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On holiday down south

"Crossdresser taken"

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I was on my own having a day pottering around a seaside resort and noticed a toilet in the car park, the thought of having an accidental meet crossed my mind as I was wearing a green and white gingham bra and matching panties with black hold-ups under my jeans and sweat shirt. I slowly walked towards them with my fem dick feeling as if it was coming to life. Walking in round the corner it was a metal long urinal with one young man just stood there looking at the frosted glass window. I really needed a piss as well and struggled to make it flow as it was semi-hard. The other person had by now noticed me having a piss and said that’s a nice cock can I help you to piss, being gobsmacked at the request I was slow to answer and he had taken control of my piss without me answering - this was strange as I had no control of where it went and with my cock now getting harder the stream had started to stop and my thoughts were going more towards the need for sex and to cum. I lifted my sweatshirt showing him my green gingham bra with my small breasts tightly held in it, I was now ready and needing a wank and nothing else would release my hard on so followed him quite dubiously into the cubicle; his cock was by now hard and sticking out of his fly a long way with his balls also dangling out in front of his fly and me his eyes on my bra. The door closed behind me and he locked it. He sat down and looked at me slowly undoing my jeans until they fell to my ankles. I was stood there in matching bra and panties with hold ups on in front of a stranger who now started to caress my panty clad buttocks. This was quite a different experience to anything else; really enjoying being treated like a girl for sex his hands wandered all over my arse and stocking tops with my cock now rock hard with the palm of his hand pushing my balls into my groin. The feeling of pleasure was so intense I didn’t care I was semi naked in front of a stranger. His fingers went to my nipples and tweaked them quite hard responding I grabbed his balls with four fingers placing my thumb around his cock, tugging upwards that made him respond by pushing a finger on my knickers a little inside my girlie hole. This was ecstasy so I started to wank him and after a few strokes he said no just play. So I continued to caress his balls and cock but not wanking him. His hands were all over my bra and by now firm nipples with the other one just on my buttocks and inside anus. He said just wank yourself now. With my other hand I started to wank and his finger playing just on or a bit up my anus. This didn’t last long as I was ready to cum and it just shot out all over the toilet floor, white globules of never ending cum with my body now shaking with the long orgasms. It was over, there I was dressed as a girl with my cum on the toilet floor with a finger still pushing my knickers up my hole and my nipples being pulled. He stopped put his balls and cock away and said thank you opened the door and left. Slowly I pulled up my jeans sweatshirt down to cover my bra. I opened the door and there was a person waiting to use the cubicle, what he thought with two coming out I don’t know just walking quickly away. What he wanted I don’t know but I enjoyed it and have been back since but no joy.

Written by paulinetrans2021

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