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"Lewis Doppelgänger lifestyle finally catches up with him"

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Have we got to the end of this short story about mistaken identity quite so quickly?  It appears so…but what of the invite Lewis received at the end of the last chapter?  Let’s rejoin our dim but diligent hero in this final part.


  I stared at the invite from Barbara for her daughter’s engagement wondering just what I was going to do.  Clearly Kate and I not being together had not prevented me from getting invited but should I go?

  Would Kate be there also?  I had to consider that this also could be a very real possibility and be a tad awkward.  We had ended things on some pretty bad terms and it was likely that the mood between us could well still be sour.

  The last question that occurred to me was merely a practical one.  What the Hell was Barbara’s daughter called?  For the first time I actually felt like the fake Lewis because I knew that the real Lewis would have known this straight away.

  I placed the invite on my table and stared at it momentarily.  I didn’t want to make a decision on it straight away, I’d have to sleep on it once I’d gotten past my current recurring nightmare.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  As I moved my hips forward she moved her ass back towards me, the two of us juddering and adjoining together over and over again as my hands calmly rested on her glutes as my cock worked its way inside her.  Teri may not have been Miss Right, but she was certainly Miss Right-Now and right now that’s what my body needed.  I powered into her body as I fucked her from behind, her regular visits becoming notable whenever she didn’t come round.

  Her naked body moved to counter my thrusts inside her as my pole sought the comforting heat of her inviting love-tunnel.  Teri moaned as we moved together, I couldn’t see her face but knew her eyes were closed as she responded to my movements, I couldn’t help but feel curious about something.

  “Why do women like this position so much?” I asked as I quickened my pace, drawing gasps of encouragement from Teri as her body reacted to mine, her cheeks slamming into me faster.

  “You want the truth?” Teri managed to breathe out in one go.

  “Always,” I replied, keenly.

  “It’s easier to fantasise this way,” Teri confessed.  I thought about that.  There was me slamming into her and giving my all to get her off and there she was eyes closed imagining something else.  I wondered what was going through her mind?  Was it her mate who I always called Gwen with her head between her legs, maybe even the two of them with their faces between each other’s legs lapping at each other joyous fleshy sexual oyster, or was it the thought of me and Tuk double-teaming her with a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth, the two of us using her body for our own sordid ends as she closed her eyes and let her imagination take over.

  I gripped her cheeks more aggressively as I slammed inside her, closing my eyes remembering my nightmare of Kate being in the stage, two guys pounding into her pussy and ass while another was feeding him his cock and her flailing arms were reaching out for two more cocks.  Usually I was watching powerlessly but in a fantasy I could take charge as Teri’s hands moves forward round my body on one side and the red-headed Nina moves her hands round from the other, both their hands reaching down for my cock as Kate was being double-teamed two and a half times, but now her eyes had flicked over my way.

  “I want this,” Teri moans as her hands reach ever downward to my engorged tool, her hand gripping my cock hungrily.

  “Me too,” Nina replies as she slides her hand on top of Teri’s, the two of them gripping my tool together as they move, what felt like, their conjoined hands up and down my length as I stare at Kate, caught up sating five men at the same time, for a moment she lets the man in her mouth fall aside as she stares at the three of us before he firmly pushes his cock back in there, her eyes closing as she turns her head and starts to slide her mouth up and down his length.  I feel myself sneer an angry response and reach my arms behind me to bring Nina and Teri in front of me so I can see their naked forms next to me.

  “Why don’t you both show me how much you want it?” I say to them, savouring their succulent nakedness.  The two women smile at each before both kneel in front of me, mouths wide, tongues out licking along the length of my stem.  I move my hands behind their heads, neither pressing them in or them in place, merely resting my hands against their hair as their tongues lollipopped the Hell out of my cock, their tongues when occasionally withdrawing leaving a line of drool hovering in mid-air before it would break and they’d wipe their mouths and begin again.  I look over at Kate who’s let the guy from her mouth free again as she looks at the three of us enviously as Nina slides her mouth down my length all the way to the root.

  “UGH!  That’s amazing,” I tell Nina as Teri moves her hand up my leg and starts to stroke my buttocks, moving her fingers closer to my puckered star, moving along the line then prodding her figure inside causing my cock to bob up in Nina’s mouth, catching her in surprise.  Nina moves back a moment before resuming the sucking of my end.  I watch as the man in Kate’s mouth cums over her tits as her eyes watch me.  I nod at her in acknowledgment as she nods back while her hands pull on two other dicks and her pussy and ass are being filled at the same time and she watches my throbbing cock being gobbled down by Nina.

