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Holiday Stories


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Celebrating Eostre

Good Friday We are off to Wales when Fria says. “I have been talking with a man close to where we are going.” “I did not know you had an account.” “Fria has had an account for months.” Anna answered. “Are you going to see him?” I asked. “He cannot accommo...

Fun in the Sun

Broadening My Horizons

Hi Everyone, My name is Rebecca but most people call me Becky . I have been looking at the site for quite a while now but have only just decided to post a story Thanks to everyone who has sent me such nice messages when I joined SH :) I thought it would b...


Holiday Sex Is The Best Sex

The things we do on our holidays.

My partner, Michelle, and I had been seeing each other for about six months when we decided to go on our first holiday abroad together. After looking through many holiday brochures we decided on the stunning Koh Samui in Thailand. Neither of us had been t...

Holiday Time

When warm sunshine and plentiful alcohol meet and sex is the result.

I am sure most, if not all people will have such a story as this one. When I was 22 my girlfriend Stacey was 25 5’1” and size 8 blonde hair, and at that point was still trying to tell me she was a good girl. We had been going out for a couple of months an...


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Old friends

Thursday 11th May We spent the night at an airport hotel. We did find a couple In the hotel. We met them in the bar, but we settled for pizza in our room. We said good night to the couple. Friday 12th May We got to the airport early and had breakfast, the...


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A fucking hotel

Thursday 19th Good news today. Anna missed her period 2 weeks ago so we made an appointment with the doctor. "That's cold." Anna complained as the doctor squeezed lubricant onto her stomach. "Sorry, try to relax. Let's see what we can find. Even if you ar...

Holiday excursion.

The crew aboard the yaught makes sure the wife is looked after and entertained

It was long over due when my husband and I decided to book a holiday and found a perfect package to Turkey. After what seemed like ages we were eventually flying out for a well earned rest. We had been there several days, when we decided to take a walk in...

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Not everything we wanted

We are off to Rhodes in the morning, Anna and I are freshly shaved. The bags are packed. We have no plans, but lots of condoms. The pregnancy test was negative, but Anna missed her period, will test again if she has not had her period on holiday. Here we...



or business trips

Kim came up with a way to get a free holiday. She would invite six men to a villa holiday. We had 18 apply, 8 offered to pay a share of the holiday. We rejected one and one never paid, so we were 8 in a 4 bedroom villa. We arrived, the men by separate pla...

A Short Holiday Interlude

How a chance meeting in a supermarket led to days of incredible fucking

I was chatting to someone online who was telling me how no one believed him when he got picked up and fucked by a stranger in a shop once, and I told him that the same had happened to me! After sharing experiences he suggested that I add it to stories so...


Holiday in the Sun

How Georgia found out she’s an exhibitionist!

Holiday in the sun Written by Neil about him and Georgia. We're on holiday together in Spain and it's very hot. We've been sun bathing and you want to go to the room for a short while to cool down. When we get in, I lay on the bed and close my eyes, you a...