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"Lewis feels the repercussions of impersonating others"

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So here we are again with another instalment of this short series (probably another 5-parter.  They seem to be my thing).  Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is precisely the point of this story…Duh!


  There at my door was Kate, brunette-bobbed delight whom I had encountered by accident only a week or so earlier.  I had debated various times if I should contact her, send a text or maybe even make a call but had balked each time.  But here she was at my door after I just got back from a mini-orgy.  Her sense of timing was impeccable.

  “May I come in?” Kate asked.

  It almost felt like a trick question.  For a moment all I could do was move my mouth like a broken supermarianation puppet.  I did that for a few seconds before managing to let the words escape my lips…

  “Of course”.

  I removed my keys and after fumbling with them in the lock for a few seconds managed to get in the flat.  I walked down to my door, stopping part-way, almost expecting her to jump on me like she did in my favourite wanking fantasy, however Kate simply stood there, hands clasped in front of her as fantasy melted away right in front of my eyes for a boring reality.  No being jumped on by a horny female here.  I opened the door and held it for her as Kate bustled inside.  I switched on the light as she stood in my front room that remained relatively tidy.


  “So, yeah.  Do you…want a cup of tea or anything?” I asked, feeling completely muddled.

  “Sure,” Kate replied, her hands still crossed in front of her.  I headed to the kitchen, feeling muddled and somewhat disgusting after my antics with Beth and Sally that only continued after us four guys DP’d them.  I felt like all the smells from that night were covering me and I was about to completely repel Kate.  I quickly made two cups of tea and took them out, handing Kate one mug as I sipped from the other, any semblance of me being cool evaporating into the night air.

  “Thanks for coming by the way.  Did you have any trouble finding the place?” I small-talked, dancing around the reason she was probably here.

  “No.  No issues at all,” Kate smirked.  I nodded, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  I had to do something about this or else I’d be sitting down and scratching like I owned twenty cats.  “Erm…listen, I hope you don’t mind, I just need a quick shower.  Please don’t go anywhere, I’ll be out in five minutes,” I advised, leaving Kate stood there with a perplexed expression on her face.

  I darted through the bedroom and into the back where the walk-in shower was situated ditching my clothes in a heap in the corner as I switched on the shower and performed the dance everyone does awaiting the shower to warm sufficiently, however this time as soon as it started I jumped in and began scrubbing myself vigorously getting rid of the cum, sweat and pussy juices from my body, on my chest, arms, legs, feet and back, rubbing everything harshly trying to get every stain removed before starting on my junk.

  Oh boy.  My junk.

  I yanked the foreskin back and squeezed myself a huge splodge of shower gel, scrubbing around (and on) the one-eyed, purple monster, dragging my hand up and down my length, probing at the hole rubbing the frothy liquid into my dick so much I might even piss soap (which would make my prick a soap dispenser…weird!).

  I frothed down there with a frenzy, the soap bubbles reacting against my pube stubble, making my dick into a Father Christmas looking mother-fucker.  I placed my hands against the tiles and leaned against the wall, letting the water tumble through my hair and down my back as I pondered how I managed to get myself into such a stupid situation when I felt something new, two hands moving around my body and onto my chest, with another body moving against mine with a fantastic pair of tits moving against my upper back.

  I turned and there was a very naked Kate, partially wet (on the outside at least) looking at me with a cute expression that belied her far from innocent behaviour as the water splashed off me and onto her sumptuous fertile body.  I let my hands travel round her torso as she moved into my arms, the water now jumping off the two of us and moving down our bodies as my cock pressed against her belly.

  “Definitely looks bigger now,” Kate commented, moving back to wrap her hand around the other part of me, her fingers, the soap and the water all stimulating me considerably, whilst she stood in front of me getting increasingly damp as I was making her moist with my hand that had made its way between her legs, coasting softly over her nub and gently parting her lips, the water and her juices mixing on my hand.

  “I think you’re getting wet,” I joked as I slipped my middle digit inside her slippery hole, a deep breath emerging from her as she closed her eyes and let her head roll back.  I began to move my finger in and out more quickly, her left hand moving up to hold onto my shoulder for support as her breath quickened and her grip on my cock tightened.  Kate’s body was now fully wet, inside and out and I desperately wanted my cock to feel how how hot and wet her insides were.  I pressed my body against hers, our skins soaking, slipping against each other joyously, before I spun her round and pushed her against the shower tiles.

  “AAAAGH!” Kate screamed.  “It’s cold!”