  “Who’s first?” I ask stepping back from the two nymphs knelt in front of me.  Nina moves round on her knees and Teri places her hand either side of cheeks and pulls them apart, invitingly.  I move behind Nina, reaching out my hand and move it over her ass down to her clenched ass and press my finger inside.

  “Tell her where my finger is,” I demand of Nina.

  “URGH!  It’s right in my ass,” Nina replies through a clenched smile at Kate as she relieves another man across her tits, his spunk coating her nipples and freckled boobs as her eyes fix solidly on me.  I edge forward, placing my hand on Nina’s backside as my rigid staff moves towards her tightest of holes, my eyes moving from Kate’s eyes to the solo closed one between Nina’s cheeks, before I inch ever closer and press my head against her entrance, her cheeks quiver in at my touch before I pushed forward and slid my head into her ring.

  “Holy shit!” Nina barks in shock.  I hold firm for a moment as the next guy jerks on his tool and his cream covers Kate’s neck, chin and shoulders as she continues to receive a pounding down below, moaning longingly into the air as she stares my way.  I move my cock further inside Nina’s sphincter, her breathing shallow, her sighs deep, her voice shaking.

  “How does he feel in there?” Teri asks as I get half of my curved rod in there.

  “Big,” is all Nina can say in reply.  I withdraw and then move inside again.  “Oh yeah”.

  I take that as a win and quicken my moves, my eyes on Kate as they guys start moving faster in her cunt and in her back passage, slamming inside, grunting as they thrust inside her.  I match their speed and enthusiasm as I ride Nina’s butt, gripping her cheeks as I ram into her, I can feel the earthy groans coming from my throat rather than hear them as Teri leans away from Nina, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy, Kate staring over at us, nearing her orgasm, my cock swelling as the pumping in and out Nina’s backside was pushing my own orgasm, all six of us seemingly locked together in this fucking rage, Teri’s fingers moving ever quicker, Kate’s eyes going wider as the waves of pleasure began to crash into her as the sensations from her ravaged holes took her over, my cock bursting forth from the sight of her being DP’d as I fucked Nina hard until…

  “Fucking Hell!” I yelled as I exploded inside Teri’s warm and wet pussy, my hands gripping her cheeks holding her in place.

  “FUCK!” Teri screamed as her puss contracted around my cock, the two of us locked together as we fell forward, both sated by our physical connection and mental separation.

  “What were you thinking about?” Teri asked.

  “Just thinking how amazing your pussy felt,” I bluffed, feeling it better not to tell her I was fantasising about my ex being gang-banged.

  “Liar,” Teri laughed.  I pondered just how well she was beginning to know me by working that out so effectively.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The cereal was granola.  It may as well have been anthracite for the amount of fun I was having eating it.  I chewed through it knowing that the protein content was the only thing making it worthwhile, which was leading my dinner to be a wholly miserable experience…till Kat entered the kitchen area and made it worse.

  “Afternoon,” I threw out there, my eyes never leaving my food.

  “Afternoon,” Kat remarked back.  We’d now entered a stage of civility between us, but it did feel weird.  Neither of us had engaged in any kind of sexual relations yet we’d both seen each other semi-clad or nude, myself seeing her on stage, Kat seeing me on a TV monitor having sex with Gwen and Teri.  The entire thing was surreal with neither of us ever mentioning this.  Part of me always wanted to say to her “Great tits by the way”, but did this meant she wanted to query me by asking “have you always had that bend in your cock?”  Who knew?

  “Are you going to the engagement party?” Kat asked.  I coughed as my cereal lodged in my throat in shock.  It never occurred to me that other people I knew other than Kate, Barbara and Carol might be at this thing.

  “What?” I asked, trying to quickly get my churned-up mush of a breakfast to head down to my stomach.  “How do you know Barbara and her daughter?” I managed to blurt out.

  “I don’t.  I’m going as Kate’s plus one,” Kat explained.  I nodded in response as the explanation made perfect sense.  I then considered the question itself.  Was I going to the party?  I kept thinking about attending then brushing it off, but there’d come a point where if I left it any longer I wouldn’t be allowed to go.  A decision was needed we’re procrastination was not helping.

  “Yeah.  Me too,” I confirmed, confidently as I looked straight at her for the first time in a long time.  “I’ll be there”.

  “Great.  Who are YOU going with?” Kat asked.

  “FUCK!” screamed my brain internally.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  “Fucking Hell,” I whispered as Teri bounced herself on my tool, her boobs swaying wildly beneath her, her brown wavy hair strewn across her face, her eyes closed as other people flashed through her subconscious as she used my body to give her pleasure, my bendy cock being little more than a fleshy accessory she was using to get her end away.  Not that I was complaining, having an attractive, young woman with long brown hair moaning, sighing and writhing all over my sweaty, lust-crazed body was hardly what anyone could call a chore.

