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A Short Holiday Interlude

"How a chance meeting in a supermarket led to days of incredible fucking"

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I was chatting to someone online who was telling me how no one believed him when he got picked up and fucked by a stranger in a shop once, and I told him that the same had happened to me! After sharing experiences he suggested that I add it to stories so that he could "enjoy" it again, so here it is!

The happened many years ago, and on what turned out to be the last family holiday I took with my parents.

At 18 I had a very full and active sex life through a group of gay swingers I had fallen in with. A 2 week holiday with my family would mean a temporary break in proceedings but as they were paying it was too good a chance to resist.

We were staying in an apartment complex on the Spanish Island of Mallorca. The rest of my family were happy to spend their days sunbathing and eating. I liked to work on my tan as well, but also wanted to get out and do my own thing. When I found out it was cheap and legal for me to hire a little 50cc moped, I soon found myself bombing around the streets and backroads exploring all sorts of places, from Palma city to tiny little hamlets in the middle of nowhere.

We had just started our second week and it was another hot day. I had stopped in a town supermarket to get some water and fresh fruit. It was air conditioned in there so I took my time, and was looking at some magazines when I sensed someone standing next to me. I glanced over to find a stocky well built man wearing the standard short sleeve shirt, shorts and sandals. I guessed that he was around 60, 6 foot tall with a bit of a belly on him, and was very deeply suntanned which contrasted with the shock of pure white hair on his head. His shirt was open almost half way down and I could see that he had a chest covered in the same snow white hair

As I took this in I noted that he was already looking at me and as our eyes met he said "I assume you are English?" in a light London accent. I said yes, and from there we started chatting. He was really pleasant to talk to and seemed to be interested in knowing all about me, where I was from, who I was with etc. He in turn told that he was an ex-pat, having retired early and moved out there for the sun and the relaxed lifestyle.

He complimented me on my colour and suggested I must like sunbathing to have gotten so tanned in only a week. I mentioned something about not being too keen on the tiny shared pool where were staying and he mentioned that he hated that too, which is why he loved the pool at his villa. In fact would I like to come and see it? He only lived 5 mins away and I could have a swim whilst he made us some lunch.

I wasn't getting any vibe off him, so thought he was just a nice guy who was possibly a bit lonely for some English company. A dip in a pool sounded nice though, but I pointed out I didn't have any trunks with me. He said not to worry as he was sure there was a pair somewhere in the house, although he never wore them himself. That seemed fair enough so I agreed and after buying our supplies I followed him out.

He had a new Mercedes so I figured he was worth a bit, and this was confirmed when I followed him back to a very nice villa on the edge of the town. It was just as he had described, sitting on a slight rise with electric gates and a wall surrounding the property front and back, and no other neighbours within 200 yards.

After putting my bike in the garage lean-to out of the sun we walked through the house to the rear where there was the promised pool with a built in spa attached. My host, who had introduced himself as David, asked me what I thought and seemed pleased with how impressed I was. He suggested I wash the road dust off in an outdoor shower that was off to the side whilst he went off to find the swimming trunks and make us some lemonade.

I did have a slight moment thinking that I would be naked whilst showering but let it go, and stripped off. The water was cold and I gasped as it first hit me, but as soon as that shock wore off I enjoyed getting the dust and grime off. After thoroughly rinsing myself down I turned the tap off, and at that moment David reappeared. He had removed his shirt so that I could see that he was very tanned all over. As he stood in front of me he apologised that he could not find the trunks anywhere, so guessed that they must have been thrown out.

Still, it was not a problem he told me, as his pool was completely private and hidden from view so why not just skinny-dip? I was already standing there in front of him, totally naked with water dripping off my tanned skin, and my limp prick clearly on display. He didn't seem fazed by this at all, and in fact looked directly at my crotch and laughed at the pure white area where my trunks had been, saying that that was why he always sunbathed in the nude!

I went and jumped straight in the deep end. When I surfaced David was standing watching me and smiling. He told me to enjoy myself whilst he went off to get us our drinks. I have always loved being in water and the pool felt amazing, enhanced by the fact that I was naked. I did some lengths and swam underwater for a while, then stopped and floated on my back, enjoying the hot sun on my skin and the cool water beneath. I had shaved before we came on holiday and had kept this up so I was totally smooth and hairless, and as I lay there I started to think that my white bits might get sun burnt if I carried on like this much longer.

Just then David emerged carrying a tray which he set down on a table next to the spa tub. On it was an open bottle of sparkling wine, two glasses and some grapes. "Come on over and jump in the spa and we can have some bubbles with our bubbles” he said with a laugh. I swam over and pulled myself out and over to slide into the spa. As I settled down David handed me a glass, then operated some controls to start the jets up.

As I sat there he proved he was true to his word about nude bathing, because he kicked his sandals off and dropped his shorts, throwing them off to the side, revealing a mahogany coloured arse. When he turned round to pick up his own glass he gave me an up close view of his manhood, also tanned and like me completely shaved. He was not aroused but even so his flaccid member hung down temptingly, backed up by a pair of smooth low hanging balls.