  “Oh, sorry.  I didn’t think about that,” I apologised as I pulled up one of her legs then the other, moving my stiffy between her legs, Kate reaching down to bring me inside, as she did her right thigh slipped through my fingers, then the left leg as our attempt to fuck against the shower wall was met with obstacles neither of us considered.

  “This seems tricky,” Kate remarked.

  “Yeah, not like the movies,” I observed.

  “They must use tape or something,” Kate commented as the two of us stood there, continuing to get wet before we both concluded getting dry and getting it on in bed was logistically smarter.  As Kate led naked across my bed, her slim body in the perfect position with her arms above her head and one leg bent at the knee whilst the other was straight out, it caused me to briefly wonder what it was I did right for things to fall into place as well as they had.

  Whatever it was I was determined at that moment that I should keep doing more of it.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

One week later.

  “How’s it going with her then?” Harry asked over the phone as I led back against the sofa.

  “HURR…it’s going fine,” I replied, trying to concentrate on the conversation through the amazing distraction.

  “Fine?  Not great then?” Harry continued.

  “HMMM…it’s good,” I mumbled as I looked down to Kate, her mouth slurping up and down my cock, sloppy with her saliva as she rolled her tongue over the tip before sucking at the end.

  “You don’t seem sure.  You seem a bit distracted,” Harry responded as Kate shucked my trousers down more so she could work her mouth over my balls, smiling as she stuck her tongue out to move around my shorn sack, the feeling was like that of a snooker ball being rubbed with a velvet cloth, before she enveloped one of them in her mouth.  Distracted?  He wasn’t wrong.

  “I’m…OH GOD…trying to remember where I left my car keys,” I lied.  I always put them in the bowl on the coffee table in the same way that I currently always had my dick in Kate’s mouth on a daily basis.  The brunette sex-kitten kept her mouth attached to my right gonad and allowed her tongue to travel around it like she was enjoying a gob-stopper or polishing a tiny bowling ball.

  “Are they not on your coffee table?” Harry asked, unhelpfully.

  “That’s the stupidest FUCKING HELL, YES, that’s where they are!” I exclaimed as Kate’s lips travelled from my sac to my shaft as she moved her mouth from tip to base so expertly I wondered how I’d not seen her perform on Xhamster, her bobbed haircut bobbing up and down my length like she was in the mosh pit, God that woman could suck dick.

  “Well, if you have anything more exciting to say about your burgeoning relationship let me know,” Harry remarked as Kate smacked my cock against her tongue.  God, the sensation was driving me insane, that slapping sound against her tongue was like a tiny round of applause on her efforts.  The brunette bombshell took a moment to slowly yank my tool before she then dragged her tongue all the way up the underside of my cock before swirling around the top.

  “OH MAN, I will definitely do that, MY FRIEND!” I yelled as she started to bob her head down even more enthusiastically.

  “Okay, no need to shout,” Harry responded as Kate twisted her mouth up and down my girth, making my tool feel like it was enjoying a blow-job on a fucking helter-skelter, her hand also working my bent rod at the same time.  I was close to exploding and it was about time I had a tasty genital snack.

  “Speak soon, MATE!” I exclaimed as Kate flicked her tongue across my helmet, my resolve to hold back on my orgasm waning as she went in for a very sloppy kill.

  “Yeah, you two,” Harry concluded, my finger smacking that red button so I could get my lips around Kate’s pink button, I flicked my hips up the couch and pulled her to me, removing her top leaving her black bra on, before pushing my giggling, felating fucktoy back against the sofa and yanking her jeans and black panties off at the same time, her legs splaying open as soon as they were off, almost as if her jeans were the only thing keeping her legs together.  It was truly a breathtaking sight.  This brunette temptress with splayed legs, no knicks and a black bra was a vision I could get used to.  I moved my face between her thighs to taste my prize.

  “Maybe you should make a call?” I suggested before gripping her thighs and planting my lips against her fleshy clam, my big bulbous nose rubbing against her pubic stubble.

  “HMMMM.  Oh yeah, who should…mmmm…who should I call?” Kate asked as her stomach rose and fell in response to my tongue tasting her juice-covered flaps as I lapped at her moist opening.

  “Call your best friend,” I suggested.  It only seemed fair after she gobbled me when talking to Harry, that she should wax on to Sally whilst I devoured her sumptuous slit, her stubble ticking my nose whilst I feasted on her delicious fleshy snatch, her hips moving up and down against my face as she sighed and dialled her best mate.

  “Hey, Sally.  How are you-OOOH!” Kate cooed as she tried to keep her voice, unbothered whilst my tongue explored her savoury crevice.  I moved my mouth to her bean and slipped my finger inside as my left hand moved up to her bra, moving beneath the black material and cupping her sensational right tit.