  I reached up to massage those boobs whilst she bit her lip, eyes shut, fantasies playing like a movie inside her lids.  I moved my mouth to her left nipple and nibbled on the uneven flesh as I reached back and smacked her left arse-cheek.

  “Double OW!” Teri cried as she looked down at me.  I used that break in her concentration to grip her waist and power into her, taking back the control of the momentum, watching her body shudder as I jacked up my hips to meet her pussy, watched as her stomach muscles tightened whilst I ploughed into her, sneered self-congratulatory to myself as she closed her eyes trying to get back to her fantasy that I was powerfully distracting her from getting back to.

  “I’m sorry. Is my pounding into you distracting,” I stated as she rodeoed on top of me, her body aquiver as she pursed her lips together.

  “Oh you…HOO…you FUCKING know it, you…ugh…bastard,” Teri managed to sigh out as her trembling worsened as she froze on top of me, her head down as her climax drove through her body.  I smirked as I considered how I’d managed to wrestle her orgasm from her subconscious and move it down to myself, however I put the self-congratulations aside as I held her tight, flipped her onto her back and stared deep into her eyes, holding focus as I powered into her with passionately to relieve the tormented build-up in my aching stem.

  It was while we were lying there that I decided to face my phobias and end my unceasing procrastination.

  “There’s an engagement party…” I began before Teri cut me off.

  “It’s not for me is it?  I mean I’m flattered but this is just a bit of fun,” Teri interjected, dryly.  For a moment I panicked, wondering if she did think I was about to propose before she laughed in my face.

  “Right, of course.  No, it’s for the daughter of a friend of mine,” I informed Teri.  She pondered this for a moment before replying.

  “Sure.  Could be fun,” said Teri, before hopping out of bed and starting to fling her clothes back on.  “Just don’t get any ideas though”.

  “Scouts honour,” I nodded as I watched Teri’s nakedness disappear and felt somewhat sad that it did.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  A week before Christmas, what kind of bellend has an engagement party a week before Christmas?  I imagined that dullard Lewis Smith might do something like this, the sap whose identity I somewhat stole (with my much cooler name Lewis Jones).  The party was going to be at the Greychester Rovers football club function room which could hold up to three hundred but today was only holding a mere two hundred and twenty, one of which was my sort-of ex, Kate who was there with my best friend from work, Kat.   This had the potential to be a tad confusing but to negate this possibility I had decided to accept the invite for pre-drinks at Barbara’s house.  I drove over to the address provided, feeling somewhat amazed when I got there.  The house was detached and quite ostentatious compared with Carol’s modest bungalow.  It was time for Teri and I to get our mind on the ball and our eyes on the prize, or the other way around…or both.

  “Okay, so if you can mingle with people and get them to introduce themselves we should be able to keep the charade up that I’m the other Lewis for the entire night,” I reminded her.  Teri shook her head disappointedly.

  “I don’t get it.  Why not come clean that you’re not the other Lewis?  Don’t you think they deserve to know?” Teri queried.

  “The answer to the second question is maybe, which is why I don’t come clean for the first question,” I advised her.  “You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

  “No.  Besides…this might be fun,” Teri replied looking into the house which seemed to have a few people mulling about inside.  I felt my stomach twist in uncertainty but knew I had to head inside as I’d come this far.  I opened my car door, bland present that cost enough but did very little in hand and, after hooking Teri’s hand beneath my arm, I made my way to the door…which, almost mysteriously, opened as I approached.

  “Lewis, you came!” Barbara stated as she flung her arms in the air, her hair now down, glasses gone and a tight black dress on she looked far from the frumpy housewife I first met, she looked like a ravishing MILF or should that have been MIHAF?

  “I couldn’t resist a party where you and Carol were at,” I retorted, honestly.  If this is what Barbara looked like then I imagined that Carol would scrub up even better.  “This is my plus one, Teri”.

  “Pleased to meet you,” Teri stated, pushing her hair back nervously.  Usually she was full of confidence and verve but it was quite pleasant seeing this more human side to her as she nervously greeted Carol with a hug before moving further into the house as planned to be my introduction buffer.  I could hear Teri introduce herself to someone, the name back was…Catherine, and she was Carol’s daughter.  I headed into the front room emboldened by this knowledge.

  “Catherine.  Great to see you,” I stated going up to her, hand outstretched.  Catherine looked right back at me, a troubled, puzzled expression on her face.

  “Lewis?” Catherine asked, her expression troubled.

