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HORNMANJI: The game for couples continues

"The next three turns in this saucy game"

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Welcome, welcome, welcome back to the second part of this big adventure.  We left our game explorers trapped in the house of Art and Amy and locked into playing the game, down to their underwear.  Will they manage to get out of their predicament in one piece?  Who knows?  Let’s crack on, shall we?


  The game was most definitely a-go-go.  Myself, my wife Amy and our friend Wendy had already had a go on the jungle-themed sex-game and were waiting for Will, Elias and Emma, all of us down to our underwear, all of us trapped in the house and all of us desperate to finish the game and return to some kind of normality.

  “Your turn now, Will,” I reminded him as my wife and I retook our seats after sucking on his wife’s tits as part of the game.

  “Yeah thanks, Art.  I do remember,” Will responded, clearly chafed that my wife and I were required to suck on his wife’s boobs.  He picked up the Di and threw them over the board, watching them bounce along till they settled on a three and a two, their piece seeming to move telepathically across the board to the required position.  Like before we all moved forward to see what the poem and required task was for their turn.

Between your legs you’ve acquired a trunk

But two people’s hands will restore your junk.

  “Oh come on now!  What’s that meant to mean?” Elias barked, nonplussed at the clues.

  “Well we don’t know yet, do we?  I’m sure we’ll find out!” Emma fired back, clearly bummed out by her husband’s misery as we all sat around in our underwear, feeling very exposed, especially as all us men had clearly visible hard-ons beneath our shorts, especially Will, whose erection seemed to be expanding ever-more by the second.  Will, shocked at what was happening beneath his shorts pulled them down only to be horrified that his cock had been replaced by a miniature elephant's trunk.

  “WHAT THE FUCKITTY FUCK?!” Will yelled terrified as his elongated snout sniffed the air as it protruded horrifically from his waist.

  “OH MY GOD!  What do we…we do?!” Wendy stammered terrified.

  “I don’t…what did the poem say?” I asked Amy, she took a look back into the Smokey orb before answering.

  “Two people’s hands will restore your junk.  Emma, come on,” Amy ordered as she stationed herself on one side of Will as Emma took the other.

  “How do we DO this?” Emma asked, understandably puzzled.

  “Er…I think we need to…you know…wank him off,” Amy suggested.

  “Do it then,” Wendy begged.  Amy looked at the ridiculous appendage that had sprouted from Will’s hips and placed her hands gently around the length, the swirling trunk seeming to calm somewhat under my wife’s touch as she began to move her hands gently up and down the bizarre grey length.

  Emma then reached out and did the same with her hands, the two of them sliding down the grey snout causing it to cease its bendy swirling and start to solidify, the trunk stiffening at the base first then all the way to the tip, three-feet of trunk emerging branch-stiff from Will’s waist as Amy and Emma worked the snout like they were working a cock, their four hands wrapped around the rigid length.  I turned to look at Wendy who was watching the events unfold in a mixed state of concern and horniness, her legs clenching together as her hands massaged her boobs whilst her brows were furrowed in worry.

  “If this does become my prick again I’d appreciate it if you’d change the colour but keep the swelling,” Will joked as he went from feeling fear to feeling arousal, the pink of his cock coming back from base to tip, the trunk creases being replaced by the veins and slenderness of his pole as Emma and Amy moved their hands more quickly, gripping the slimming length as it reduced for three feet to two as it began to look more like a normal cock.

  I briefly caught a glimpse of Elias who was feeling torn over all of this.  You could see his own state of arousal but also the confusion in his mind as a sense of jealousy also crept in.  His hand was on his boxers covered tool, moving slowly back and forward as he watched his own missus furiously Jack-off one of his friends, he was wearing the worry as best he could and to some degree I felt the same as Amy slid her hands up and down a combination of man meat and elephant face.

  “How are you feeling?” Amy asked Will as he led back, clearly enjoying every moment of the two women’s attention as his rod was now a modest foot and a half, with Will’s expression clearly pointing out he was hoping to keep a good foot of this transformation.

  “Feels great.  Don’t stop though,” breathed Will as both women removed a hand as Will’s girth reduced down to a foot in length, his chest moving up and down at speed in excitement of their efforts as his tool settled down to its usual slender seven inches with only Amy’s palm wrapped around the staff now, Emma merely looking on licking her lips.  Amy transfixed by Will’s tool and her digits working it as he began to pump himself into her hand until eventually…

  “HURGH!” Will moaned as he shot his load into the air, the white goo hitting his stomach, underwear and Amy’s hand, who coolly wiped it off on her bra.  Will began to pull his underwear back up but thought better of it, pulled them down his legs and off completely.  “Fuck it!”

