being a filthy slut and I had a horrible feeling that somehow this was gonna come back to haunt me.

“I am a slag, but it was also a lot of fun,” I admitted to Kat. She ran her fingers through her blonde bob haircut before resting her elbows on the table and gazing at me, head in hands.

“Are you gonna see her again?” Kat asked, most curious as to my love life.

“Well actually the sex was with two women and I’m not sure,” I responded, thinking about Barbara sucking on my cock, her lips moving up and down the tip as I let my tongue slide along Carol’s fleshy clam and Carol feasted on Barb’s moist curtains.

“Not the sex, I’m talking about the person you met, but…also, wow!” Kat exclaimed. I nodded as I appreciated the ‘wow’.

“Oh, right. Yeah. I dunno. I hope so. Maybe. Who can say?” I replied, seeming to run through every possible permutation before running out of legs. Kat stared at me like a parent at a child doing something bonkers. She shook her head and left her seat leaving me to wonder about the saucy shenanigans with Barbara and Carol and the minor sauce with Kate herself.

“Well, if you want my advice…” Kat began, leaving the sentence dangling in the air like a flasher’s cock.

“Always,” I offered, curious as to what sage advice she was about to offer.

“You tend to take too long. If this can go somewhere…don’t do that this time,” Kat remarked as she left me with an abundance of confused and awkward thoughts and an ever-soggying bowl of cereal.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Trying to continue a normal life for a few days after my threesome with MILF’s Barbara and Carol was proving somewhat difficult. Life consisted of me trying to go about my normal daily life whilst constantly checking my phone for updates and text messages that never came. I’d decide to take the first step and start typing something out but then would worry that Kate was at the other end pulling a derisive face as she saw the three buttons of conversation doom and would delete what I’d put.

After that I’d lie down, whack my dick out and fantasise about meeting Kate again. Going for a coffee, coffee turns to drinks, drinks leads to more drinks, drinks lead to back here.

We stumble through the door giggling like naughty school kids. Kate pushes me against the wall and kisses me, my hands going underneath that denim jacket of hers and feeling her hot skin through her T-shirt as I wrestle it off her.

I spin her around and press her against the wall, our bodies dry-humping each other frantically as my kisses move to her neck as she moans into the night, my hands moving beneath the T, and as they slide up the back encounter no bra.

I take a step back and look at her as she smiles a randy, mischievous grin back at me. I move my hands to the front and get a handful of her delicious boobs between my fingers, my thumbs grazing over the top of them, before I yank the T-shirt off and throw it behind us, Kate pulling my top off as we start to strip each other, my hands moving onto her hips, slipping into her jeans, sliding around the front and then unfastening, unzipping and in one swift movement pulling them down and off her legs, Kate doing the same leaving us naked in the hallway. The two of us gaze at each other’s bodies, taking in the splendour of our hard and taut forms before Kate sinks to her knees and grips my rod with an eager smile.

“You’ve no idea how many times I’ve imagined this,” I say, in my fantasy as Kate smiles muckily and slides her mouth along my curved tool. “Holy fuck-balls!”

Kate moves her mouth from my shaft and roles her tongue about my helmet, flicking at the frenulum every time she moves past it, driving me crazy each time she does, before taking my length into her mouth again, engulfing me as she rolls her hand around my girth like a professional porn star. It’s too much, I have to get in on the action. I move down and collect her in my arms, carrying her naked form to my bed and lowering her gently onto the duvet.

“Was that a gentle enough landing?” I ask.

“Uh-huh,” Kate sighs.

“Good, cause it’s the last time I’m gonna be gentle tonight,” I inform her as I pull her legs apart and move forward between her legs, cock in hand. “You want this?”

“Yes,” Kate replies, eyes on my thick length as I rub it up and down the length of her pussy and over and round her clit, feeling her move her hips to meet my end on her sensitive spot. “Please,” Kate begs as I flick my tool over her bean the way she flicked her tongue over my frenulum, knowing it was driving me crazy but doing it anyway. I lean over her, my bulbous head pressing between her lips, just waiting for either one of us to move. Kate moves her hips to take the tip inside but I move mine away to maintain that separation.