  “Of course,” I responded, hoping she didn’t recognise I wasn’t her Lewis.

  “How do you know my name?  We’ve never met before,” Catherine replied.  CRAP!  I assumed everyone had met Lewis and now I was facing down the barrel of questions I hadn’t prepared for.

  “Uh, because I heard Teri from the hallway, ha ha!” I fake laughed, drawing more fake polite laugh from everyone gathered, before her fiancé stuck his hand out.

  “I’m Toby”.

  “Course you are,” I agreed to a lanky lamppost of a man whose narrow shoulders were probably a similar width to wire coat hangers.  I spied a table full of drinks in the back room and headed straight for it, grabbing two glasses of white wine.  Teri approached me looking apprehensive herself.  I quickly necked one glass and as Teri moved her hand closer to mine I necked the other one too.

  “Gee thanks,” Teri remarked, grabbing a glass herself, but being decidedly more reserved with the sips.

  “I shouldn’t have come here.  This was a mistake,” I observed, wholeheartedly.  “I’m feeling…really exposed.  Like somethings just…off”.

  “Lewis,” a female voice I recognised stated.  I turned to face my somewhat ex Kate with her arm around the waist of my somewhat work best-friend Kat, their bobbed haircut matching, one black, one blonde, both stunning.

  “Good to see you…and your both looking well,” I complimented the two of them, genuinely.

  “Is this the lady you were with when we last saw each other.  I’m Kate,” she stated, priggishly, as she extended her hand.

  “Teri, this is Kate and next time her is Kat, the lady she was with when last we all met,” I reminded Kate, whose nostrils flared tempestuously at that.  Teri, clearly sensing the tension in the air, placed down her drink and put her hands in the air.

  “Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Look, you’re all friends you all get on and you’re here for a good time, right?” Teri asked, like an exasperated parent.  We all nodded and she pressed on.  “So why don’t we call a truce tonight.  What do you say?”

  We all looked at each other sheepishly as we realised how silly this all was, and shook hands.  I stared back at Teri who swigged down her drink and rolled her eyes at all three of us and our mutual stupidity.  When I’d first met Teri I’d seen her as a saucy minx, then as a fuck-Buddy, then as a plus-one, but here she was proving herself to be a powerful ally.  I was starting to feel very glad I’d invited her to this as she was helping to avert what otherwise would surely have been a very awkward scene.

  “YOU!” a male voice stated from behind me.  I turned to see a guy about my age walk angrily towards me.

  “Can I help OOF!”

  The punch to my guts knocks the wind out of me and I fall to my knees.  I look up and wonder who the Hell that was, only to see my date for the night launch a mighty kick right between the guy’s legs, sending him flat to the floor.  My facd may have been pink from the winding but rather that than the purple face he was sporting due to the battered bollocks.


  “Lewis!  Oh my god are you okay?” Kate asked looking down.

  “No,” the other guy whimpered, instantly causing me to recognise who he was.

  “She meant me, numb-nuts,” I pointed out to him as I began to get my breath back.

  “I’m Lewis,” the other Lewis mewed, meekly.

  “Wait?  Two Lewises?!” Barbara remarked as she looked at the floor.

  “I’m Lewis,” Lewis Smith repeated again like a broken talking doll.

  “Yes, and I’m Lewis as well,” I pointed out as Teri and Kate helped me back to my feet.

  “Wait?  Jerry?” a familiar voice asked.  I lifted my gaze to see the guy from the flat with whom I partook a six person orgy as he’d mistaken me for his friend.

  “No.  I can explain,” I suggested before Jerry walked in via a different door, this time minus the stings from his face.

  “Holy shit.  Two Jerries!  I’m seeing double,” Bryan remarked rubbing his eyes in a cartoon manner.

  “YOU’RE the reason I missed the orgy that night!” Jerry stated as I bent over still struggling for breath.

  “You took part in an orgy?!” Kate queried, annoyed.

  “It was before we were a thing,” I clarified.

  “You slept with my girlfriend?!” Lewis squealed, still struggling to control his voice as his testes swelled.

  “It was after we broke up in August,” Kate informed him.

  “August?!” Barbara shouted.  “You told Carol and I you’d split up in April!”

  “Oh…well…erm, yeah about that…” Lewis squirmed as he tried to think of a lie.

  “Why is that relevant?” Kate asked nervously, her eyes travelling between her mum and Lewis.  I decided to step-up and be the biggest person as it was my want for someone else’s experiences that had got most of us in this mess.

  “Okay.  So, Kate, if I’m thinking correctly Lewis fucked your Mum and Barbara before you’d split with him.  Your mum and dad are swingers, yes?” I asked of Carol, Barbara and her husband, a big man with grey hair and matching grey beard, now stood behind her looking as sheepish as his wife.