  I thought for a moment about the outline of my rigid length exposed through my relatively tight trunks and realised I was hiding my modesty for no reason and so slipped out of my trunks and hurled them over to the ants who were still scattering over the rest of my clothes.

  “Ooh, that’s quite a view for us ladies,” cooed Wendy, moving her eyes between myself and Will, along with Emma and Amy, all of whom licked their lips while scanning us over.  All three women then turned to face Elias, who looked extremely uncomfortable to be placed in a spot like this.  My friend grabbed the waistband of his shorts and merely adjusted himself, with the eyes of the three women returning to myself and Will.

  “Okay, so who’s next?” I queried, my eyes glancing at Emma and Elias.  One of them had to take the plunge and I half expected Emma to move eagerly forward but instead Elias snatched up the two cubes and, after rattling them somewhat maniacally in his hand, he let them go across the board, watching them bounce till they stopped at a four.  These were some crappy low-scoring throws and I could detect the disappointment on Elias’ face who clearly more than any of us wanted this game to be over as soon as possible.  His piece moved mysteriously across the board and the orb misted for what felt like an unusually long time before revealing its poetic sexual issue.

The crocodiles mood is decidedly thorny

The only way to stop them is by making them horny.

  “What…” Elias began, before covering his mouth instinctively, almost out of fear that his question would summon the aquatic reptile trouble.  We heard the noises from inside the house, a kind of wet-skin slapping against the floors accompanied with a weird wet slide.  We knew what was coming and a snout at the door, slowly moving forward, pointed teeth in those chillingly, uneven jaws, then another set appeared behind it, and another, eventually we could see four croc heads as they began to enter the room, their eyes partially-lidded as they crept in, occasionally snapping at each other as they did.

  “Holy shit!” Will whispered as the six of us moved further back into the room with no way of escape behind us, trying not to startle the crocs that were stalking us.

  “What do we do?” Amy asked me as quietly as possible, even though it seemed our fate was sealed and we were about to be cast into this gigantic reptile’s belly.

 “I don’t know…I’m…I’m too scared to be able to think,” I informed her, feeling her fingers reach for mine and gripping her hand as terror overtook my mind.

  “Oh wait…what am I doing?  I know this one!” Elias shouted, before running back towards the four creatures and standing as high as he could on the furniture and flicking through his phone at lightning speed to get what he needed, he pressed a button, upped the volume and held his phone as high as he could as the sound of a military helicopter played.

  “What are you doing?” Emma asked, her eyes wide in fear for her husband.  

  “Turning them on…I hope.  It’s Chinook helicopter engines.  It’s like their Viagra,” Elias explained, fearfully as the crocs lifted their jaws and snapped them near his legs, but as they climbed over each other to get to him they were also mawing into the air, distracted by the droning sound it was making, but it seemingly wasn’t enough to distract it from the thought of his delicious legs.  I couldn’t leave my friend to face such a fate so I ran back to my chair and perched as far atop it as I could, found a Chinook helicopter clip on YouTube and played it full blast over the perky beasts.  

  It seemed to work, they started to become less concerned with the delicious drumsticks that were mine and Elias legs and more with each other, but even so every now and then their attention would lessen and they’d snap our way indicating they were not fully turned on.  

  “Er…can we get a little help here?” I asked as the crocs shook their snouts trying to overcome the sound of the helicopters' engines.  Amy and Wendy ran our way and jumped on the crocs backs to make it to the furniture, Live-and-let-Die-style before grabbing their phones and playing the sound with Williams and Emma both darting over to complete the serenade of helicopter sounds.  

  Eventually the noises were too much for the randy reptiles and they stopped snapping like they wanted to feed and began snuggling against each other in an almost tender way, snout against snout in a similar way to humans rubbing noses, before the males climbed on top of the females but angling their hips beneath the females to move their genitals inside the female crocs opening.  The two animals stayed that way for a few seconds then disjointed and proceeded to head back the way they’d just come.

  “Wow!  I think they were even quicker than you, Elias,” Will joked, getting the merest of laughs, as Elias looked visibly wounded by the remark.

  “Yeah?  How would you know?” Emma countered to bigger laughs and some Woo’s restoring Elias’ pride.  Will nodded in acknowledgment of Emma’s quick comeback before finishing with the perfect riposte.

