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our first swap

"Courtesy of the boss"

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Some time ago, just before the original lockdown my wife and I were invited to a party, a party of four. You see, we had decided to try something outrageous and naughty to spice up our lives. We had decided to swap. In fact, we had made the decision about a year earlier but had never worked up the courage until I started a new job. My boss is a very demanding guy, over 6’ tall, 55 and very good looking. His wife Pam is 10 years younger, amazingly attractive with a body that makes any guy hard, but she’s also very friends and approachable. It was when he met my wife Clair, who like me is 31 that I sort of lost control of the situation. Clair is just over 5’5” and in the words of most of my mates ‘way out of my league and hot as fuck’ and Slim with small hard breasts. He had seen a photo of her on my phone and insisted on meeting her and me for a coffee to ‘get to know us’. To say that he flirted was an understatement, but it was several days later when he insisted that I meet him for a drink that I may have said too much. I wasn’t drunk but I was more ‘open’ than I would normally be. He wanted to know what we did for fun and I mentioned that I had managed to talk Clair into being naughty. Immediately he wanted to know if we were into swapping. I sobered up quickly but that didn’t stop me telling him all about how Clair and I had talked about swapping but had never had the courage to do it. He smiled, leaned in and simply said ‘I want to fuck Clair, you can put your cock in Pam so we can both get something out of it, how about it’ he said. I asked him if he was serious, he looked confused and said ‘your wife is fucking hot, so is mine, you fuck my wife and I’ll fuck yours’ as thought it was a business deal. As soon as I got home, I told my wife what he had said, she was socked and was unsure now that it was real. But in the end, she said that she would consider it. But the boss considered it a done deal. He even told me what dress she should wear and how he wanted to sit her on a cabinet and after pulling her dress off wanted to (in his words) ‘bang the fuck out of her whilst she sat in front of me’ adding that he liked to watch his wife being shagged next to him. It was a week before I convinced Clair into meeting him. I bought her a dress like the one he described but wasn’t sure if my wife would go through with it and worried if that would cause me problems in work. I warned him that she was nervous and that maybe we shouldn’t hand around. He took me literally and told me that if we turned up at his home at the allotted time then he would expect sex. The warning was passed onto my wife. We knocked on the door. I could feel Clair trembling, just before the door opened, she asked me if we were doing the right thing but the door opened and it was too late. He smiled and told Clair that she looked amazing and took her by the hand, led her into the living room and without hesitating said, ‘I understand you want to fuck’. Clair looked at me and started to answer him. He wasn’t going to hang around, I watched him pull my wife by the hand to a large sturdy chest of drawers, pick her up by the waist and sit her on it. His wife ‘Pam’ jumped up and sat next to her laughing that he didn’t like to waste time and with that Pam pulls her dress down and exposes her full breasts and beckons me over with her finger. My now my boss had his hand’s on Clair’s dress and was slowly pulling it down staring at her for a reaction. Because he didn’t get one, he gave it a sharp tug and pulled it down to her lap, her small tits exposed to this stranger. He told he that she was amazing and started to massage her nipples. Clair started to pant and swallow hard. Pam stared to undo my trousers with a ‘come on, lets fuck’ whilst her husband lifted my wife up with one hand and pulled her knickers off with that other telling Clair that he had wanted to put his cock in her for a very long time. And with that he takes his cock in his hand, lifts my wife up with one hand and guides his shaft to her smooth pussy. In one smooth move he pushes it into her and lowers her back onto the cabinet. Clair’s eyes open wide, her mouth open’s and she lets out a quiet ‘of fuck’. I’m mesmerized as for the first time ever I watch another man enter my wife and whilst he massages her breast and slowly thrusts himself into her, she repeats ‘oh fuck’ over and over. He compliments her on how ‘nice and tight’ her pussy is as he slowly fucks her. Pam now has my cock in her hand and is telling me that its my turn. I move forward as she puts my hand on her ample breast whilst griping my cock guiding it to her pussy. I slide it in as my wife’s tongue enters her husbands’ mouth. She explores his mouth