  “We are, but we would never have slept with Lewis if we’d known you were still together,” Carol advised her daughter, Kate, who slumped onto a chair looking as betrayed as she felt.

  “I slept with Barb and your mum as well before I met you or knew anything about you, also,” I advised as Kate put her head in her hands, Kat consoling her with an arm around her shoulder.

  “And I’m sorry I took your spot, Jerry.  If it makes you feel any better we only had sex four times that night,” I reassured him.

  “FOUR?!” Jerry yelled, wanting to move forward to get to me but being held back by Bryan.

  “Which was before the night you came to mine.  Hence my surprise and the shower,” I confessed to Kate.

  “Right.  Right,” Kate replied meekly.  At that Barbara’s hubby marched over to me, I assumed to pound the heck out of me for fucking his wife.  Instead, he grabbed Lewis by the ear and began to pull him outside.

  “OW, OW, OW, OW!” Lewis shouted.

  “We don’t have CHEATERS in this house!” Barbara’s hubby barked as he pulled Lewis out the front room and out the house.  The door being slammed behind my unfaithful doppelgänger, before rejoining is in the front room, all eyes now on me solely.

  “This all started because someone pointed out that I looked like other people, and I foolishly wanted to experience their lives and although it’s caused some issues, I’ve got to say I’m glad it’s happened because if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have met you all,” I began, before my eyes were drawn to Catherine and Toby, the two of them stood together, arms folded in fury.  “Except for you guys, Catherine and Toby.  I guess I’ve kind of ruined your engagement party”.

  “Hey, Lewis.  I didn’t know you were at this thing,” I heard a voice say.  I turned around to see Harry and His girlfriend there at the same event, entering behind Bryan and Jeri.

  “Aren’t you going to introduce us all,” Kate asked.  I turned to look at Teri who raised her eyebrows expectantly.

  “HURR!  Very well.  This is Kate, Kat, Harry, Sally, Teri and that’s Jerry,” I quickly pointed out to everyone there.  “Another one of my lookalikes”.

  “I’m Bryan by the way,” Bryan pointed out, as if completely forgotten about him.

  “OH MY GOD!” exclaimed Teri.  “What Nina said.  This is it.  She surmised that if you know someone who looks like you that their friends look like your friends…they don’t just look alike in this case.  They ARE the same friends”.

  It was like the metaphorical lightbulb was sparking into life above my metaphorical head.

  “Thanks, Teri,” I acknowledged with a smile.

  “Jerry!” Teri replied.

  “No, you’re Teri,” I corrected her.

  “No, JERRY!” Teri pointed past me.  I turned my head and felt Jerry’s fist connect with my jaw, my head swung around, the room spun with it and my vision went dark.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I opened my eyes to find I was led in bed with a number of interesting faces around me.

  On my right was Teri shaking her head at me, reproachfully, on my left sat Kate and Kat whilst at the foot of the bed was my best friend Harry, whose ginger bonce I’d been hanging around with since I was eight years old, with his brunette girlfriend Sally stood next to him, her long straight black hair making her contrast sharply with the other three women in the room.

  “What happened?” I asked, feeling my severely bruised jaw click as I spoke.

  “Well Jerry rushed you, Teri warned you, then Jerry smacked you,” Harry explained.

  “Then Harry and Sally carried you upstairs as the engagement party moved to Greychester Rovers to try and salvage the rest of the party after the truth bombs you dropped and the fights that occurred,” Teri continued, holding my hand as she did.

  “However it still needed Kate here to square things up with Barbara and Carol to let you recover in the guest bedroom,” Kat concluded.  I rubbed my jaw, almost able to feel the point where Jerry’s knuckles smashed into my face.  I felt a twinge of guilt remembering his misfortune that day with me taking his place at an orgy and him falling face first into a beehive but, let’s face it, with his face all blown up the way it was he was NEVER getting any that night.

  “Well, thank you all for your help.  I’m sorry if my want for a more adventurous life put you out,” I advised my assorted friends.  It was funny looking out at those around me.  Harry, Sally and Kat I’d known a considerable time, but it spoke volumes that I looked on both Kate and Teri now as close friends.  I felt Kate grab my left hand also.

  “What are friends for…although I could have used a little more subtlety about my parents private life,” Kate reminded me.

  “Yeah, I don’t think any of us wanted to imagine your parents getting it on with others,” Kat observed, unhelpfully.

  “What they do in private is THEIR business, but I do NOT want to know about it,” Kate opined, forcefully.

