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Nipples Stories


I head to the door to leave, I don’t want you to see me cry. It was stupid really just a flippant comment that got me upset. As I open the door you push it shut. Without saying a word you gently push the hair out of my eyes, wipe the tears away and lift m...


Part two. Tradesmans on the job stories, some of this is true, some is slightly made up. Well I couldn’t get that horny Sheena out my head what a great job, I was gutted I had to cancel the Wednesday night due to some family drama going on with my ex and...

Danny boy

Amazing pregnant sex.

fucking a pregnant women with her husband and my wifes blessing.

Thanks Welsh bull for your story and I agree, weird shot goes on out there because I’ve experienced it. My swinging lifestyle started and ended over a 5 weeks period at the beginning of the year and was a total surprise. My mate’s wife was pregnant and ab...

The dirty boss

Another boss fucking the secretary

The secretary fucks clients for me.

This is sort of a basic boss fucks secretary story but it’s how it started and how it continues that is so hot. I’m a single guy, I’m 45 and own a factory that makes clothes but mainly lingerie. We’re not a big concern as we make luxury items. We are actu...

Girl on group

I wanted girl on action I got more than I bargained for

3 ladies sitting down with their pussy lips open - I was instructed to lick them

I love reading the sexy stories on SH , I have a story for you all , of course we know their are wank / fuck buddies , for MM - FF or mixed . I have always been girl bicurious , I watch porn with my boyfriend they think watching porn with girl on action i...

Nigel and the Mrs

our first swap

Courtesy of the boss

Some time ago, just before the original lockdown my wife and I were invited to a party, a party of four. You see, we had decided to try something outrageous and naughty to spice up our lives. We had decided to swap. In fact, we had made the decision about...

Jess & Sha

Seduced by the managers wife

I have sensitive nipples she kissed them a then with a pinch I came

Last Christmas at the works party , we all had a great meal ( Christmas dinner all the trimmings ) after we all went to a local fun /karaoke pub . Lots of drink , cocktails , shots , dancing singing it was a great way to let our hair down after a successf...

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Questionnaire fun

I am interviewed in my home by a woman whilst wearing just my dressing gown.

Last year I was at home and bored. Nothing new there, not even the fact I was horny is new either. It was about two in the afternoon and I decided I would have some fun with myself. I went upstairs and got the laptop out, put on some porn and got naked. I...

Collin T

doing as I'm told

Being the wife's sex toy.

Not sure if this comes under swinging but its definitely hot as fuck. I’m Collin, 58 and the wife is 55. Her best friend is Nicola who’s 35 and gorgeous complete with high cheek bones, slim waist, long legs and nice firm tits. So, what’s she got to do wit...


Arabella's Insurance Claim

An insurance loss adjuster takes interrogation too far!

Arabella answered the door, she had been expecting a visit from the insurance company loss adjuster after she reported her car being vandalised. “Please do come in,” she smiled,” and opened the door wider to let him in in. He introduced himself, Arabella...

Pretty on the eye

Watching my neighbor playing with herself while sunbathing

I bumped into her and she asked me did I like the show ??

My neighbour is in her early thirties body confident , I have always been a little bit curious , there is a area in her garden that is secluded apart from my bed room , one day I did wave at her so she knew I could see her, She was sunbathing in a bikini,...