  “I’m FINE, just ringing for a catch-UP!” Kate exclaimed as I increased the speed of my finger in her pussy, my tongue flicking across her nub like I was attempting to flick a stuck piece of chocolate from a wrapper.

  “HURGH!  Oh NOTHING!  I’m just chilly, just chilly.  I might need to put a jumper on,” Kate sighed as I bounced her love button against the side of my tongue as the flat surface then pressed against her engorged clit as I shook my head in disapproval of that idea.  Although the idea of Kate in a jumper and no knickers was very VERY appealing.  I closed my eyes and pictured that as my finger moved in and out of her box.

  “HO, GOD, you are so right!  It does seem colder than YOOOO-sual,” Kate moaned as I withdrew my hand from her boob and placed my thumb at her puckered hole, playing out the entrance to her star as my other finger rubbed her insides and I puckered my lips around her clit to suck on her button.

  “Yeah, I’d better go and get another LAYER on!” Kate exclaimed as I moved a second finger inside her tasty snatch, relishing the flavours and the tightness enveloping my fingers as I pressed against her other hole, just breaking the entrance and hovering just inside, her body, bucking and squirming in response.

  “Oh you dirty fucker!” Kate squealed as she reached down to pull me up towards her.  I was chuckling as I got ever nearer to her face until she moved her lips near mine and I pulled back.

  “OOH NO!  You’ve got cock-breath mouth,” I mockingly stated, before breaking into a laugh.  Kate’s face went from hurt at the pull-back to annoyance at being fooled by the gag.  She reached behind my head and pulled herself towards me, lips wide and tongue extended as she shot it into my mouth and swished it around, my own tongue sliding against hers in response as I gripped her round her back and pulled her to me, adjusting my hips so my engorged fleshy pole was waiting eagerly at her entrance…till she wrapped her legs around me and forced me inside.

  “Are you forcing yourself onto me?” I asked, breathlessly into her ear as my hips flicked quickly back and forth inside her.

  “Uh-huh,” Kate responded.  “What are you gonna do about it?  Call the cops”.

  “Hell no,” I whispered, nibbling her ear whilst grinding against her.  “They can get their own girlfriend”.

  “Oh really.  Is that what I am now?” Kate enquired as she tightened her legs and arms around me, her breasts mashing tightly against me, her lips, millimetres from my own.  I knew she was going back to Uni in a week’s time but I couldn’t help but want her and right now having this naked beauty in my arms and perched on the end of my cock, I knew I didn’t want to relinquish my hold on her incredible body that was sinking down my shaft as we speak.

  “Maybe, for a week or so…if you play your cards right,” I informed her as I manoeuvred myself into the sofa with her, staring into her sunflower brown eyes that sparkled with mischief as I gently moved inside her.

  “Well you ain’t boyfriend material if you don’t start giving me a right proper fucking, fake Lewis,” Kate said.  This was her pet name for me after her previous beau that, somehow, I looked a lot like.  I moved back and grabbed her legs holding her thighs as I pulled her hips off the couch and began to move into her with more speed, my hips slapping against her cheeks as she squealed giddily.

  “Is that better for you?” I asked as I thrust my bent cock inside her feeling it slot into place like a sloppy meat version of Tetris, our pieces fitting together in a sweaty union, her body enveloping and matching my size and length like we were made to fit.

  “I dunno,” Kate replied, breathily.  “The real Lewis knew that I liked it a bit rough,” she smiled up, daring me to take things further.  I yanked her up off the sofa and pushed her back onto it, powering into her from behind.  “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!” Kate cursed as I fucked her from behind, my hands on her shoulders as I slammed into her.

  “Is that rough enough for you?” I asked as I took one hand away to give her arse-cheeks a slap as I drove my cock into her like I was trying to tap in a nail with a sledgehammer.

  “OH THAT’S IT!  THAT’S WHAT I LIKE!  Treat me like a dirty bitch,” Kate begged.  I gave her a slap on the other cheek as I continued to plough into her.

  “You’re not a dirty bitch right now,” I informed her.  “You’re MY dirty bitch”.

  “Oh yeah, oh yeah.  I am SO you’re dirty bitch,” Kate gurgled and laughed at the same time.  “Oh yeah, you’re gonna…you’re gonna make me…FUCK!” she screamed as she gripped and bit into the sofa material, a reaction I’d never seen before.  “Oh fuck,” Kate sighed as she disconnected from my tool and slumped forward.  I moved around to the other side of the sofa cock in hand expectantly as I readied myself near her face.