  “A lady never tells,”  Will replied, this time causing all of us to burst out laughing.  It broke the tension that was building up due to the sexual shenanigans and relentless attacks.

  “I think I need a drink.  Anyone else want one?” I questioned, receiving a unanimous response from everyone.  We all headed into the kitchen for some much needed refills, the men still naked but now after the terror somewhat less uptight than they were previously.  I quickly entered the role of barman and after dishing out various wines, beers, and spirits I was able to take a deep breath and almost relax, till my wife walked over to me, her manner suspicious as I eyed her idling towards me.

  “You know before?” Amy asked, her voice low as she left the question hanging in mid-air temporarily.  “When I said "no-one could have known what would happen?”

  “Yeah, I remember.  Why?” I carried on, puzzled at what she was asking.

  “Well, I kind of…did…know what to expect I mean,” Amy continued, her cheeks turning rosy in embarrassment at what she was saying.

  “You knew what was going to happen?” I checked.  I remembered when I shouted up to see if she was okay I felt like Amy did seem somewhat distracted, somewhat distant.  Now it made sense as to why?  I wondered if she had the same experience I had but another low voice cut me off.

  “Did you have the vision about the tent and the pipe?” Emma questioned Amy, quiet enough so that Will, Elias and Wendy could not hear us.

  “No.  My vision was one involving us feeding at a watering hole and a waterfall,” Amy confessed as the three of us drew our heads together.  

  “A watering hole?  What…wait-a-minute…a pipe?” I queried, as I recalled Emma’s initial remark.  Emma also began to blush as she leaned in even closer, forcing us to do the same before she began her tale of horniferous proclivities.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Emma’s story

   Emma looked in the mirror after her shower and felt a deep sorrow wash over her freshly-dried self.  She looked old, in her mind at least.  She felt as though her best looking days were long behind her with nothing more than distant memories of her youth to sustain her.  Even on the occasions where Elias said she looked good she brushed it off as him being pleasant because he felt forced to as her hubby.  It was true of course that he’d seen better days but it was different for men.  They could get away with it…women could not.

  Emma looked at the device in front of her and another wave of angst came over her.  In the past she would not have needed a steamer to look after her face.  Her natural glow kept her skin looking radiant even when she was hungover, now she needed a steamer to obtain even the remnants of such a look.  The Cordon Air-Steam deluxe offered steady steam but also with a filter system on the back allowed for short bursts of steam without running out of water.  It made it bulkier than other steamers but it was worth it.

  Emma switched the device on and leant forward placing her face in the translucent/plastic, face shield and closed her eyes, her finger seeking out the button to burst her face back to life as the water moisture hit her skin and began to make her feel like she used to look.


  She was looking forward to the evening though, spending time with her friends, especially Art who she always had a bit of a thing for, not that she kept it a secret.  She and Amy joked about it all the time that if anything happened to her, she wanted Emma to marry Art and engage in Polyamory.


  Not that she didn’t love her husband.  Elias was smart, could look good when he made the effort, equipped, a good provider, but their sex life left much to be desired, but that was just how life went, right?


  The burst of steam seemed to send Emma back on her heels, as the entire room was now full of steam as Emma wafted her hand to get rid of the pesky moisture.  As she did Emma became aware that she was no longer sitting at her dresser partaking in beauty treatment but instead was sitting in some kind of tent or hut and it wasn’t steam that was in the air but smoke.  At first Emma assumed the smoke was from the fire in the middle of the room but as she looked up she could see that smoke was rising out of a hole in the roof.  As her eyes adjusted to see through the smoke she could see it came from a long, tribal pipe being passed around by some of her friends who, OH MY GOD, seemed to be semi-naked and…


  Emma opened her eyes and it took her a few seconds to fathom where she was.  Her world was now pink and only semi-visible and for a quick second she felt like she was seeing the world through a balloon before she recognised her face was back in the steamer.  She withdrew it and absorbed her current location.  Emma was in her bedroom, a towel wrapped around her body sat at her dresser.

  “What the Hell?” Emma whispered to herself before the door flew open and there was Elias, standing somewhat panicked with a towel wrapped around his waist and a few strokes of his razor into his shave.

  “Hey,” Elias said, breathless.  “You okay?”

  “Yeah,” Emma replied, masking her perturbed state.  “You?”

  “Yeah.  I’m good,” Elias continued, seeming far from it.  “I’ll…get back to my shave then”.