  “Yeah, sorry about that.  Guess I lost my own bedside manner in the rush to unburden my soul,” I apologised as I pushed myself up by my elbows and felt the room wobble as the dizziness from the punch remained in my head like a bad hangover.  “Whoa!  Think I got up too fast”.

  “You probably just need some air,” Teri suggested, whilst patting my hand gently.  “If you could maybe give us some space,” Teri suggested to everyone gathered in the room.  Kat got up from the bed and followed Harry and Sally out of the room.  I watched them leave and close the door behind them, feeling relieved to be able to chat freely with my plus one.  It was then I felt the tap on my other hand and turned to see that Kate had not left either.

  “You really are in no fit state are you?” Kate observed before reaching up to my shirt buttons and unfastening them.

  “What are you doing?” I asked, puzzled as to what Kate was up to with Teri in the room.

  “I’m loosening your tight clothing.  If my first aid knowledge still holds it’s meant to help you take in more air,” Kate explained who unbuttoned the top three buttons of my shirt.

  “That’s true.  That tight belt can’t be helping either to be fair,” Teri continued, grabbing my buckle and unhooking it from the belt, grabbing the leather length and pulling it out somewhat phallically, not stopping there and unbuttoning and unzipping my trousers.  If there aim was to make me breathe deeper it was definitely working.  “How’s that feeling?” Teri asked.

  “Yeah, yeah.  It’s…er…that’s really helped,” I nodded back, my focus becoming sharper by the second.

  “I wonder if it would help if we loosened our clothing?” Teri asked Kate before both women looked back at me expecting an answer.

  “Erm…I concur,” I agreed in my most serious Doctor-like voice and watched as both of these stunners stood and unzipped their dresses letting them fall to the floor, Kate in black matching underwear and Teri in red.  My breathing now was very deep as the blood was rushing to a different part of my body.  “If I’m concussed and this is still a dream, please don’t wake me up”.

  The two of them giggled at that, their breasts, jiggling in the lacy material holding them in place, instinctively I undid the remaining buttons on my shirt and slipped out of the sleeves allowing myself to breathe with complete freedom as my eyes struggled to know which side to travel.  The two women looked at each other and then shucked themselves out of their bra’s letting those spectacular tits fall free.


  “HO, man!” I exclaimed, as both women smiled at each other and proceeded to lie on the bed either side of me.  Whatever dizziness I was feeling was certainly dissipating fast, but was I going to mention that to Teri and Kate?  Of course not, not as their hands moved down from my stomach and inside my trousers and shorts, the two of them grabbing and handful of both and yanking them down my legs and pulling them off leaving me naked and bouncing merrily around the waist.

  “I don’t know how I’ve managed to get enough air in to inflate that,” I informed the two of them, causing both of them to chuckle politely before they remove their knickers, leaving all three of us without a stitch on as Kate and Teri led down either side of me.

  "What should we do for the patient now?" Teri asked, shaking her haid back.  Kate pressed her fingers against her lips in mock thought.

  "I know what I think you should do.  Mouth-to-mouth," I suggested.  The two women looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, before Kate pressed her finger against my chin, turned my face towards hers and planted her lips onto mine, their merest touch sending my heart racing, it was then I felt Teri's hand on my chest, sliding through the hairs as she caressed my pecs whilst my attention was captivated by Kate's luscious mouth.

  "The patient seems to be responding to my vigorous chest massage,' Teri remarked with a dirty giggle.  I split my gaze between the two of them before I replied.

  "I wouldn't mind massaging your chests to be honest," I admitted licking my lips at the bounty of delights that were led next to me.

  "Don't let us stop you," Teri replied before moving her face ever nearer mine till her mouth was on mine, her kisses wilder, more urgent and demanding as I moved my hand onto each girls boobs, trying hard not to compare them but finding it was impossible not to.  Teri's were slightly bigger but their shape was pear-like as opposed to Kate's aesthetically-pleasing, more rounded shape, but holy fuck they felt good in my fingers.  their incredible heat, their squishiness, their malleability, my mouth and fingers were in fucking heaven right now.

  "I think our subject might be over-heating.  What do you think?" Kate asked.  Teri released my mouth to reply and I took the opportunity to pounce on her neck and pepper it with kisses and gentle nibbles as their hands roved over my chest and mine toyed with theirs.

  "We should check the thermometer," Teri suggested.  For a moment my mind wondered if they'd already stuck one up my ass when their hands went to my erect phallus and they both gripped it, Teri at the top and Kate at the base, their fingers gripping my heated fuck-stick furiously, the blood coursing through it like a fucking volcano.

  "He's way too hot, me thinks," Kate advised as the two of them gently moved their hands up and down my length causing me no end of delight as I gurgled in joy at their efforts, my head lolling back into the soft pillow behind my head, as their manual handling was turning me on like never before.