  “So am I the REAL Lewis now?” I asked, daringly.

  “I guess you are,” Kate said as she slid her mouth down my pole gratefully.  Boy it was good to be involved with someone again.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  “How’s it going?” Kat asked as she entered the tiny kitchen area.  I don’t know how but somehow she always managed to ask questions whilst I had a mouthful of cereal, in this case a gob-full of Sugar Puffs.

  “Fine,” I managed to mumble out over the sweet cereal that I still had no idea what it was made from.  “Very fine”.

  “Seen that girl again?” Kat asked nonchalantly, whilst filling the kettle.

  “I have,” I replied, placing my spoon in the bowl, sensing a conversation coming.

  “Hmmm,” Kat murmured.  “What’s her name?” she continued, pushing her blonde bob back from her face.

  “Kate.  Her name’s Kate”.

  “Kate?  That’s a bit of a girly name,” Kat replied.  My insides flipped as she did that.  I knew what she was referencing straight away and rather than taking her comment as an insult, I played along immediately.

  “It’s short for…Bob!”

  Kat chuckled as did I at the inside joke as she filled her cup with hot water for her tea, before spinning around and pointing her spoon at me.

  “HEY!  You should bring her to the Halloween party!” Kat suggested.  I grimaced at that.  I wasn’t particularly a fan of playing dress-up.  I viewed people who did that as sad individuals who couldn’t deal with their own pathetic existences.  Kat seemed to be aware of what my look meant.

  “Look, I know you’re not a fan of dressing-up and think people who do are sad and can’t handle real-life,” Kat replied.  I looked stunned as she said that with such precision.

  “How did you know that’s pretty much what I was thinking?” I asked, thoroughly perplexed.

  “You said that to me last year,” Kat responded, dryly.

  “Oh,” said I, deflated.  “Well, at least I’m consistent”.

  “Honestly, you should come.  It’s not really fair you’re making Kate’s decision for her is it?” Kat queried.  She had a point there.  I should at least give her the option of making the decision for herself.  “Besides…what’s the worse that could happen?”

  Falling face-first into a bee-hive was my first thought, but boy, was I wrong?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


  “What do you think?” Kate asked as she walked out of the bathroom in her nun outfit, although there was little sacred about it.

  On her head was a habit of course but the rest of the outfit would go eunuch’s a hard-on.  The black dress she wore had a cleavage that ran down past her boobs showing there was no bra beneath, and as for the length…it ended just beneath her hips and was finished off with a pair of black hold-up stockings.


  “Impure.  I love it,” I replied.  “What do you think of mine?

  I spun around allowing my red cape to billow, with a red shirt and black waistcoat sewn together beneath over a pair of black trousers and, to top it off, a half mask down to my nose.

  “You look…wicked,” Kate replied with a mucky smirk.  We’d been having fun for two weeks, knowing she’d be back at uni soon to carry on her Masters degree.  I, of course, was  internally distraught but pretending it was a fling, no-big deal, just a bit of fun externally.  Ah, the political joys and bullshit of dating, where you try and convince the other person you want to be with them enough of the time to be charming, but not all of the time to be a stalker.

  Tonight however was also one of those bullshit dating moments where I didn’t want to do something but felt somewhat obliged.  Fancy dress was not my thing, I guess because in real-life I was so many other people already, but there was something about being in semi-disguise that made me feel uneasy.  I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just couldn’t shake tonight and I didn’t know why?

  The party was taking place at a unique venue called fives which was a club that was over four floors with a number of different function rooms, a basement, a ground floor and two upper floors.  I was advised there was likely to be between a hundred to maybe even a hundred and fifty people there which was well outside my preferred upper number of six.  We entered on the ground floor after showing our tickets at the door and make our way inside the grandiose structure.  There are ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, priests, nuns, slutty nurses, slutty cops, slutty superheroes, slutty cartoon characters and even a slutty poodle outfit (why?  Just why?) but that wasn’t what go my attention.

  “LEWIS!” a voice echoed from the noise of the throng and out of the bodies appeared Kat, dressed quite formally as a vicar, not a slutty vicar but a standard one.  A black jacket, black top, vicar collar, black trousers, glasses and a pipe.  Weird thing was even though it wasn’t s sexy outfit there was something about the way she was wearing the Hell out of it that made it so.

  “KAT!  Wow, you look great!  Look at you,” I stated earnestly.  It was then she removed a small bottle of water from her jacket and started throwing it on me.

  “The power of Christ compels thee!” Kat laughed as she did that.  Kate chuckled next to me as Kat acted like the exorcist.  Kat finally stopping to eye up my sexy companion.