“My GOD! You’re driving me crazy,” Kate states as she stares into my eyes. I shake my head as I move my hips lightly, the dome of my dick, piercing her outer lips as she presses her lips together, suppressing her ‘MMMM’ in order to try and take back some control. I push in a smidge further and her hands flick up and grip my arms like a Zombie reaching out from beyond the grave.

“You like?” I tease. Kate nods vigorously. I move the angle and let me bendy cock slide in so it seems to hook at her insides.

“Oh my, that’s deep,” Kate sighs as she bites her lip and smirks in response. I slide my tool in and out of her velvety, welcoming cunt, her hot juices like a liquid, electric blanket around my cock as I move in and out of her. Kate makes the experience feel even more enticing by stretching first one leg, then the other, out and round my body, keeping me in her, a move I always found incredibly erotic. Kate’s face contorts in delight, her girly, breathy moans spurring me on as I increase my tempo, our fucking intensifying from florid to furious to frenzied as I begin to pound into her, her wonderful boobs jiggling superbly, her face aghast and amazed in sexual awe at my strength and stamina till I feel her love tube convulse around me and I release my seed…

“GAAH!” I cried as it left my cock and hit my hand and my stomach, a deflated feeling of anticlimax coming over me as the fantasy faded. God, I wanted to text her, let her know I fancied her and oh so wanted to take things further…but that’s not how the game was played, and I had to play it like a game, if I wanted any chance with her.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I’d spent the night in the house attempting to watch Netflix whilst spending every few minutes checking my phone to see if Kate had texted me, wondering if I’d see those three spots appear, but to no avail. I was forty-five minutes in on some science-fiction shit and it was so confusing about three time periods and all sorts of other crap that I felt like I just had to get out of the house.

The streets were clear and a drive and then a walk through my old stomping grounds of my younger years that weren’t that long ago seemed like a good idea. i trundled past the comfortable area through to the new flats which had a rough reputation but I’d never seen any trouble. I fished my phone out of my pocket and opened up onto Kate’s name. Nothing, no message, no details…then, almost as if I willed it into being, the three dots of joy appeared. She was texting me back. For an age the dots appeared across the screen…then nothing.

This was getting frustrating. I put my phone away and paid no heed to the increasingly irate voice behind me.

“Jerry? Jerry! JERRY!”

I turned around and could see a guy around my age wearing a baseball cap, a grey hoody and tracksuit pants. I pointed at myself and he nodded and pointed back.

“What’s wrong with you, ya muppet! I was just shouting you,” the guy stated. Clearly he was mistaking me for this Jerry guy. Another goddamn Doppelgänger. How many was I going to encounter? In spite of the annoyance that there was yet another me out there having a great time I brushed it aside as I reminded myself of what an amazing experience I’d had with Barbara and Carol and even Kate to a lesser extent.

“Sorry, headphones in. What did you want?” I asked, trying to avoid the fact that it was a different name he was shouting.

“I’ve been trying to ring you. It’s cards night,” he said, looking around in the same furtive way that both Carol and Barbara did.

“Sorry, cards yes. That sounds great. Lead on,” I gestured.

“Are you okay? You don’t seem yourself?” the stranger challenged. I opened my mouth trying to find the right lie, when I realised the truth in these situations was seeming to guide me to better things. I waved my phone at him and shook my head.

“Waiting for a text…from a woman,” I shrugged. My new friend who wasn’t put his hand to his head.

“You should have said, mate. I’m SO sorry,” he said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder supportively. “I should have known a girl would be what got you not being yourself,” he chuckled.

“You have NO idea how right you are, my friend,” I exclaimed. He just chuckled at my plight and we made it back to the flat for…cards, whatever that was. When we headed inside there we’re already four people in the flat; two more guys, slightly younger than me and two women in tracksuits. I didn’t think much about it as the person I was with started chatting to his friends (maybe they were Jerry’s friends, who knew?)

“Where’ve you two been? We’ve been wanting to start for ages,” said a skinny black guy with shoulder-length dreads and a voice way squeakier than his look suggested. The contrast was almost comical. A nod seemed to go around the room with the girls and guys nodding a greeting my way, and me bouncing it back. I just stood around for a second wondering who all these people were when the ring doorbell to the flat went off. My stomach flipped at the realisation this could be the real Jerry and I could find myself in a world of shit pretty quickly.

