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Asian Stories


Sauna Mutual Masturbation

A tame, but fun, sauna experience

Before it shut down I used to often visit the Paradise Sauna in Becontree and had many fun times there and I have recounted one or two of those on here previously. This encounter was very tame but a huge turn on and shows what a little patience and courte...

Acupuncture benefit

A very interesting benefit of acupuncture

I had a very interesting experience a few years ago and it happened during an acupuncture session. I decided to try acupuncture for an old back problem and popped in to a local Chinese health place called Dr China. The receptionist and translator was a lo...

Little guy...

Wife likes a Big ONE ...........

Staying at co-workers house makes bedfellows!!!!

A couple years ago, the wife and I had our house remodeled we needed a place to stay for 3 months for the work to be completed. On a Monday , A coworker heard about my situation and approached me, and told me we could stay at his house, he lived in the ba...

Indian wife in a sex shop

Young indian wife has fun with guys in a sex shop

This is a story how my wife and I visited and played in a sex shop many years ago, we hope you enjoy. The story happened about 20 years ago when my then GF was in her early twenties. She is a sexy Indian girl 5’4” with amazing tits with big long nipples a...


Memories 2

From loving wife to spunk-bucket

In the weeks following our cautious entry into the world of swinging, when my wife sucked off another man, our sex life was regenerated. She was insatiable. I surprised myself with just how often I could give her what she needed. When I was unable to fuck...

It’s a Hard Life (prologue)

When school is out and exams are over, fantasy can finally become reality...

I'm going to tell you something that happened to me quite some time (thirty-odd years) ago. Some details have been changed to protect the guilty... I should set the scene by telling you that I've always been tall and physically well-developed; even as the...

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My fantasy with the lady

Fuck buddy wants me to be happy.

So this is a true story and before you start. It really is. To be honest it’s still on going. So I met my fuck buddy in 2018. We were in fact a couple. I was a single young male and she was a single parent to a young child. Despite her being a gorgeous Eu...


Wife’s unexpected naughty holiday massage

Spanish Chinese massage was far better than expected

I guess I’m a normal 40 something married woman with an average sex life although I wish it was far more frequent and and far far more exciting, hence regularly reading these stories when playing with myself. Now I have my own story to contribute. This to...

Tiler and Indian wife

Naughty Indian wife plays with tiler

Hi, I just thought I’d share an old experience with you all, I'm a normal married Indian girl, considered sexy and highly sexed. During the last few years my husband has gone off sex and we made love once a week if that. This left me feeling constantly ho...

Confessions of a Bull Banker

Cuckolding a Colleague

Cuck earning his bonus

I work with a pathetic man (M), somebody who has held the same role within the company for the last twenty years, he lacks ambition and drive, just plods through his day and I am in the unfortunate position to have to manage him. The other guys in the off...


Meeting 21 and 22 - A busy Month for Sally

He kept telling me that Asian guys just love slutty white girls with big tits.

Saturday 10th November - Meeting 21 - Stuart Friday  16th November - Meeting 22 - Ajmal Thursday 22nd November - Lee Meeting 21 - Stuart It took a couple of weeks for Sally to recover from her threesome with Brian, Ian and I. She had bad stomach cramps an...


Asian taxi driver

My slutty woman let's taxi driver have his fun

This happened not to long ago,while myself and a woman that I was playing with were away for the weekend in Warwickshire. We started out by having some great sex before we left the hotel and this usually took the form of me giving her a good fucking while...