  “Well I guess I’d better introduce the two of you before I turn into a pumpkin or something,” I joked, getting puzzled looks from both of them.  “Kate this is Kat, Kat…Kate”.

  “Great to put a face to the name,” Kat greeted Kate moving forward for a hug, the vicar wrapping her arms around the slutty nun, creating a sexy image all of its own.  The two of them pulled apart before Kat heard the music come on.

  “Oh my God!  Monster mash!  This is the second time they’ve played it.  Come on, let’s dance,” Kat suggested, pulling Kate onto the dance floor, Kate looking back at me in mild panic as I chuckled at Kat taking charge of her.

  As soon as that got onto the dance floor Kat pulled Kate to her, one leg strategically placed between Kate’s and Kat began moving her hips provocatively, the two of them quickly getting in a rhythm together as Kat grabbed Kate by the arse and Kate flung her arms in the air, biting her lip alluringly.  I watched as this vicar and nun cavorted on the floor, adjusting my tool in awe of the spectacle as Kat’s thigh rubbed between Kate’s legs as my two favourite women ground their bodies against each other, their eyes transfixed on one another as Kate rested her forearms on Kat’s shoulders, their movements becoming more intimate and intense as the stupid song vibrated through the building.

  I felt like at any minute the two of them would start to pull and yank at each other’s clothing, disrobing in the middle of the dance floor, flailing at each other’s bodies till their mouths were attached to each others snatches feasting on the gooey delights therein, but my attention was transferred elsewhere.

  “HEY!  Wow!  Your costume looks amazing!” a young Spider-Gwen said to me complete with the distinctive blonde haircut and figure hugging outfit.

  “Thanks!  Yours is amazing too,” I replied, not really knowing why she felt compelled to compliment my outfit.

  “It looks even better in the flesh.  What do you think, Teri?” Spider-Gwen asked to some unknown person.  From a group of people a brunette emerged wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit with crop top with a jumper, shirt and tie pattern, short skirt that looked more like a belt as it started on her hips and went down just past her crotch, with her red G-string coming above the skirt and over her hips, finished off with a school gown.

  “Who are you meant to be?” I asked, feeling like I was almost drooling as I stared at her.

  “Hermione Grainger.  Duh!” Teri replied.  I looked over the outfit and it made some sense, if Hermione had been a porn star.

  “Ah, of course,” I nodded, my eyes enjoying their journey over these girls considerable assets.

  “Horny devil.  Nice,” Teri continued as she eyed me up and down.  I decided to play along with my cape, creating a flurry with the material before bowing dramatically in front of them.  “I’m with…” I began before I turned to see that my two companions had disappeared off the floor.  I scanned the bodies in the area but it was clear they weren’t there.  “…out a drink at the minute.  Can I get you two one?”

  The two of them nodded and we went to the bar to order some drinks, although once my order was in my attention was immediately drawn elsewhere as I desperately searched the crowd to see if I could find Kat and Kate as the gathered mass now bounced along to “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys.

  “What you looking for?” Gwen asked me as I scanned the throng.

  “I’m here with two friends but I can’t seem to place them,” I replied.  The two women leant, elbows back against the bar, their considerable natural boobs, stretching the crop top and superhero outfit distractingly.

  “They could be upstairs,” Gwen helpfully suggested.

  “I thought the main entrance was the only way in,” I queried.  Wondering how I didn’t know about the second route.  The two girls took their beers and we walked to the end of the bar where a lift was located.  “What the?  How long has this been here?”

  “Er…always,” Teri replied, dryly as we stated out at the gathered monsters, ghouls, superheroes and randoms before the doors opened and we headed to the third layer of fives.  The door opened and my jaw dropped as I realised my devil’s outfit was both completely appropriate and yet wildly out of place for how I suddenly felt.  Yes, I’d experienced a threesome and something of a smaller group sex experience, but here, couples, threes and fours were openly cavorting in this main room, completely in the open.

  I found myself staring as one guy was sat wearing a werewolf mask as a fairy and a cop licked up and down his impressive length as the discarded their outfits.  For a moment the three of us just stood and admired the spectacle of the two women pleasuring this half-man, half-wolf, all-cock creature before Teri pulled me back into the real world.

  “I take it that’s not them,” Teri asked as she watched the fairy’s boobs tumble free as the bear chested werewolf looked to the heavens whilst his hands went behind the two women’s heads, keeping their faces glued to his dick.  I thought I was hard watching Kate and Kat, now matters were worse.