He was in no hurry to get in or cover himself, and I could not take my eyes off his cock as he put his glass down on the tub rim, and positioned the grapes next to it. I was now quite thankful of the bubbles as my own prick was starting to harden. I had no idea if this was leading anywhere or if I should be reading anything into this, but David just carried on as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

Eventually he stepped into the tub, and as he put his foot into the water his groin was only a few inches from my face. It was only a moment but I was sure that it looked like his cock had become slightly bigger than before. Once he was in the tub he stood in the centre for a moment getting his balance. Again his prick was only a foot or so away from me and exactly at my eye level. I was certain now that it looked like, if not yet a semi, he was starting to get aroused, but he didn't seem to notice my gaze at all. He sat down eventually, and rather than take the opposite seat he took the one next to me, so that our legs were touching under the water.

Just the feel of his skin on mine was electrifying and I became even more turned on, thanking the bubbles for hiding what was almost a fully rigid hard on. David, unaware of this, clicked glasses with me and settled back with a contented sigh. We finished our drinks as we talked about something or other, or more accurately he talked whilst I focused on how his knee was stroking my thigh due to the current from the jets.

David tried to reach the bottle to refill our glasses but it was behind him, so he asked if I would mind. Shit, I thought, how do I manage to do that without revealing the throbbing boner I was concealing under the water? In the end I lifted myself out of my seat and reached over David whilst keeping my waist under the bubbles. In doing so though my chest rubbed against his shoulder. He didn't flinch or pull back and as I started to lower myself back David ran his hand across my arm and chest, lightly touching each nipple with the palm.

"Mmmmm" he said "you have beautiful skin, so soft and smooth" he purred as his caresses continued. I now realised where this was going, so just replied "you have very nice skin too".

"Oh, no," he said " I'm just a saggy old man I'm afraid. Here feel" and with that he took my wrist and rubbed his hand over his chest. When I did not resist or pull back he became a little bolder, making a point of rubbing my hand over his nipples, letting me feel them harden. His mouth was slightly open and he was breathing a little faster as he did this. As he released my wrist he lunged forward to grab the back of my neck and pull me forward for a hard kiss. His lips were squirming on mine and his grip was vice like, making sure that I could not break off easily. However I had no intention of doing so, and instead I leaned into him, wrapping my arms round his shoulders and opening my mouth to touch his lips with my tongue.

David broke off our kiss in surprise and sat back, looking a little shocked. I on the other hand was now in my comfort zone, so I smiled and leaned over, placing on hand on his belly as I kissed him back twice as hard, but with my mouth open. As his lips opened and allowed my tongue to entwine with his my hand slipped down further under the water, finding that he was now very much fully hard and erect. He was not huge but still at least 6", and felt wonderful as my fingers wrapped around that rigid shaft.

David groaned in my mouth at my first touch, and as I started to stroke his shaft his groans and kisses increased. When we eventually broke off to gasp for air he took only a moment to pull my head down to his chest, and pushed his nipple into my lips, begging me to suck on him. I licked and sucked him for a few moments, then added a little biting in. His reaction was instantaneous, as he let out a loud bellow and his cock pulsed in my fist.

Clearly he liked this, so I bit and licked my way across his hairy chest to where the other nipple was waiting for the same treatment. We continued like this for a while longer but I stopped and told him to get up and sit on the edge of the tub. As he lifted himself up I was presented with his now rock hard cock, the foreskin pulled back and the helmet much bigger and engorged. As he sat down I didn't waste any time in spreading his thighs and taking him in my mouth.

At first he tasted of the tub water, but as I worked his with my lips and tongue he began to leak juices, and I was rewarded with the delicious taste of his sex. David was now laying back on his elbows, sometimes looking at me as I swallowed his cock, other times letting his head roll back as he gasped as I changed position or speed. He let out a loud "ooh" when I took his balls in my mouth and sucked and pulled on them.

We remained like this for several minutes before David pulled me off of him and up for more kissing. I was kneeling in the water so he could not see how hard and turned on I was, and he said he has no idea I would be like this. I laughed and told that he didn't have to worry, I had been with other men and I preferred it if they were his age, so he could do whatever he wanted.

With that he pulled back and climbed out completely. As he stood I was impressed again with how hard his cock was for a man of his age. He reached into his shorts and pulled out a tube, then asked me to get out and kneel on all fours. The poolside was hot but bearable as David disappeared behind me out of sight. Soon through I felt him behind me. He surprised me though by pulling my legs tightly together and then spearing the cool gel between my thighs.

I was mystified as he pushed his engorged penis forward, sliding between my legs. He had his hands on my hips but, as I moved a little to get more comfortable he grabbed my thighs and pulled them tight. In this way he started to thrust, using my thighs to stimulate himself. With each thrust he grunted and made the next push a little more forceful. Although I was enjoying being out in the sun with a naked man getting off on me, I have to say I was not getting too much out of this experience.

After a few minutes of this I asked him if he just wanted to do this, or would he like to take it further? He stopped and asked me what did I mean? I simply said, "if you want to, you could fuck me like that for real". I looked over my shoulder and made eye contact "you know, you can fuck me in my arse"

"Are you sure?" he said, "I don't want to use a rubber". “That's good because I don't want you to either" I replied in my best horny voice.