  “Okay,” Emma stated, watching as her other half closed the door and returned to the bathroom.  Emma turned back to the steamer and eyed it suspiciously before returning her face inside the face shield, pressing the buttons for more steam.




  This time Emma cottoned-on to where she was much faster, the smoke more easy to navigate with her vision.  She could see that round the fire the order was boy girl, boy girl, with Elias sandwiched between a topless Wendy, her small boobs and long body being something she envied, in spite of feeling happy when any other woman had smaller boobs than her.  On the left-hand side of Elias was another woman Emma did not recognise.  She seemed somewhat dusky like she was Spanish or something with a slender waist and boobs a smidge smaller than her own impressive stack.  Next to her was Will with Amy next to him looking as radiant as she always did with her luscious red locks and perfectly balanced body.  Between Amy and herself was another man, a leaner, younger man whose ochre skin contrasted distinctly with everyone else sat around.  Emma allowed herself a long salacious stare over the man’s body, licking her lips as she did so before turning to the other side of her and seeing Art smile back at her.  

  There were two people sitting next to Art she didn’t recognise but she was captivated by his dorky grin.  She looked down and was surprised to see that he wasn’t just topless but bottomless as well, a semi-on growing between his legs as Emma’s eyes locked on his meat, causing Emma to lick her lips again before…


  “Fucking Hell!” whispered Emma beneath her breath, removing her face from the steamer, this time looking back to the door expecting Elias to come bursting in.  When he didn’t she stuck her face back in the steamer.  Each time previously she’d only been in the other place for a few seconds.  She surmised that a longer gap in the bursts might give her a little more time there.  She flicked the timer up and counted during the bursts.

  BURST.  One…two…three…

  BURST.  One…two…three…


  Emma blinked in order to really take in what was going on, first of all going back to Art sitting next to her and his rapidly hardening rod, but…if he was naked what about…she switched her gaze to the man on the other side of her and took in his nakedness as he sat there semi-rigid and circumcised (unlike Art) as she moved her face up the guy’s body she saw Will take a deep draw from the pipe and hold the smoke in his mouth before moving it over to Amy who opened her mouth mere millimetres away from Will’s and inhaled the noxious material as Will exhaled before their mouths met in a slow exotic kiss, Amy’s hand reaching down to grip Will’s stiffy, whilst his hand went to her boobs as their mouths mashed together leisurely.

  Emma watched enraptured as her friend’s tongue lazily lolled out of her mouth and swirled against another friend’s husbands, the two of them lost in this hazy drug-assisted moment as their kisses became more intense.  Emma flicked her eyes into the lap of the man on her right and could see the growing log awakening there before she quickly stole a glance at Art on the other side.  Emma gazed at Art’s growing staff and found herself reaching her hands out, wanting to touch them both, to slip her fingers around their girth and…


  “Oh, you sack of…” Emma retorted in frustration.  She turned the dial for the bursts to slow them down further and placed her face inside expectantly.

  BURST.  One…two…three…four…five.

  BURST.  One…two…three…four…five.


  Emma gathered her thoughts instantly as she focussed through the smoke to where Amy, Art’s husband, was sitting smooching with Will, before they disconnected their kiss.  Emma was feeling emboldened by the hazy funk in the air and continued to reach out to either man beside her, gripping their increasingly angry poles and softly moving her hand up and down.

  Emma cast her eyes around the rest of the room and could see other couples and throuples were starting to engage more excitedly.  Across from me Elias had his hand between the legs of Wendy and the dusky Spanish woman on the other side of him as Wendy jacked his tool at a leisurely pace whist the other woman seemed to be fingering his ass, much to his delight and amusement as Will bent forward and planted his mouth over the woman’s tit as she jerked his rod.  Meanwhile Amy had collected the pipe from Will and was taking a huge drag from the heady mixture in the end, before holding it in her mouth and turning to the dark man next to me.

  “Hey,” he nodded at Amy, who was incapable of answering back due to her mouth being occupied.  Amy leant forward as did the guy and Amy passed the concoction over to him, blowing the smoke into his waiting mouth before joining her lips with his, Amy’s hand stroking his thigh as he moved his to her breasts, the room surrendering to some primeval lust as Emma rolled her fingers up and down two men’s lengths, their hot meat pulsing in her hands as she stared around the room.  She could feel her insides drop, as though they were yearning to feel something inside her.


  “BAH!” Emma exclaimed as quietly as she could without disturbing Elias.  She changed the setting again quickly and planted her face back inside.