“Who dis?” the flat-owner asked as he pressed the button looking at some guy on the screen.

Phew. Clearly it wasn’t Jerry.

“Is Jrry,” came the reply.

Oh fuck! I walked over to see if this guy looked like me. I peered over the guy’s shoulder and looked at my doppelgänger. Whilst he did have black hair and glasses the truth was he looked nothing like me. The best way to describe his face would be “Toxic Avenger”.

“What the hell happened to your face?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I fell into a beehive,” the, presumably, real Jerry replied. I put my hands over my mouth to stop myself from laughing out loud but I was instantly crying as I chuckled silently, producing the same effect in everyone else there. After regaining my composure I just gestured like the shrugged shoulders emoji.

“Why?” asked the flat owner.

“Well, I didn’t do it on purpose, did I?!” the real Jerry complained, through bloated lips and a voice that seemed somewhat stunted. I pointed to my throat and mouthed ‘what?” to my host.

“What happened to your voice, as well?” the host asked as he too fought a battle against the giggles.

“A bee got in me mouth,” the real Jerry replied with a protected wheeze. The falling into a beehive seemed to have added fifteen years onto his face. The flat guy looked at me and shook his head, taking his finger off the button.

“I don’t know who this guy is?” my new friend said.

“Me either,” I replied honestly. “Look, it’s like my old Mum says, if it doesn’t like like a Jerry, doesn’t swim like a Jerry and doesn’t quack like a Jerry, chances are…”

“It’s not a Jerry?” he questioned.

“Hey, you said it not me,” I stated, hands up as I stepped back, washing my hands of the bad situation I’d just made.

“I don’t know who you, but you need to go,” the flat owner chuckled.

“Aw, c’mon. Lemme in,” the real Jerry mumbled, sounding like a cross between The Godfather and Chunk from the GOONIES.

“I said get lost. Try it on some other sucker,” he ordered into the ring doorbell before switching it off. The last thing I saw was the man whose face had met a bad fate with a beehive look like he was gonna burst into tears, before he turned and slowly traipsed off. I felt so sorry for him, as the real Jerry must have had the worst day ever, fell into a beehive, got stung in his mouth then after turning up at his mates gets told to go away. What a shitter!

“Hey, you coming or what?” the black guy asked. I turned and saw they were all sat around a cards table. Two guys on one side, with an obvious space for me, and the two girls in the cheapest, tackiest tracksuits ever sat at the top of the table.

“I can’t believe we’re doing THIS again,” complained the skinny blonde with long straight hair halfway down her back.

“Oh, fuck off! You love it, you dirty bitch!” her mate with dark curly hair exclaimed. What on God’s green were these two talking about? It was just cards…right? As I sat down next to the black guy, across from a bespectacled bloke with mousey blonde hair and a quiet demeanour. Each of us had a stack of chips and in the middle of the table there were four decks of cards, three decks of normal playing cards and a pack of smaller cards. I assumed these were some kind of instructions card but in terms of what instructions I had no clue.

“Whose turn is it to deal?” Our host asked. Crap! I didn’t even know what game it was. I had to calculate how best to make this in my favour so I pointed out our host sat diagonally across from me and spoke.

“We both thought it was your deal first,” said I, attempting to force the hand of the person I was sat with.

“Yeah, I was just thinking that sounds right,” the black guy said, his voice comically ridiculous as ever.

“Okay, Texas hold em, you know the rules; Nothing wild, folding loses clothing, losing hands lead to forfeits, no switching, you play what you’re dealt and May the best team win,” the flat owner stated. I nodded and switched my look to my resting work-face when I finish a phone call where I’m nice to customers then when they've gone I instantly change to blank, impassive, curt. My host dealt the cards in the middle and two to everyone else.

I didn’t look at my cards. Instead I looked at my fellow players. The person I was next to (I assumed he was on my ‘team’) grimaced as he looked at his cards then his chips, the bespectacled guy looked at his cards then ogled the girls, that showed me his priorities, and my host checked his cards and licked his lips before spying his chips and the girls. I knew if we chipped-in on this one we’d lose.