with her tongue whilst at the same time begging him to keep fucking complimenting him on his shaft, ‘you’re so hard, fuck your big’, ‘just fuck me’. And with that she drops her head back, wraps her legs round his hips and moans over and over as I watch him thrusting his cock into her tight smooth pussy, her small titties wobbling with each thrust. By now I’m in his wife and slowly screwing her, her bigger tits bouncing. As my wife compliments her husband, she tells me how nice this is and ‘fuck this is good’. My wife decides she wants more and pushing him away begs him to eat her pussy. He obliges and proceeds to lap her pussy lips causing my wife to cry and curse begging him to ‘eat my fucking pussy’ which he continues to do. Pam on the other hand decides that she doesn’t want that and pushing me away tells me ‘ I prefer this’ . With that she slides off the cabinet, lets her dress fall to the floor to let me see her completely naked amazing body. She turns round, bends over and whispers to me ‘fuck me’. I slid back into her wet pussy and whilst my wife is still having her pussy eaten by her husband I go back to banging his wife. Clair is grunting and panting and had pulled her own dress up over her head and is now also naked, har hand gripping her own nipples tweaking then and going from gripping her breast to grabbing his hard demanding that he keep fucking her with his mouth. He jumps up and tells Clair that he’s going to fuck her with his cock and pushes it back into her to resume his pounding of her pussy. Pam is crying out pleading with me to be harder, the cabinet it banging against the wall as Pam cries out ‘fuck me harder’ , her big tits bouncing and swinging. She reaches back and takes my hand placing it on her breasts squeeze me and fuck me’ she demands. I do as I’m told. Clair is crying out now her intentions to cum, ‘ oh fuck I’m going to cum’ she announces. My boss puts his hand on my shoulder and asks my permission to cum in my wife, ‘you don’t; mind if I cum in your wife do you lad’ . Clair answers for me and with a loud grunt demands ‘cum in me you bastard’ followed by ‘ oh fuck I’m Cumming’. My boss thrusts wildly four of five times and Clair screams ‘oh fuck he’s cumming in me and comes close to passing out. Pam’s pussy grips my cock as she has her own quieter orgasm on my cock and I empty my balls into his wife who twists round, drops to the floor and takes me in her mouth just as I squirt another lot into her mouth. Clair sees what she’s done, says ‘fuck yes’ and slides to the floor taking my boss in her mouth. His coco is still stiff as my wife sucks him stopping only long enough to beg him to cum in her mouth. He grips her head and literally fucks my wife’s mouth hard causing her to gag and choke. But he does as she pleads, and I hear her splutter as he shoots more semen into her mouth which she swallows. After the fucking had stopped we sat on the sofa and chairs wet and naked drinking his best whiskey which both Clair and I hate but went with the flow until he decided he wanted another shag and grabbing my wife’s legs, lifts her feet up and apart and re-enters her for part two of her first swap. Pam laughs, straddles me and lowers herself onto my quickly hardening shaft and rides me until she is satisfied. She seemed to know when I was going to cum and slides off me and puts her face to my cock just in time for me to spray cum onto her face, lips and tits. Her husband by now spraying cum all over Clair’s small hard tits whilst she massages his semen into her skin like expensive skin cream before he lays on top of her and they suck faces. With an announcement from him that ‘that was fucking amazing’ it’s all over and using towels supplied by Pam we wipe ourselves down, clean ourselves up, dress and sit down for something to eat. That was a Saturday, on the Monday my wife comes to the office just as we’re closing up, and as soon as the last person leaves she’s dragged into his office and the door closes. Pam, who works there as well, is already on her knees with my semi hard cock in her mouth as I listen to my wife crying out with every ‘bang, bang, bang,’ of the desk. For the nest two week, Monday to Friday its repeated, most of the time I have Pam at one end of his desk and he had Clair at the other, Saturdays was special, we all fucked on the cabinet with Pam and me finishing up on the Sofa whilst my boss grabs my naked, giggling wife by the hand and drags her to the bedroom for an Olympic shag. Then we closed for the virus and I had my wife to my self for a while. We had decided that enough was enough and now we only fuck them at weekends. He’s not happy but he understands, and any way, I think he’s shagging a rep that seems to call once or twice a week just as we close.
Written by Nigel and the Mrs

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