  BURST.  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven.

  BURST.  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven.


 Emma returned her gaze to the man next to her as she continued to beat his meat whilst he kissed Amy, the two of them mashing lips, eyes closed as they dreamily pressed their lips together.  Emma then turned to face her husband only to feel her heart sink as Wendy straddled his lap holding his tool up and then sank down to his waist filling herself with his rod.

  “Hey,” a familiar voice echoed to her left.  Emma turned to face Art, but not before she stared past him at the unknown couple who were staring deeply into each other's eyes as their fingers explored between each other’s legs, her gripping his length and making long deliberate strokes and him swirling her bean in a firm definite way.  “Hey, my face is over here”.

 Emma looked up at Art as he moved his face closer to hers, her hand slowly working the two girthy pieces of meat as she brushed her lips up against Art’s, her friends husband, the man who she’d known for around twenty years, his naked body was now sat next to her own and she was pulling on his stiff cock.  Emma flicked a side-eye over to Elias, who was now led back with Wendy on top of him, the brunette temptress slowly moving her wet pussy up and down his length at a relaxed pace as the occupants of the room became ever more intoxicated by the smoke in the air.

  Emma returned her mouth to Art's, pressing it against Art who immediately responded in kind as she gripped his tool even more intensely, her eyes flicking back open in shock when she felt more lips press against her neck and…


  “HURR, HURR, HURR, oh you cheeky…” Emma responded, shaking her head as she returned to reality.  She quickly maxed out the timer on her steam machine and returned her face to the plastic shield.

  BURST.  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight.

  BURST.  One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight.


  Emma felt Art's mouth on hers and the stranger's mouth on her neck.  Emma was back where she wanted to be, two cocks in hand and hopefully all the time in the world.  Emma moved her head back so she could stare fully at her husband across from her, only to see that they'd changed positions again, now Elias was on top of Wendy slowly pumping his cock inside her through the foggy atmosphere in the room.  Emma looked over to her other friend, Amy who was now kissing the Mediterranean looking woman whilst gripping Will's rod who was leaning back giving them space to enjoy each other's mouths.  The mood in the room was becoming increasingly sexual as the funky fog thickened.  Art began to kiss Emma's neck now and part of her felt she might pass out but this merely caused her to grip the two meat's in her fingers ever more tightly, enjoying the sensation of their solid enjoyment between her fingers.

  "Hey," a dark voice beside Emma said.  She looked at the man next to her, who gestured with the pipe he was now holding, letting her know what was coming.  Emma grinned and heard herself give a dirty giggle in response to what he was showing her.  Emma nodded, longing to feel the sensation of the dank mix enter her mouth and ease her mind even more.  She looked down at the cock she was stroking as he inhaled the mix and wondered what that would feel like buried deep inside her, when she felt something on her thigh...fingers moving up her leg...and then she realised these were Art's fingers, moving upwards between her thighs, moving near her wetness, sliding towards her cleft, moving down through her pubes and finding her button.

  "Oh yeah," Emma moaned, gratefully as she saw the stranger's mouth move nearer to her's.  She leant forward as much as she could and opened her lips as Art teased a finger between her other lips, probing her entrance and the heat within there.  She was so hot inside and was almost desperate to feel something between her legs as she felt the moisture enter her mouth, the mixture delighting her senses as Art's digit delighted her bean, rubbing gently over it.  Emma moved in close on the stranger, their lips touching and their tongues reaching out to meet, the stranger's hand meeting her right breast and gently massaging.  Emma's senses were now becoming overloaded yet still she wanted more, needed more.  She pulled back and took a glance at both men either side of her, she needed to feel one of them within, take one of them for herself but which.  She peered over as Elias lazily fucked Wendy and the answer was obvious.

  "Hey you," Emma said to Art, her dirty smirk becoming a permanent expression in this abode.

  "Hey," Art replied, the look of longing she felt reflected back from him.  Emma moved herself onto Art's lap, facing him as he looked up at her expectantly.  She reached down, grabbed his tool, placed the heavy length between her legs and sank all the way down, gleefully.