He jumped up without another word and pulled me inside the house to the bedroom. I took a moment to nip to the bathroom and prepare myself as best I could, and when I emerged found David laying on the bed, playing with his still engorged cock. He had put a porn tape on a little TV but I didn't pay it any attention as I lay next to him and resumed our kissing.

His hands were all over me, working their way down until he was pawing at my arse cheeks, running a finger between them and feeling my gasp as he touched my anus. His fingers were thicker than I realised and he was struggling to penetrate me. I stopped the kissing and told him to give me his hand. He removed his hand from between my cheeks and I licked and sucked each finger in turn, making sure they were liberally covered in my saliva.

"Now try" I said, and David wasted no time in pushing his now dripping finger against my hole. It was still tight and painful enough to make me wince, but once he was inside me he was able to start opening me up with a slow twisting action. As we had been doing this he had pulled himself into a kneeling position whilst I was on all fours once more. David took advantage of this to push his dick into my face, telling me to suck him. He had not softened in the slightest but his cock seemed to become more engorged and start to throb as I worked his head as best I could.

Eventually he pulled himself out of both ends of me and flipped me over onto my back. His face was red, even under the deep tan and he was panting with excitement. As he parted and lifted my legs he muttered that he "wanted to watch your face when I cum". I guessed that my being so slutty was a turn on, and replied "Oh yes please, fuck me hard and make sure you cum inside me" which made him groan out loud.

I hooked my hands behind my knees as David grabbed some lube from somewhere and smeared me and himself with it. Just before he positioned his cock at my hole he slid a well lubed finger inside me which, although much easier to accept than before, made me cry out and jerk. I could see that this made David excited so I played up to him, gasping and moaning, saying it was too big, too much.

"If you think that's too big wait until I put my cock in you, that will made you scream" he said with lust making his voice quiver.

Without further ado he removed his finger and began forcing his cock inside me. At first the tip entered without any effort but as he stretched me further it began to hurt, and I let him know. We were role playing this, as he was being very gentle and taking his time whilst at the same time verbally abusing me, and I found it all an incredible turn on.

Eventually he was fully inside me and after a short pause, he began to thrust. With each push I said something to tell him how big he was and how good it felt, and this encouraged him to get faster and harder. The bed was shaking and both of us were making so much noise it was a blessing that there were no neighbours.

Even though we had already done plenty he managed to last an impressive 10 mins before his pace suddenly quickened and with a final wild bellow he shot his load. I could feel that incredible fullness as he filled me with his cum, his cock frozen deep inside me as he squeezed out every last drop.

We both flopped back onto the bed, panting, exhausted and covered in sweat. David told me that it had been amazing and he could not believe how lucky he was. We went off to the shower where we soaped each other down, and I found that David was as experienced with his mouth as he was with his cock. As he knelt under the deluge of water sucking my prick I struggled to remain upright, and had to hold onto the tiled walls to support myself when I finally shot my own load into his mouth.

David didn't swallow and I suspected he was going to spit, so I quickly knelt down in front of him and kissed him. He had a surprised expression on his face as I pushed my tongue between his lips and sucked my juices back into my mouth for my cum flavoured reward.

Afterwards we went and sat outside, still naked, and had drink and some more fresh fruit whilst we chatted. David told me he had first noticed me and though I looked hot, but then noticed the baseball cap in my back shorts pocket, and had thought it was enough of a signal to try his luck. I had to admit I had never heard of this or the hanky code so it was just coincidence, but was so grateful that he had made a move.

He admitted his preference was for much younger men, and that in fact his current partner was only 27, but in a small town with no gay nightlife (and before the internet) there was very little opportunity to hook up with anyone. He wanted to know where I had learnt to be so forward, so I told him some stories about what I got up to back home, and these got him so excited that he eventually got hard enough for me to go down on him in his chair before we went back to bed where I took his second load whilst riding him.

We had only just finished and I was in the process of cleaning him up with my mouth when we heard a noise that he identified as the gate opening. Quickly we jumped up and gathered my clothes the wine, glasses and food as a car parked on the driveway. It seems that it was David's partner who had arrived home early from work for some reason.

Luckily as he walked in I was able to scuttle around the side of the house and, after retrieving my moped from the garage found that the gate was still open, allowing me to push it out onto the road before starting it and driving off.

That evening after dinner I found a flashing light on our phone from the front desk saying I had a message. It simply gave a name, a phone number and said call after 9am. Sure enough the next morning I was on the phone to David at 1 minute past the hour, and soon after was back in his bed for a longer repeat performance. For a man of 60 he had amazing stamina and could recover so quickly that he put my 18 year old body to shame, which meant we got to experiment with lots of interesting positions and perversions.

Although we could not meet again over the weekend I was desperate for Monday to roll round and it seemed David was too. We met every day for the next 3 days but then sadly the holiday was over and I returned home, with a great suntan, a well used arse and lots of happy memories.

Written by tonyswma

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