  “No…er…no.  They’re a vicar and a nun,” I explained, my eyes still glued on the threesome.

  “Oh, like over there,” Gwen remarked helpfully.  My stomach flipped on hearing that as I wondered what position I might find them in.  Thankfully it wasn’t them.  It was a vicar whose collar was still on but little else as his pants were round his ankles as he fucked his nun friend, her habit being the only thing she was wearing as the Heavenly Father pounded into her pussy, gripping her ass-cheeks aggressively as he did so, his face snarling meanly as he occasionally slapped her cheeks.  At the front end the skinny nun was being fed the cock of a rotund gentleman whose costume was on floor.  I had no idea what he was meant to be but right now he was in heaven as the nun hungrily feasted on his tool, her face being pummelled forward onto the plump guy’s prick by the horny vicar behind her, the three of them blissfully locked together.

  “No…no.  The vicar is…also female,” I responded, barely able to get my response out as the new views kept on hijacking my attention.  I looked away momentarily back to Teri and Gwen only to see the two of them with their hands between their legs, feeling their warmth and wetness as they witnessed the ongoing depravity of the room.  I took in the rest of the room and people in and out of costume cavorting.

  The most eye-catching sight was someone dressed as Batman (minus pant) sat against the wall whilst a blonde Robin bounced merrily on his trunk, one leg on the floor the other on the couch, her body sliding up and down the dark knight’s truncheon as she bit her lip in response, her skirt strewn to the side as her boobs bounced perkily from atop her red and green vest whilst the caped crusader held onto her hips.

  “Fuck me, Bruce!” Robin begged as she bounced frantically.

  “That’s the plan, Robin,” he responded as the three of us watched the scene play out before I remembered just what I was here to do.

  “We’d best keep looking for Kate,” I suggested to my two new companions.

  “Who’s Kate?” Teri asked, her eyes transfixed on the superhero fornication in our midst.

  “The person I’m trying to find,” I reminded her.  Gwen and Teri then nodded to each other and we proceeded to move down to the next level, passing more people in various states of undress before getting down to the second floor.  This was more crowded than upstairs and upon first glance seemed somewhat more restrained with people dancing on the main floor, this time to “Hungry like the Wolf” (which I saw as a pretty lame link to Halloween) but when you looked at those around the edges, people were still heavily petting but with slightly more clothing.  That said, there was still no sign of Kate and Kat.

  “Well this is hopeless,” I remarked, wondering where they could be hidden, or indeed if they’d left.

  “They could be in the quiet room,” Gwen suggested.

  “The quiet room?” I repeated, curiously.

  “Yeah, the quiet room.  It’s on the other side of this floor.  Sound-proofed for eating and drinking but there’s probably no eating going on tonight,” Gwen replied, helpfully.

  “Well…not that kind of eating,” Teri smirked, smuttily.  I shook my head in quiet despair and frustration as we made our way to the quiet food area, opening the heavy door and letting it fall shut behind us as our eyes adjusted to the fact that lighting was far more subtle in here.  We wandered in and in the low level blue strip-lighting that circled the room we were able to make out around twenty people or so, all very into each other dispersed on the outer seating and even the inner-seating at tables.

  But none of them were Kate and Kat.

  I headed onto one of the padded wall seats and slumped down feeling defeated.  All three floors had been explored and my two companions were nowhere.  It’s liked the two heavenly creatures had been sucked-off to the great beyond, just like the vampire on a wall seat as little red riding hood slid her lips along his length and showed her what a big mouth she had.  At a table two women in outfits with corsets kissed as their hands mauled each others naked breasts, their eyes closed as their mouths moved against each other, the two of them lost in the sensations they were giving and receiving.  I peeked over at Teri and Gwen who, like me, were drawn to this image, Teri licking her lips and Gwen biting hers, longingly.

  “If you two want to do something don’t let me stop you,” I mentioned.  The two of them shared a glance before Gwen looked my way.

  “We don’t need your permission to do anything,” Gwen stated, sharply.

  “I know,” I agreed before leaning over to the two of them.  “I’m just the devil on your shoulder,” I concluded with a dirty wink.  With that the two women looked back at one another before leaning in for a kiss, Gwen’s hands going round Teri’s waist as Teri put her arms around Gwen’s neck, their bodies merging together as started to rub against each other, Teri moving her thigh between Gwen’s legs.

  I couldn’t help but attempt to adjust my raging hard-on subtly so as not to attract attention, but as I slyly glanced around the room and saw others with hands beneath clothing, pulling, tugging and inserting I figured…what the heck, and so started to grip the other part of me more freely.  Teri noticed this and giggled, pointing both of their attention at me.