  "Oh yeah, that's good," Emma breathed, her mind awash with a lazy lustfulness as the world seemed to spin around every time she sank onto Art's length, his staff fitting into her insides nicely, just like she fantasised it would do, the caverness yearning inside her now being filled, her back to Elias as he casually thrust in and out of Wendy, all of them enjoying each other others' bodies.  Emma felt a tap on her shoulder and saw the guy next to her hold out the pipe to pass around.  Emma gestured him to bring it closer and sucked the end of it, drawing in everything she could before turning to face Art, gazing up at her with eyes that revealed just how long he'd wanted to have Emma impaled on his cock.  Emma moved her face towards Art, closed the gap between them and transferred the warm, pungent mixture into his mouth, his breath echoing like a breeze as she bounced on his prick, before moving her lips ever closer and pressing them against Art's.

  "HMMMMM," Art moaned as he began to move his hips up to meet Emma's downward movements, the two of them quickening together, Emma's boobs brushing against the barest of chest hair across Art's torso, tickling them, almost making her giggle like a naughty school-girl doig something indecent that she shouldn't be doing, something naughty, something decadent.

  The room was moaning around her now, she could hear Amy's muffled cries, and she glanced round to see Will bent over her as she had her face in the unknown woman's pussy.  "So she's into girls, huh?" Emma thought, looking on in curiosity and disgust.  "What a slut!"

  Behind Emma she couldn't see them but she recognised Elias' moans and groans of satisfaction as he neared his climax, a climax he was all to good at finishing way too early at hone, but here, buried in Wendy's snatch he had no problem holding off for a considerable amount of time.  She'd have words about that later, but right now all these noises were turning Emma on massively and as she looked at Art she realised just how much she wanted this fantasy to come true to feel him, pound the fuck out of her insides, feel him inside her, feel the kind of pride only a woman knows from getting a man to drain his balls inside her.  The thoughts, the room, the noise, the drugs, the sex, it was all getting too much as she could feel her own inevitable orgasm building inside her.  Emma held on for dear life as she made an "Oh" shape with her mouth and came all over Art's cock.

  "Oh, fucking Hell," Emma quivered.


  "Holy shit," Emma breathed as she sat back in her seat feeling wiped out by the images from that other wondrous place.  Her face seemed to be awash with sweat as much with steam, her thighs shaking as her entire pelvic region from knees to sternum felt hot all over.  Emma tried to catch her breath, but then suddenly Elias opened the door, his shave complete, his face with that strange hyper-cleanliness that would disappear after only an hour.  


  "Hey...erm...did you notice anything the last five minutes or so?" Elias asked, scratching his balding head in an exaggerated manner.

  "  Why?" Emma lied as she straightened herself up in her seat, hoping Elias would not notice the flush colour on her chest and neck, a dead giveaway for how she was feeling.

  "Okay.  No reason.  You look really nice by the way," Elias remarked before blowing a kiss and shutting the door.

  "He noticed," Emma thought, suddenly feeling far better about her ageing beau, and starting to put her make-up on to get ready for the rest of the evening.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  Amy and I exhaled excitedly at the same time, completely pulled in by the sauciness of Emma’s tale.  Clearly the game had created a uniquely crafted fantasy for each person, which merely raised the question: what had it crafted for Will, Wendy and Elias?  I was just about to prise details from Amy regarding her sordid adventure when we were interrupted by a sound I knew all too well.


  It was as though ice cubes had been dropped into my stomach as the noise reverberated through the house.  The expressions of my fellow gamers revealed I was not alone in this matter.

  “Looks like we’re being summoned,” Emma stated, ominously.  We all nodded and looked towards Elias who nodded meekly.  We trundled defeatedly back into the living room, fearing what was coming with each throw.  We settled down into our previous seating positions in a strangely civilised manner before eyeing each other attempting to work out whose turn it was before Elias leant forward and grabbed the dice.

  “It’s me.  It’s my turn,” Elias responded before letting the dice tumble across the board till the two up-facing squares revealed two threes for a six.  The piece moved forward with all of us experiencing one turn so far.  As the piece stopped we all scooted further in to stare at the central fuzzy semi-circle that cleared to reveal its ominous shadow game instructions.

Back to apes your evolution will recede, 

Till like Randy primates you’ve spread your seed.

  “I’ve got a very bad feeling about this,” said Elias, scratching his balding pate that somehow started to seem…thicker.

  “Elias…your hair’s getting…longer,” Wendy pointed out.

  “It is?  Oh shit!” Elias remarked as he looked at his arms and could see the hairs coming through thicker and longer.  I looked over at Will and his smooth, hairless chest started to sprout small dark hairs.  I checked my own arms and could see they were becoming decidedly darker with more hair peeking through.  I put my hand to my face and could feel the stubble emerging through, tickling the skin as it did so, I looked up at my wife, whose hair was also getting bushier, her arms getting somewhat furrier, her brows becoming more hooded.  

