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Holiday in the Sun

"How Georgia found out she’s an exhibitionist!"

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Author's Notes

"I remember this like it was yesterday. But it was a few years ago. This experience allowed us and particularly Georgia, to talk about fantasy. She was so excited about this experience and it will remain with us forever."

Holiday in the sun

Written by Neil about him and Georgia.

We're on holiday together in Spain and it's very hot. We've been sun bathing and you want to go to the room for a short while to cool down. When we get in, I lay on the bed and close my eyes, you ask if I want a cold beer from the fridge. You go to get the drinks and you notice a young gardener outside stripped to the waist, fit body and very bronzed.

He catchs your eye and looks away in embarassment. You smile your wicked smile to yourself. Bring back the beer, you pull off my shorts leaving me naked!! 

'Hey beautiful, you feeling horny?' I ask

'Maybe,' you reply, 'but I love watching your cock go very hard without me even touching you!' 

I look down, I'm semi hard. You start to slowly take off your bikini top, exposing you lovely little pert tits that I love, you rub your hands over them gently pinching your nipples to make them hard. You turn and the gardener is transfixed. You smile at him to tell him you know he's watching and it's ok. As you face him you push out your fab ass that is facing me, hook your thumbs in you bikini bottoms and slide them down very slowly, exposing your fabulous ass in my direction. My cock is now hard. 

'That was easy' you say. 

'Well that's not fair, you know next to your beautiful face, I think your ass is your best asset!' 

You're still bent over, your hands reach for your bum and stretch it wide, I groan in exstacy, my hand reaching for my cock. You're still in that position when you say, 'How much do you wish your tongue was sliding in there to make it nice and wet for your hard cock to slide deep in my ass!' I nearly cum there and then. You always let me tongue and finger your bum, but you never let me fuck it, no matter how much I ask and some times beg. Pre cum is making my cock glisten. 

You stand fully erect showing off your beautiful body to your young watcher, your body perfect, pussy nice and smooth. You smile at him again and turn towards me, you get on the bed and slowly crawl up the bed on your hands and knees ensuring he gets a full view if your ass while you're looking me in the eye. 

You straddle me and my cock glides in with ease as you're so wet.

You stretch forward to kiss and bite my lip and then nuzzle my ear. I don't realise at this stage your doing this so our friend can get a full view of my cock inside you and a great view of your peachy amazing ass. 

You whisper in my ear, 'Fuck me slow and deep and stretch my ass as if someone is watching'. I do as I'm told.

After a few deep thrusts that hit the spot as you grind your hips, I whisper: 'I take it there is someone watching us! Is it a man or woman?'  

'A fucking young fit Spanish gardener' you groan quietly in my ear as my slow fucking starts to take affect. You're so wet, I rub my finger in your wet pussy and then push it deep in your ass. You groan very loudly as you arch your back allowing me to bite your nipples.

'Oh, you fucking bastard!' you whisper. 

I laugh, 'It's for his benefit, not mine' 

'Wanker', you hiss 'you fucking love it too, what kind of man gets turned on by his wife being watched having sex, your cock has never been so solid!, it's really stretching my cunt and it's so so deep'. 

I smile, you know I love you using filthy language in bed, especially the 'C' word. But it has the desired effect as I fuck you long, deep and hard while my finger plays deep in your ass.


'I need you to stay on your back so I can face the window' you whisper in my ear just before biting my neck. I give you a couple of hard thrusts and you move. You get off and then stand above me facing the window. You push two fingers into your sticky pussy and lick your fingers as you stare at your young admirer. He rubs his hard cock through his trousers as he watches you slowly lower on to my hard cock. You pound my cock with a relentlessness I have never known until you scream with pleasure as we both cum together. You slide down my body into a 69, I gorge on your cum filled pussy as you slowly lick my cock hard again, once it's solid you look him right in the eye as you swallow the whole of my cock.

You're getting more turned on, you feel my tongue deep in your ass and pussy, my fingers stretching you, you're so wet, my face is covered in your juice, I'm in heaven! Your admirer is wanking feet in front of you in a public place transfixed by the sight of you. You cup my shaven balls in one hand, fingers grasp my shaft with the another as you wank me fast and hard as you suck the head of my cock. I'm squirming with the intensity if it all, your response is to press your beautiful sweet pussy hard against my mouth, you seem so so horny. 

With my cock in your mouth, you never take your eyes of your young voyueur who is now cumming, his face showing that his cock is exploding. You expertly slip a finger deep in my ass and I can't hold on any longer. I make a loud guttral sound as for the second time in 15 minutes I shoot my load. Your mouth is open, your tongue is out and the young gardener watches in complete awe and wanton lust as spunk covers your tongue. You sit up right, completely smothering my face with your fab ass and soaking pussy. You lick your lips, smile at the young spaniard and cheekily blow him a kiss. You get up walk towards him with a knowing smile, he looks up at this perfect godess before him, he opens his mouth to say something, but, you say, 'Hasta la vista baby!' and then you just draw the curtians, blocking him from our cameo. 

We both burst out laughing. 'Hasta la vista!!' I'm crying with laugther, 'Fucking hasta la vista!, oh my god you're soo perfect, get here now!' 

You stand there, perfect body, face alive and aglow with your beautiful smile plastered all over your gorgeous face. 'I Keep telling you I'm funny!' 

You climb on the bed and into my arms. We kiss and and giggle. 'You're a bad girl Georgia, but by god I love you for it!' 

'Did you enjoy that?' You ask. 'Did it turn you on?' 

I smile. 'You know me Hun, you always turn me on. But you seemed very wet and very turned on and I couldn't see what you could see! Are you glad you did it?'

'Oh god yes! It was such a turn on. Didn't think I'd ever be brave enough to do that! But I did and loved it!! Is that bad?'

I hold you close and hug you hard. Your head is on my chest 'No Hun, it's not bad. You're beautiful and sexy and you made me cum twice in minutes and we had fun.'

'He cum too!' You whisper as you touch my cock. 

'Really? Did you watch him?' You nod on my chest. 

'How did that make you feel?' I ask. 

You look up and smile that smile that makes me fall in love with you everyday. 'Amazing, sexy and in control! It was so so erotic.'

We both lay in each others arms for an hour or so smiling till the memory of what happened reignites our passion again. 

Written by Anonymous

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