“Fold,” I stated, shaking my head. My team-mate looked at me in shock, wondering why I was choosing to lose immediately…before he checked his cards and did the same.

“Oh yeah,” sighed the guy with glasses, as he rubbed his hands gleefully, yet sleazily. The host took back the cards and placed them at the bottom of the first deck before looking over at the lady sat on our side.

“Beth, your track-suit top, please,” my host commanded the skinny blonde, much to the brunette’s amusement.

“Fuck you, Sally,” Beth jeered as she stood-up and aggressively removed her top, tossing it behind her as she sat down, arms-folded across her white T-shirt. “And you can fuck off n’all, Bryan!”

Brilliant. Bryan, Beth and Sally. I was one hand in and three names up. This was a win I needed.

“Don’t worry, Beth. It may not look like it but I’m bringing my A-game,” I reassured her. Although her expression looked like she’d been chewing a wasp in solidarity with the real Jerry.

“A-game? I don’t want a cock up me arse AGAIN!” Beth complained, a little too loudly. Like she was doing this for show.

“Ha! You love it up the arse,” Beth chided her friend.

“SHUT UP, SALLY! You like it up the arse AND in the pussy!” Beth accused her mate, angrily.

“Yeah, but I’m not the one denying it, am I?” Sally rode her friend right back.

“Ladies, ladies. Please don’t stress,” I sympathised as I waved my hands to calm the situation down. “Don’t worry, there are plenty of cocks for arses AND pussies”.

Sally and the three guys laughed hard as my words switched in tone, while Beth just smirked involuntarily as she squirmed in her seat, her body betraying how she was really feeling. The guy across from me grabbed the next set of cards and quickly dealt, his hands shaking as they did so. He was getting way too excited, way too quickly. I was starting to get a read on these guys now and feeling a bit more relaxed.

“I’ve got to say you are WAY more funny than usual tonight,” Bryan commented. Boy, did I feel even more sorry for Jerry. Cursed with bad luck and being dull, what a shame for the guy…but then again he had attended more orgies than me so my sympathy somewhat receded.

The cards were dealt with a couple of nines, a four and a six and seven. I checked out our opponents and saw glasses guy smile, whilst Bryan just grimaced somewhat with my teammate tutting at his cards. I figured we were looking down the barrel of a flush or a full house judging by goggles’ reaction. I picked up my cards and saw I had a Jack and an ace. Zero help there.

“Fold,” I remarked, tossing the cards in.

“Again,” glasses-guy questioned, disappointedly. Clearly he wanted to enjoy the forfeits. I would let him later but right now I was feeling everyone out and now I had their measure I know what I was doing. The guy next to me looked at his cards and tossed them in too.

“YES!” Bryan cheered, through clenched teeth. Okay Beth, let’s lose those tracky-bottoms!”

“Fucking great! God, it’s the same every week!” Beth whinged as she pulled down her trackies to reveal a short skirt beneath with a glimpse of red knickers, which caused me to smirk.

“Well, I’m looking forward to the rest of this evening,” the visually-impaired, shaky-hands man stated as our female avatar had already lost two pieces of clothing. I just shrugged and then dealt the cards out from the third deck. I smiled when I saw them. A two, a six, a nine, and two queens. With only the six and the Queen being the same suit. I looked at the faces of my opponents who looked only at their cards this time. A complete giveaway. I checked mine, a Queen and a nine.

Full house. Due to the spacing of the cards I could only be matched, not equalled and the odds were remote at best. I looked straight from my cards to the player next to me, then my opponents, who nodded. I threw a chip into the middle and looked at my team mate who also threw a chip in. Across the other side Bryan threw in a chip in response as did his team-mate.

“I’ll see you one, raise you one,” Bryan replied, his team-mate replicating his actions.

“Call,” said I as I tossed their extra chip back into the middle.

“Whoa! Are you not gonna try and beef up the pot?” Bryan asked.

“Nope,” I replied, resolutely as I placed down my Queen and nine. “Call”.

Bryan turned his cards over and had a three and a seven. The guy sat across from me had two tens. My team-mate placed his cards down and fist-pumped the air.