  “What’s going on?” I asked, struggling to express myself with words as all three women seemed to find the confines of their underwear somewhat unbearable, and began to take it off, making them as naked as the men, who increasingly didn’t look like men.  As I looked at Will and Elias it occurred to me that we were transforming into creatures that bore a slight resemblance to Oddbod and Oddbod junior from that Carry-On film.  

  I was getting even hairier as we all were, even our wives however, even though the hair was sprouting in places I would have found weird before with all three of them having wilder hair on their heads, hairier bodies and muffs, there was something intoxicating about it.  

  “Emma.  You okay?” Will asked Emma as she stared, upset, at her own lightly-furred blonde arms.  Will stiffly held out his arms for an embrace and she allowed herself to be taken in by them as the two of them snuggled up together.

  “Amy,” Elias managed to mutter, as his face became more animalistic, more Homo Erectus as the evolutionary changes became more pronounced.  Amy turned away from Elias, in a manner I thought meant she was rejecting him, however, she instead bent over and placed her hands on her backside displaying herself for the ever more primitive Elias who started whacking on his prick in excitement at what Amy was showing him.

  “Hey, huh, huh!” Wendy guttered towards me, springing over, dark hair patchily covering her arms as she rubbed her body up against me.  I moved my hands around to her front and grabbed her boobs, pulling her back roughly against me as my cock lodged in the crack of her backside, Wendy mewling submissively as I massaged her boobs, thoughts no longer functioning as an overriding desire coursed through my body that I could neither process nor understand but simply feel.

  "Need to fuck, need to fuck, need to fuck".

  It echoed to my mind as did a strong olfactory sense of Wendy herself.  I could smell her receptive desire, her want, her yearning as she pressed her body tight against me.  In front of me Amy was now rubbing her arse and quim all over Elias' crotch who had a stunned, pleasured look on his features whilst Will gripped Emma tightly by the ass, their contrasting hair colour all over their bodies making quite an exotic sight as Emma ground against Will's body, their mouths attached to each other, tongues moving within.  The room stunk of arousal as all of us surrendered to this primitive sense of desire.  I reached down and moved my cock so it was pointed right between Wendy's pussy lips and pushed forward filling her insides.

"HURR, HMMMM, EURGH!" gurgled Wendy in response as the ability to express language slipped from us.  I grabbed her arms by the wrist as she laughed between throaty murmurs of pleasure as I rammed into her.  In front of me this seemed to act like a starting pistol as Amy bent over the arm of the chair and Elias bundled his dick inside her, resting his body weight on top of her, which primate Amy seemed to like as they fucked together doggy-style in front of us, the two of them wrapped up in their own sordid moment, my wife and my friend feeling neither shame or remorse as Elias humped my wife, filling a personal space that had been mine only for around two decades, Elias grunting loudly as he powered his hips back and forward into her, Amy looking like she was in some kind of lusty heaven as she purred and cooed encouragement to him.

  “HURN, HURN, HURN,” Emma grunted as Will almost bounced little Emma on his lap, his arms wrapped tight around her waist, her face glazed with a delirious look of delight as Will pliéed his skinny cock inside her, the sound of slapping skin filling the room as all three women were currently being rogered by men who were not their significant others.  I gripped Wendy’s wrists fiercely pulling back on her arms as I smacked my hips against her cheeks my pole greased-up with Wendy’s juices as I thrust it inside her, Elias bent over my wife, the two of them becoming increasingly hairy as he grunted like an ape on top of her, with Amy moaning gutturally beneath him.  Across from them Emma shrilly and deliriously hummed joyously as Will aggressively bounced Emma up and down on his skinny length, the two of them wrapped up in the pleasure they were providing each other as Will held her underneath her thighs to control the bounce, Emma’s boobs jiggling like crazy as she boinged on Will’s lap, squelching delightfully each time.

  I could feel myself getting more turned on watching the two couples as I pounded into Wendy whose back was becoming increasingly dark with hair, but somehow this just turned me on more, all I could think was that I wanted to come deep inside her, to fill her up with my cum, to explode into her belly like a fucking rocket.  I let go of her arms and gripped her hips as I grunted my dominance furiously into the air, sneering defiantly as I felt my balls tingle between my legs as my length blasted deep inside my friend’s wife.  

  As soon as we detached from each other and I could feel my body change, the hairs on my arms becoming lighter or disappearing entirely with cognitive thought re-emerging and with it the horror of what had just happened to us.

