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I head to the door to leave, I don’t want you to see me cry. It was stupid really just a flippant comment that got me upset. As I open the door you push it shut. Without saying a word you gently push the hair out of my eyes, wipe the tears away and lift my chin so that I am looking at you. You bend down and kiss me softly on the lips. I respond by pulling you closer, your hand is entangled in my hair pulling me closer, our tongues entwine, furiously finding each other. My breathing starts to get heavier, you know exactly how to make me melt. Your other hand is firmly on my arse squeezing the cheeks, pulling me in closer.

At this point my back is against the door. You start kissing and sucking my neck, this turns me on so much, you turn me on so much. Your hands start to unbutton my dress, our mouths meet again, more aggressively than before. All the while your hands have removed my dress, letting it fall to the floor, my breasts exposed which your hands quickly find.

Mmmmm I moan as your fingers pinch and twist my nipples making them hard. Your mouth is quick to suck on one nipple, sucking hard, flicking the nipple with your tongue whilst your other hand is continuing to play with the other. Both hands massaging my breasts aa you look up at me with that cheeky grin. I am so wet for you.

Your lips make their way down my body, your tongue flicking and licking every part of me as your fingers remove my soaking wet panties. I gasp as your tongue reaches my clit and grab your hair. With both hands you grab my awww and pull me closer, your tongue expertly making circles on my clit. My legs start to shake and I grab onto the door handle for a little support. Flicking and sucking my clit, one, two fingers make their way into my wet pussy, I let out a groan as the gently but firmly find my spot. You pull away and look up at me whilst your fingers go in and out of my pussy making it wetter and wetter. Your tongue furiously replaces your fingers, tongue fucking deep into my pussy. You pull me closer, holding me against your face whilst your tongue continues to explore my pussy.

I grab both nipples, squeezing them, twisting them, moaning in extasy. I can feel myself cumming, you realise it too. Your tongue goes deeper, faster, your grip on my seas tightens as you pull my pussy into your face. The build up is intense, my legs start to shake, I grab your hair and push you deeper into my pussy. The sound of you licking my juices makes me wetter. I grab your hair with both hands now, this is it, I can’t hold it any longer.

Mmmmmmm I lowly moan, my cum is gushing over your face, my legs are shaking, my breathing heavy, you continue to lap up my juices whilst managing to keep me standing. My body twitches as another wave of pleasure gushes over me. Oh god! You pull away, look up at me with those gorgeous eyes of yours, smile that smile that makes me melt.

With a swift movement I’m over your shoulder with you smacking my arse and you carry me to the bed……..

Written by curiousmilf75

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