“Crap,” the guy across from said as I retrieved the kitty from the centre.

“You’re not usually this sharp with your play,” Bryan commented. I smiled as I divvied the chips between me and my fellow player.

“Clearly I’ve learnt from the best,” I complimented, knowing what suckers people were for a kind word.

“Well, looks like you get the first forfeit,” the bespectacled player said with some remorse. I reached over and grabbed the card and took a look before reading it out.

“The losing party must stroke each of the winning party through their clothes for 30 seconds. The appropriate female must also remove one item of clothing,” I read out loud. I looked up to see daggers from the guy opposite me. My co-player and I move our chairs back to give Sally room to manoeuvre and she slipped out of seat and removed her tracksuit top, revealing a black vest top and moved between the two of us kneeling down and placing her hand over both our crotches, clearly keen to do us both at the same time.

“I’ll time it,” Goggle-boy advised, tersely. “Time starts…now”.

I knew he was never gonna let us have anything more than that so I was determined to savour the sensation of her hand on my junk. Sally gripped my tool and the guy sat next to me. She rolled her hand along my length as she gripped me through the material, acknowledging my thickness with a raise of her eyebrows. I acknowledged that with a raise back. I peeked over at Beth who was watching the three of us eagerly, biting her lip as her friend masturbated us through our clothing. I was loving the feeling of her hand wrapped round me and the glee she was getting from it. I wanted nothing more than to unzip my fly and have her reach inside and wrestle my prick out to the open air and feel her hand on my fleshy rod and…

“Time,” the geek stated, joyfully as he halted our fun in its tracks. I let out a huge sigh as Sally got up and returned to her seat.

“You’re such a slut,” Beth mocked her friend.

“Jealous,” Sally retorted back. I sensed Sally was probably right as I scooched forward again to the table. The guy to my left grabbing my cards to deal us in again. I watched as the hand was dealt and was gutted to see it was pretty decent. There were three hearts, an ace, a four and a six, a seven of clubs and spades, sufficient gaps for straight flushes and fulls but as ever I looked across to my opponents. Bryan sneered when he looked at his cards but bespectacled guy looked twitchy and nervous. He was desperate to win after our forfeit so would try any hand. I looked at my cards…a flush. A nine of hearts and Jack of hearts, not a bad hand at all, however across from me glasses guy was fidgeting like he was gonna play what he had. I had to challenge it once we went around.

“I’m in,” said the guy next to me.

“You got me beat, Al. Fold,” Bryan stated, tossing his cards in. Another win, Al, Bryan, Sally and Beth, one more to go.

“See and four more,” glasses guy said, tossing his chips in.

“Whoa! Are you sure, Stu?” Bryan asked.

“I’m sure,” Stu blinked. I looked at Al to my left and he tossed his cards in even before it got to him. I still had no idea how much the chips were worth, but I could afford it and besides, I was sure he was bluffing.

“I’ll see you…and call,” I stated, calmly. Stu’s face sunk. He was clearly hoping to raise and bluff me out. Maybe it worked with Jerry but not with Lewis. Stu looked gutted as he flipped his cards over to reveal two pair…a four and a six. Two pair. An okay hand. I flipped my cards over to reveal my flush. Stu looked like I’d stood on his neck. I pulled the forfeit and read it out loud.

“The losing participant has to allow the winners to finger them for 30 seconds, also remove one piece of clothing,” I looked over at Sally and moved my chair back. “Why don’t you sit on my knee? Make you more comfortable,” I suggested after she shimmied out of her tracksuit bottoms revealing a pair of Jean shorts before she placed herself on my knee, wriggling on my lap against my growing hard-on.

“Hang on,” Bryan interjected. “It doesn’t specify who has to remove their clothing,” he pointed out.

“Well, guess I’ll have to follow the instructions then,” and with that I pulled my T-shirt off my head and looked over at the enraged Stu. “Thirty seconds for me please, Stu”.

“Fine. Go!” Stu sneered, I slid my hand into Sally’s shorts and moved my fingers down to her snatch, rubbing against her clit as I did so, keeping my finger then encircling her nub.