  "Very hot.  We definitely need to cool the patient down," Teri urged.  I looked up in fear, worrisome I was going to be subject to a frigid bed bath for the trouble I had out them through, however as I looked at the two naked beauties next to me I noticed they were smiling.  The two of them sat upright then moved their heads downwards till they were staring at my prick in their hands as if it was an ice cold beer after a week in the desert before Teri took the plunge and sank her mouth over the top, salivating all over my rock-solid cock, with Kate rolling her tongue up and down the underside of the base.

  "Holy fucking Hell!" I sighed into the air as the two of them gobbled down my girth, my hands travelling to their bottoms and moving around to their pussies running my fingers along their moist slits, sliding between the lips and probing their succulent entrances as they feasted on my meat.   Part of me wanted nothing more right now than to attach my mouth to one of their pussies and slaver away at it, but the problem was there were two of them and I only had one mouth.  I moved my fingers in a little deeper, moving in and out of each of them as Kate took over at the top and Teri wrapped her lips around one of my balls.

  "Jesus fucking Christ, you two are full of surprises," I confessed as my tool and sac relished the efforts of them both, I thought individually they were hot but together they were a sandwich I was glad to be filling, but more than anything else I wanted to be filling them.  I got up onto my elbows and moved their faces away from my pole and shook my head.  "No.  I want one of you there and one of you here," I explained as I pointed at my junk and my face before lying back down an letting the two of them decide who would go where.  Kate elected to take the hips whilst Teri moved her sopping pussy over my mouth.  I couldn't see but I could feel Kate grab my cock and hold it in place as she slid her quim down my bent staff, moaning joyously as it filled her insides.

  "Oh, fuck yeah," I heard her whisper as Teri moved her slit ever nearer my lips, holding just above it.  I was having none of that shit as I grabbed her thighs and pulled her snatch right onto my mouth.

  "Mmmm, oh God," Teri exclaimed, softly.  I could see her breasts heave as she sucked in the air whilst my tongue played delightfully across gash, long seductive licks followed by deeper tastes inside her juice-box before tickling the bean at the top of it all like I was trying to get a tune out of it as Kate eased herself up and down my saliva-lubed-up tool, her hips slowly moving up and down my length.

  “Can you say ‘ah’?” Kate asked with a quivering voice.

  “AAAAAAH!” Teri replied as I flicked at her nub as mine and her juices combined and merged all over my chin as she leaned forward, her hands against the wall, her breasts dangling, eyes closed and mouth flopping open as she was taken by the moment.

  “I meant…the patient…say ‘ah’,” Kate corrected Teri with a breathy chuckle as she increased her tempo on my staff.

  “Sorry, he’s…very good at…distracting people,” Teri replied as her head dropped forward, no doubt even now lost in some fantasy even though we were engaged in a threesome.  As I looked up I could see Kate’s hands move around Teri’s body and cup her boobs, bringing her back towards her as her fingers played with the pliant flesh and although I couldn’t see it, I could hear the two women kissing as one rode my cock and the other rode my face.

  “Aaaaah,” I sighed into Teri’s snatch as I took a few longer, deeper strokes of her entrance with my tongue, savouring the feeling of her flesh in my mouth and her musky taste before moving to the top and sucking it on my mouth, I could feel Kate speed up more as she bounced up and down my staff, their kisses accompanied with increasingly quickening moans and sighs as Kate’s hands massaged Teri’s sensitive breasts.  I could feel my cock stir inside Kate’s tight box as she ground herself into me, mashing her clit against my hips on every thrust.

  “I think…the patient…has recovered…sufficiently,” Teri advised Kate as she writhed against my lips, Kate’s massaging of her boobs becoming more vigorous as she slapped herself up and down my rod my cock feeling like it was twitching inside her, Teri’s thighs trembling either side of my face, all three of us building towards our mutual, satisfying conclusion.

  “Oh God!  Oh my stars!” Kate moaned as she clenched herself around my stiffy, her hands going to my stomach as her orgasm built inside her.  “OH…SHIT!”

  Kate went as steady as a board as she came all over my length.  I could feel Teri’s thighs shaking as she placed her hands on my chest and leant back as I lapped away at her clam, Kate’s hands now traversing back around Teri’s body to those fabulous boobs, kneading them causing Teri to switch her left hand back to the front and stop Kate’s havd from s massaging any further as they reached peak sensitivity.

  “STOP, STOP, stop,” Teri begged me.  I withdrew my tongue, merely marvelling at the sight of Teri cumming over my face.  Teri rocked back, leaning against Kate as my bobbed ex threw her arms around Teri and just clung to her, holding on to let her body settle whilst my cock still tickled her insides.