  “Are we turning you on?” Teri asked, mockingly as her hand travelled to Gwen’s breasts, massaging them gently for my delight and envy, possibly.

  “That you are,” I replied.  Gwen glanced back at her friend and Teri left her mate’s side and sat next to me.  I had now become a Gwen and Teri sandwich and boy did I want to fill both of them.  I turned to face Teri and as I did I felt Gwen’s hand on my zipper, pulling it down and her hand removing my cock from my pants as I moved her hand into Teri’s thigh, that dirty, flirty smirk running back across her features.

  I switched my gaze to Gwen, my left hand traversing the zip at the front of her outfit and pulling it all the way down to her waist before placing it on her thigh as she moved her hand beneath my top and Teri’s hand replaced hers around my throbbing girth, her look was hungrier than Teri’s.  She didn’t just want to have some fun, she was yearning to be fucked.

  “It seems bigger than usual,” Gwen said, eyeing the other me.

  “You’d be surprised just how often I hear that,” I responded as Teri began moving her grip along my length, a perfect strength that was firmer than weak handshake and less tight than a Boa Constrictor.  I moved my hands up their thighs and both women helpfully opened their legs so I had room to play, slipping my fingers into their panties and moving them to the gash, the three of us moving in time as we watched the action unfold in the room, my digits feeling their wetness as their thighs moved involuntarily forward and back in response to my efforts.

  “Does it taste as good as it looks?” Teri asked as her eyes moved to my meat.

  “Only one way to find out,” Gwen commented.  As I stared at Gwen as she cheekily raised an eyebrow I felt Teri lick around the end of my bent meaty gearstick.

  “Holy fucking Hell!” I replied as Teri licked all the way up my prick like it was an ice lolly, before returning her tongue around my end.  “Fancy a ride,” I said to Gwen.

  “Oh, Hell yeah,” Gwen breathed as swung a leg over my waist, barely missing her friend who managed to quickly withdraw without getting a knee to the face.  Gwen moved herself over my length and let her body sink down all the way to my hips.

  “Oh shit!  That feels SO much better than usual”.

  It was then that I realised their familiarity with me was not based on friendliness but yet again on mistaken identity.  How many more lucky bastard Lewis’ were out there enjoying these sexy bitches.  Gwen removed her arms from her outfit and let it fall to her waist, allowing her breasts to be pliable, which my hands were more than happy to do.

  “I guess your outfit must be having that effect on me,” I suggested as she slid up and down on me.  I looked across to Teri who was watching us with her fingers in her pussy, biting her lip as she watched us fuck.

  “Can I help you with that?”

  All three of us were genuinely surprised as we turned to see Red Riding Hood on her knees moving forward towards Teri’s snatch, Teri’s eyes went wide as she saw the fairy-tale vixen move toward her, spreading her legs fully to allow her access as she moved her mouth to her cunt and began to lap away.

  “Is she good?” Gwen moaned as she continued to move against me, my pole loving the feeling of being buried deep inside her.

  “She’s so good,” Teri sighed as the vampire red had been serving moved behind her and slipped his prick into her, grabbing her hips and starting ramming inside her, causing red to lean her head against Teri’s thigh as she lapped at her slippery quim.  “That’s real good”.

  “It looks…a…an…amazing,” Gwen managed to speak as she witnessed the oral delights being received by her friend.  It was clear the sensation of my cock and the visual stimulus of her friend being on the end of some pounded cunnilingus was building her orgasm.  “That’s…UGH…yeah…HMMM…OOOH…Hurr…oh THERE!”

  With that Gwen’s bodied stiffened on my cock as her head went back ace she gripped my shoulder with the ferocity of my previous girlfriend trying to steal a chip, the veins in her neck popping and her chest going red as she came all over me.  I felt my dick tingle as I peeked over at Red lapping at Teri as she was railed from behind by the vampire who was on the verge of filling red full of cum as he sped up his thrusts before stopped, holding onto Red’s arse as he filled her pussy full with his hot seed.  This was more than I could bear as I exploded deep inside Gwen who then collapsed forward onto me as Red disengaged with the vampire and moved Teri onto her back before getting on top of her in a 69.

  It was gonna be a long night.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  “I can’t believe that Kate and Kat left,” I remarked as I got dressed with Teri and Gwen, the three of us getting caught up in our own situation in the quiet room.