“HOO, yeah. That’s nice,” Sally moaned as I slid my digit down to her wetness then returned it, juiced-up, to her bean, feeling her writhe against my finger, she moved her arm around my neck and looked at me whilst licking her lips. She looked incredibly kissable as I strummed my finger back and forth, feeling the heat from juices over her button as she gyrated her hips against my finger. Holy Hell. I moved my mouth closer to hers till I could feel her hot breath on my face.

“Time,” Stu stated, dryly.

“Motherfucker, Stu,” I replied, instinctively, to laughs from everyone, including Stu himself who seemed to at least enjoy the show although he couldn’t take part. Sally then slipped over to Al’s lap and spread her legs, wrapping her arm around his head first this time so the kissing could start immediately.

“Say, when,” Al chuckled, excitedly.

“Time,” Stu instigated. Almost as soon as he spoke their lips met as Al slid his hand inside Sally’s shorts, his hand moving more dramatically as he was obviously using his digits to probe her insides as she sighed into his mouth. I stared past him towards Beth, who had her hand between her own legs subtly rubbing between, I quickly glanced at Stu and Bryan who were adjusting themselves as they watched. I returned my gaze as Sally writhed against Al’s fingers, all of our collective breathing coming in somewhat faster, till Stu reminded us of the rules.

“Time,” Stu remarked, somewhat disappointed as he enjoyed the show. Almost as soon as Beth was returning to her seat Bryan was dealing with the cards. The last two hands had progressed things along nicely and clearly we were all keen to get to the better forfeits. I looked at the cards dealt and saw room for lots of good hands whilst also recognising good hands were rare. I studied Bryan who appeared to be indifferent to his cards and then Stu, who side-eyed Beth after a quick look at his hand. I checked mine. I had a pair. Nothing worth bragging about, but right now, I wanted to play them just to keep things moving.

“Fold,” Bryan began, tossing his cards in. He seemed like an honest player like me.

“I’m in,” Stu blinked, placing a chip in.

“Me too,” I confirmed putting one of my winnings in.

“Fold,” Al grimaced, leaving me and Stu again.

“Raise,” Stu indicated as he nervously put another chip in.

“Call,” I advised as I placed a chip in myself. Stu flipped his cards and revealed three of a kind. I had to smile when I saw that. It was a pretty low winning hand. I flipped my pair over.

“YES!” shouted Stu.

“Oh great,” Beth whined.

“Oh give it a rest, Beth. You’ve been squirming there like you’ve got ants in your pants,” I shot back as Stu grabbed the card and read it out loud. “The losing participant must receive 30 seconds of oral from one player whilst having 30 seconds of tit-sucking from another. Lose one item of clothing”.

“Not specific to the ladies, I think you might find,” I snidely remarked. The two guys pulled off their T’s as Beth removed her top and moved into position with a scornful look on her face Bryan moved between her legs and Stu to Beth’s tits as he pulled down her black bra, before looking back anxiously at me.

“Oh, right. The timer. One sec…” I teased as I slowly removed my phone. “Okay, now”.

Almost as soon as the “n” left my mouth Stu attached his to Beth’s tit, eyes closed whilst he mauled the other boob. Meanwhile between Beth’s wide open legs Bryan leaned forward and began lapping at her pussy, her eyes closed and head back in delight as her bottom lip quivered in ecstasy. For all of her complaints before the only moans emerging from her now were ones of delight.

I was so transfixed by the scene in front of me I didn’t register that Sally had moved behind me till I felt her hand on my shoulder. I looked around and she bent at the waist and moved her mouth to mine. I tasted those sweet lips and the strawberry chapstick she had on them as my tongue moved forward and found hers, just as my hands moved forwards and found her breasts, flopping forward underneath her T-shirt, my fingers gently caressing her sensational, real boobs. Goddamit, real boobs were amazing! Her tongue was sliding around in my mouth as our oral appendages moved against each other, her hand unzipping my pants and reaching into my boxers, extracting my tool.

“Mmmm. Seems bigger than last time. OOOH!” Sally, exclaimed. I tilted my head slightly to see that Al had planted his face between her thighs. I turned for a moment to glance at Beth, legs wide with one hand behind Bryan’s head as he slurped at her slippery quim, and the other hand keeping Stu’s hand on her tit, any pretence at prudishness gone, her skirt ridden up around her waist, her bra removed entirely. Both guys had unzipped themselves and were rubbing their hands over their dicks that they desperately wanted to shove inside her. I suddenly became aware that the time was running out when Sally moved her hand to my phone and switched the timer off.