  “Oh, Wendy.  I’m so sorry,” I apologised as she nodded back.

  “It’s okay.  You couldn’t help it, neither could I,” Wendy reassured me as she came in for a hug.

  “HURR, HURR, HURR, URGH!” Elias groaned as his body stiffened, his cum splattering my wife’s insides as virtually Neanderthal Amy giggled dirtily at the feeling of Elias warm goo filling her womb, as they detached they returned to the people that I knew and in one case loved very dearly.  As soon as the hair had gone and her body and face returned to normal Amy ran into my arms and sobbed on my shoulder.

  “Oh, Art.  I didn’t…I just couldn’t…” Amy began, but muffled out into wet sobs on my traps as she wrapped her arms around me.

  “It’s okay.  There’s nothing you could do,” I reassured her as I rubbed her back and felt her naked body press hard against me, as though she was trying to revive little Art, and to be fair, it was very much working.

  “Oh my god!” Wendy exclaimed, her hand on her mouth.  I could see Elias and Wendy stood staring, an aghast expression worn by both of them, although they could not take their eyes away.  Amy and I glanced over to what they were looking at and we instantly felt that same sense of compelling revulsion.

  Emma, or what she’d now become, was on her back on the floor, her arms in the air, mousey fur covering most of her body, her face somewhere between Homo Habilis and human as a similarly hairy Will thrust into her, Emma sighing giddily as Will randily powered into her like he was possessed, the noise of their skins slapping echoing off the walls uncomfortably,

  “Does he last this long normally?” Elias asked, almost desperate for normal conversation to recommence.

  “No.  No he doesn’t,” Wendy replied, turning away as the awfulness of the situation overcame her.  Elias went over and put his arm around her in solidarity.

  “It’s not Will.  Remember that,” Elias remarked, reassuringly.

  “Is it not?  Are you sure?” Wendy defiantly shot back.  She had a point.  A few moments earlier all six of us had been engaged in rampant animalistic fucking, with Will and Emma still grunting and moaning on the floor.  Thankfully Will’s grunts were getting ever louder and more demonstrative, clearly indicating he was about to finish deep inside Elias' better half.

  “GURR, GRAH, HURR, GRAW!” Will announced as he stopped moving and then leaned back, his cock covered in cum as it flipped out of Emma’s snatch.  We all stared in disbelief, transfixed as Emma and Will transformed back into something resembling normal human beings, with Emma seeking redemption in Elias arms and Wendy running over to Will.  I started to be hit with an overwhelming sense of guilt and jealousy, a feeling I could see reflected back in my friends.  We began stretching our limbs and fingers as the hairs receded and our own normal-shaped bodies returned.  I looked at Amy who merely nodded in acknowledgement of what we had done.  I decided it was on me to say something in this situation.

  "I think I speak for all of us when I say we should not speak of this again," I suggested to universal nods from my five friends.

  "Well, except for when we're drunk, eh?" Will quipped.  Everyone stared back at him stoney-faced.  "Wow.  Tough crowd".

  "Too soon, Will.  Too soon," Wendy replied, shaking her head.  I noted that Emma was looking uncertain, holding her stomach.  "What is it, Em?"

  "You don't think we'll be pregnant after that and give birth to cavemen or something?" Emma asked.  Being a man the thought had not occurred to me.

  "Oh my God!" Elias exclaimed, before being slightly sick behind the sofa.  I ran through all the options in my mind before giving my evaluation.

  "I don't think so," I commented, trying to seem authoritative.  'I think this is a "what happens in the game, stays in the game," type-scenario," I concluded, peering round to everyone who sat and nodded in response to my summary.  "Speaking of which, we had better get on with it".

  I went to lift the dice off the board and found they would not move.  The two tiny blocks cemented to the board.  I kept grabbing at them, pinching them with the firmest grip I could and yet they sat there on the board, impassive and unrelenting in their stationary state.

  "What's going on?" Amy asked, a mild panic in her voice.  

  "These bloody dice won't shift!" I responded before I heard a sound that meant something else was afoot, something ominous, something dangerous, something that would change the course of the evening.



So, they can’t move the dice?  “Pourquoi?” I hear you ask, as bewildered as a bewilderbeast getting off the spinning tea-cups after rotating hither and thither for an hour.  Well don’t worry the answers are just over the horizon in part 3, but if you want to venture a guess in the comments, by all means do so.

Written by goodafterboob

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