  “Well actually…there’s always the basement,” Gwen remembered as she zipped up her Spider-Gwen costume.  Of course…the basement, how thoughtless of me.  The basement was a bar off-shoot you could walk down to from outside, connected but disconnected from Fives.  We hurried out passed various necking couples and bustled into the monster-filled smaller, more intimate bar with TV monitors showing the action in the other building which I guess would’ve been handy for me finding my friends.  I probed the are, my eyes travelling over the assorted bodies with hands searching beneath clothing, bodies entwined and in one case a woman in a blue dress writhing on top of her bespectacled other half, his hands mauling her boobs beneath the velvet material but neither vicar nor nun showed themselves.

  However at the back of the bar I could see a slightly raised stage area, presumably used for the occasional singer or club act but tonight no club act was on that stage.  With his back to the audience one guy was pounding away at woman, his backside moving at some pace as he powered into some slut on stage, her cries of pleasure being muffled as her face was buried between another woman’s legs as her face was being pushed into her friend’s pussy.  It was a wild scene, the slapping of his hips against her cheeks could even be heard over the general melee, her mate had her head back as her legs quivered beneath the fucked woman’s oral arguments, till she lifted her head up and faced her friend, but it wasn’t her friend.

  It was someone she’d only met tonight.

  The woman with her head back was Kat, which meant that the woman being fucked so viciously was Kate.

  At the point I felt a swirl of sickness come up from my stomach fly up my oesophagus but stay in my mouth as I watched this stranger power into my would-be girlfriend as she feasted on my best friend at work, his strokes getting quicker as he moved ever nearer his climax till he pulled out his cock and shot his seed over Kate’s back, before leaning back against the wall, exhausted, whereas I leaned against the wall, devastated.

  “Hey, is that them?” Teri asked, her voice swirling around my head like a reminder of my current awful reality.

  “Yeah.  Yeah that’s them,” I managed to mumble.  I was feeling the room spin around me as the words of other felt like the swirling of water around a drain.  I kept blinking trying to almost wash away the memory of what I’d just witnessed from my eyes when I became aware of another presence, other people were drawing in.  I looked up as Kat and Kate approached.

  “How?  How could…” I began before Kate’s hand swiped straight across my features, snapping my head around in surprise.

  “Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” Kate questioned, angrily.

  “Find out what?” I pondered as I rubbed my face in shock.  Kate pointed upwards and I turned my head to see the TV monitor show the interior of the second floor of five’s and the rampant behaviour up there.

  “So!  I wasn’t…” I commenced before witnessing the screen switch to the quiet room.  I pondered what this meant, the timeline of the evening and what Kate and Kat had probably seen.  “Ah”.

  “Ah?  Ah?  Is that all you can say?  Ah?” Kate queried.

  “Look that doesn’t…” I started before yet again someone leapt in and interrupted me.

  “Hey, where’ve you two been?  I’ve been waiting down here for ages?” another Devil dressed in a similar but cheaper-looking outfit asked Gwen and Teri.  The two women looked back and forth at the newcomer then me before Gwen stepped forward and removed my upper face and head mask before standing back in horror after seeing my face.

  “You’re not DAVE!” Gwen stated, her eyes wide in confusion.

  “What?  No.  I’m Lewis!” I corrected her before her hand came the other way, reddening my right cheek this time.   “What?! OW!”

  “I can’t believe you tricked us,” Teri responded with a wicked smirk on her face.

  “We’re done,” Kate said.  “I feel like I don’t know you,” she continued before leaving the building.

  “Yeah.  Not cool, Lewis,” Kat replied following after her.

  “How could you pretend to be someone else?” said Gwen, tearfully, before hurling herself into Dave’s arms.  I gazed around at a room full of people who were literally dressed as someone else, the irony of the moment not lost on me.

  “Do you want me to kick his ass?” asked the devil that I assumed was her boyfriend.

  “Er…no, no.  It’s okay, let’s just get outta here,” Gwen decided, leaving me with no uncertainty that my performance was a sufficient improvement on what she had previously.  Teri remained in her spot and I assumed she was about to strike my face too, instead she moved her mouth to my ear and whispered…

  “I knew you weren’t really Dave.  Call me,” and then winked as she left, with me rubbing both sides of my slapped face still feeling furious with Kate but puzzled as to how I’d somehow got dumped and come onto all within the space of less than a minute.  It caused me to briefly wonder what it was I did wrong for things to fall so badly out of whack the way they had.

  Whatever it was I was determined at that moment that I should definitely stop doing it.


  Oh dear.  Things are over before they’ve begun for Lewis and Kate as mistaken identity causes chaos.  Who would have thought impersonating others could lead to a bad end, but what’s in store for our Lewis next?

  You’ll have to wait till next time to find out.

Written by goodafterboob

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