“Sshhh!” Sally whispered as I looked back at her, our kisses resuming as she began to tug on my cock, whilst I could hear Al noisily feast on her pussy. I pulled my face away from hers and we shared a look and a giggle at his lack of skill.

“What he lacks in skill he makes up for in enthusiasm,” Sally breathed, however a different sound drew our attention elsewhere. We looked over at the other threesome which had progressed significantly more. Bryan was now kneeling between Beth’s legs with one leg now draped somewhat over his shoulder as he moved his cock inside her.

“HRRRR, mmmm!” Beth mumbled as her mouth was filled with Stu’s short, stubby tool, his trousers and unders around his ankles as he wore a look of sheer joy on his face. No wonder he watched myself and Al with such rage before. He was clearly longing to get blown and fuck. Speaking of which Sally’s hot mouth suddenly regained my attention as she slid it down my length.

“OH-HO, Chris HOY!” I exclaimed in surprise as Sally began to swallow my girth while Al started to pound away at her back end as he gripped her hips. Like Stu he seemed to have little self-control as he powered into her with gusto. The sounds of flesh slapping on flesh filled the room along with muffled female joy, stifled with a mouthful of cock. I looked over at Stu who was had his hands behind Beth’s head and was almost fucking her mouth as his excitement grew and his self-control waned.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” Stu cried out as he held Beth’s face in place obviously shot his load into her mouth as his body stiffened. Beth withdrew her mouth, a look of disgust on her face.

“Oh, you dirty little bastard! You know I hate getting jizz in my mouth,” Beth coughed, before her attention was redrawn to Bryan’s exuberant thrusts. “Oh…at least…someone…ooh…knows how…mmmm…to treat a lady,” Beth praised, although I thought her calling herself a lady was a bit rich as she’d just sucked on Stu’s dick whilst Bryan was burying his prick inside her. I looked down at Sally as she gobbled on my prick.

“Do you mind it in your mouth?” I asked.

“What? You know I don’t,” Sally replied, her brow furrowed at my comment before she returned her mouth to my tool. “Hmmm. Feels bigger than usual”.

“Yeah, I’m hearing that a lot at the minute,” I informed Sally. Behind her Al seemed like he was feeling the strain as he looked like was suffering severe exhaustion, as if fucking Sally was like pushing a piano upstairs. He was gripping her hips firmly as he smashed his junk inside her.

“Oh Jesus, Sally,” Al sweated as he slammed into her. “I’m gonna cum, babe”.

Al pulled his dick out of Sally and after a couple of squirts came all over her ass cheeks. Sally giggled at this and moved forward onto my lap.

“I take it there’s still some life left in you?” Sally queried as she gripped my cock and positioned her pussy over it.

“Well you’ve no cum in your mouth so I think the answer is yes,” I remarked as she sank her tight passage down my shaft, till she’d sunk all the way down to my hips. I held her in place on my cock for a moment, enjoying the feel of her being wrapped around me, as I looked at her face, eyes closed and a twitchy smirk growing across her face I figured my strategy was correct.

“Feel better than last time?” I asked as I began to move my hips up and down, bouncing her into movement.

“Oh yeah,” Sally sighed, eyes still closed as she moved on top of me, her small yet definite boobs, moving subtly with her gyrations, her hips rolling against me, her stomach muscles flexing as she impaled herself on my length, a small gurgling sound emanating from her as she clenched her teeth in excitement. I was fully enraptured in the moment till a squeal next to me took my attention. I looked over and understood what the sound was about.

Bryan was sat on the chair in a similar position to myself with Beth riding his cock, but behind the two of them Stu was also pounding into Beth, presumably in her ass. Bryan gripped her close to him and kissed her whilst Stu moved his stubby pole in and out of her butt, eliciting moans of pleasure and pain.

“If she didn’t love it she wouldn’t come back each week,” whispered Sally in my ear. “Speaking of which, what are you doing back there, Alvin?”

