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Sauna Stories


Holiday Sex Is The Best Sex

The things we do on our holidays.

My partner, Michelle, and I had been seeing each other for about six months when we decided to go on our first holiday abroad together. After looking through many holiday brochures we decided on the stunning Koh Samui in Thailand. Neither of us had been t...


🚿 63

Back in Austria 4 Lina and Otto

1st July We had spent the night in an airport hotel and were up for continental breakfast early. We sailed through security Anna with her phone and toiletries, me with the rest in a small backpack. "Do you see how they touch?" Anna said observing two cabi...

A Happy Christmas

More sexy fun with Grace and the cuck

December I didn’t see Grace or the cuck from our weekend in London until after Christmas, which was good - it let things cool off. We’d spent three weekends in a row together and talked every day, so it had felt intense. The old me analysed our weekend aw...

Sauna Meetup

Throatfucking in front of an Audience

Introduction I’d started visiting the local gay sauna’s just after turning 18, I’d been a couple of times before – this one was slightly different. At that time, I always went to Acqua in Blackpool, I hadn’t tried any of the others, and posted my tales on...

Introduction This happens recently after breaking up with my long-term GF of 10 years. Covid was tough, and not being able to be together was probably the thing that broke us. About a month or so afterwards I had that building urge I couldn’t resist any l...


Sauna Sex

Fucking and Sucking in a Gay Sauna

I decided to try out a different sauna in east London, my wife was away and I had an opportunity for some hot man on man fun! I arrived at the sauna about 1 pm and after showering, I checked out the cruising area. It was pretty empty and there was nothing...

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Turns out I like spas, after all.

You go to a spa to either recharge your batteries or drain them dry. To the last drop.

This one is slightly simpler than than the previous one, but it does not lack steam - literally. It all happened, and it is one one of my go-to memories if I need a good wank. I was never a massive fan of baths or spas. There's something about them that m...

Sauna Mutual Masturbation

A tame, but fun, sauna experience

Before it shut down I used to often visit the Paradise Sauna in Becontree and had many fun times there and I have recounted one or two of those on here previously. This encounter was very tame but a huge turn on and shows what a little patience and courte...

First time bi suck

Opened a whole new world of experience

I’ve been going to a north Manchester sauna for a while now and been enjoying my self with ladies and watching what occurs , very uplifting to say the least . One evening I was at a loose end and feeling very horny so off I went ! Tuesday nights have been...

A Sauna Adventure

Memories of my first visit to a sauna

This happened shortly after my "Beginnings" series of my memoirs.... Following my encounters during my summer vacation, I returned to university and continued my studies. The liaisons I had experienced with Patrick and Margaret were still incredibly raw i...

Welcome to the Pleasuredrome

An afternoon at a London Sauna - fondly recalling the sadly missed glory hole wall.

After my introduction to the London sauna scene, I was keen to explore further. Over the coming months I sampled many of the clubs, but quickly decided that the Pleasuredrome in Waterloo was my favourite. Not only was it the largest, but it also consisten...