  "What the Hell?" Kat remarked as all three of us looked around to see the stunned faces of Kat, Harry and Sally as they stood in the doorway.

  "Er...I'm feeling much better now," I advised them as all three of them stared at our nakedness as the two women dismounted my naked form.  All of them seeming to be making mental pictures and saving them for future wanks.

  "Well...good," Harry replied, his eyes staring blatantly at Kate and Teri until Sally hit his arm.

  "Hey!" Sally chastised as she looked at her boyfriend.

  "Sorry, sorry," Harry apologised, looking away.  Sally shook her head before looking our way and her own gaze becoming captured by all three of us, her eyes, moving down my stomach to my quickeningly-solidifying cock, roving over Kate's boobs, sliding along the cleft of Teri's ass-cheeks, biting her lip as she found herself becoming increasingly turned on by what she was seeing, till Harry caught her looking.

  "HEY!" Harry yelled.  Sally's attention breaking due to Harry's annoyance, Kat however merely stood there shaking her head, clearly aggrieved at what had occurred.

  "She's only annoyed because she was missing out.  You've been checking me out loads tonight," Teri smirked back at Kat.  Kat opened her mouth in shock, but just a little too wide to be convincing.

  "That is not..." Kat began as Teri moved onto her knees on the bed, hands on her hips displaying herself boldly in front of Kat whose eyes were drawn all over Teri's body.  That was all the confirmation Teri needed as she pulled Kat to her and yanked her black blouse out of her black pants and over her head, pulling my blonde work buddy to her her, wrapping her arms tight around her back and head and pressing her lips forcefully against hers, Kat struggling for a moment before finally surrendering to Teri's advances, quickly undoing Kat's pants and letting them fall to the ground as she revealed to everyone that Kat was not wearing any panties.

  "Oh fuck it!" Sally announced as she gripped her dress by the hem and pulled it over her head.  "Are you in?" she asked Harry.

  "I don't know, I..." Harry began before noticing that Kate was beckoning him over with her index finger, before he quickly started to remove his party attire.  Kate moved across the bed and over to him as they moved together hungry for each other with Sally taking Kate's place next to me.

  "Well this is different," Sally said, wrapping her hand around my tool whilst my hand instantly went between her legs to feel her developing wetness as my road to recovery featuring an abundance of raucous sex continued ever-onwards.  It may not have been the NHS but it certainly beat going private as Sally moved her hand up and down and started beating away at my privates.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


  I munched on my mouthful of muesli, my thoughts ambling gently along when I heard a voice chime up just when I could barely reply.

  “Hey, didn’t I see you out by…” Sheila began.

  “Nope,” I managed to get out mid-chew.  Sheila went back to getting herself a cup of tea and I went back to shaking my head in frustration.  I’d had enough of being other people to last a lifetime.

  “Oh hey,” Kat greeted me as she entered, just as I shovelled more Alpen into my mouth.  Other people’s timing was truly exemplary today.

  “Hey,” I replied, choking slightly as I tried to choke and swallow at the same time.  Sheila grabbed her cup of tea and left in a huff.  “How’s things?”

  “They’re okay.  How’s your girlfriend?” Kat asked.

  “Fine.  She’s very fine,” I remarked, popping my spoon in the bowl.

  “How long has it been?” Kat queried as she looked to the ceiling.

  “Since that monumental fuckfest where the two of us became an item?  Nearly a year,” I informed her, shockingly but not too loudly so that people walking down could hear.  Kat looked flustered for a second before she worked out that no-one had heard us.

  “Well, I am glad for you,” Kat stated.  “You seem happier in yourself”.

  “Yes.  But I’m a lot happier inside her,” I advised her.  Kat shaking her head and smirking at that comment.  She watched as her cup filled with hot water and stood there staring into the corner of the kitchen like she was staring at the stars.

  “You know, everyone says be yourself…but you got pretty much everything you wanted in life by being someone else.  Huh,” Kat observed as she went to add the milk to her tea.   

  I pondered that, and the advice that we’re always given over and over and over again.

Be yourself.

  So the next time you hear that sage wisdom just remember, sometimes, if there’s a lot of you about, being that other person can change your life immeasurably for the better.


So…that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed this minor-divergent, semi-autobiographical, cautionary tale based on my own strange life (but without the pretending to be other people bit).  I hope you enjoyed it and aren’t too miffed about the ambiguous Christopher Nolan style ending, however be sure to stick around for the big one that’s coming soon (first part around Christmas)…HORNMANJI!

Written by goodafterboob

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