“Alvin?” I thought. I was suddenly extremely relieved I didn’t blunder and call him Allan. Al moved forward and moved his hand down to Sally’s cheeks moving his hand where I couldn’t see, but I could see Sally purr in delight at what he was doing. I was assuming he was fingering between her ass cheeks, lubing her up, and she was squirming joyfully.

“Do you like it there too?” I asked as she wriggled against me, my rigid stiffness locked in her love-box.

“I fucking love it!” Sally exclaimed as Al moved ever closer, till I felt his dick sliding into her star, our two rods, separated by a thin membrane as Sally’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head. “Oh, fuck me!” she breathed as I tried to match pace with Al, rolling out as he powered in.

“OH, OH, OH, OH!” Sally muttered under our matched assault on both her holes.

“FUCKING HELL!” Beth yelled as Bryan and Stu continued to move inside her. Both threesomes now ploughing towards their inevitable conclusions as we all started to fuck with increasing gusto. I could feel the orgasm that started to gather from Sally’s talented mouth begin to move down my length and I could see Al start to strain again. I looked over and could see that Stu had gone a somewhat pink colour.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my God,” Stu stuttered as his body stiffened and he shot his cum deep inside Beth’s anus before he toppled back exhausted. Bryan seemed to take this as a cue to hold Beth tight and pound into her from underneath, his balls bouncing comically as his dick slapped into her pussy at speed.

“Fuck yeah, you dirty bitch!” spat Bryan as he grunted whilst his hips smacked against Beth’s pummelled undercarriage, the young woman whimpering as Bryan held her tight until he couldn’t keep it together any more. “Fucking YES!”

Bryan stopped moving, burying his cock deep inside her whilst he squirted his seed in her box, eventually letting his cock flop out of her sopping wetness, cum oozing from her butt and her pussy as she trembled in Bryan’s arms. I looked behind Sally and could see Al straining as he teamed her ass.

“UNGH! UNGH! UGH! FUCK!” Al yelled as he slowed his furious humping and he came inside Sally’s sphincter. I’d never experienced anything like that as he removed his tool from there, I was only seconds away from cumming but as I looked up into Sally’s countenance I could she wanted me to finish inside her. Who was I to let her down.

“There it is!” I hollered as my cocked spunked up inside Sally, the hot liquid filling her insides as she collapsed on top of me exhausted. I held her tight as her long black hair covered my face, the room quiet except for the sound of six people trying desperately to regain their breath back.

“Well, I guess that was more than 30 seconds,” I quipped getting laughs from everyone in the room.

“And we don’t know who won at cards,” Bryan interjected, causing us all to laugh even more before I reflected on what had happened this night. When I first started playing cards this evening I imagined it would be like CASINO ROYALE, but in reality it was just Pussy Galore.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I headed back to the car feeling sated but sleazy. This encounter with the three blokes and two women had left me feeling drained, emotionally as well as physically. Unlike when I’d had fun with Barbara and Carol they’d both been cheery over the course of the night. These two, whilst they’d clearly been into it, protested every step of the way and that had made it not bad, but less fun.

I got back to my vehicle and drove back home, the thought of the sorrowful Jerry meandering back home on his own filling me with regret. I needed to feel safe and secure and clean (a shower was most definitely in order).

I pulled up and got out into an unwelcome October wind, looking to wind down after several hours of exertions, my keys in hand, a cup of tea on my mind and the quiet of my own solitary thoughts, knowing that I was truly myself and not the real Jerry or the other Lewis.


The name felt good, my name, my identity, the person that I was.


That was me all right. My true and proper self. No impersonations or pretence here. Just a guy who could truly be him…

“FAKE LEWIS!” the female voice that was repeating my name was not some subconscious affirmation but a very real person calling me. I turned around and there was Kate at the end of my path, wearing a leather jacket, scarf and tight blue jeans.

“May I come in?” Kate asked.


Curse me and my need for cliffhanger endings. They’re just such a good way to leave it all though what with the tension, horniness and the filth.

What will happen to the fake Lewis and real Kate, will there be a sting in the tail for Jerry?

All will eventually be revealed.

Written by goodafterboob

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