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all holes used

Carried away in Vegas

child free time so a couple heads to Vegas for a good break

Here in England the last Covid restrictions were finally gone. Just like everyone else it had been a long two years for us as well. My name is Ellie. Between home schooling, work at home, and all the restrictions, our eight year old daughter was thrilled...

Meeting Cameron

This is the story about when my partners step father came to stay and the story of how his first marriage ended

Greg and I are very much outdoorsy people. We love hiking, wild camping and pretty much everything else that is out doors. We live in a croft on the north coast of Scotland which was hidden away in the middle of nowhere, or it was before the NC500 was cre...


Collecting interest payments

Ryan just watched as I bent his wife over and stuffed my cock into her pussy from behind.

I was thirty-four and pretty upset with women, even though I was free and single again. Just two years earlier I was in a relationship with Selina when she announced that she was pregnant. In a matter of weeks, I was attending scans and other appointments...

A Short Holiday Interlude

How a chance meeting in a supermarket led to days of incredible fucking

I was chatting to someone online who was telling me how no one believed him when he got picked up and fucked by a stranger in a shop once, and I told him that the same had happened to me! After sharing experiences he suggested that I add it to stories so...


Helen's first gang bang

I watched as Helen gave one of the men a blow job for the road, and she swallowed his cum.

My wife Helen is far too much for me and over the years she has had many lovers to aid me in keeping her happy. When this occurred her latest lover had just moved away and Helen was getting frustrated that I wasn't able to keep up with her needs. I had he...


Debbie's Betrayal Part 2

The aftermath of seeing my bride to be being arse fucked naked in a back alley

I woke in the morning feeling terrible having slept fitfully after my discovery the previous night. Having gone to offer my beautiful 43 year old fiancee Debbie a lift home after a reunion evening she'd spent with some former colleagues, Deb had phoned me...

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Kinky girlfriend gets into dogging.

"Please untie me. You've had your fun with me," Ros pleaded.

To say that Jos my girlfriend liked kinky sex was a gross underestimation of her likes. Besides being in restraints she loved me to stick all manor of things in her pussy and arse and even leave her tied up for periods of time. Then there were the outdoor...


Enough was enough.

I was laid on my back and made to watch someone fucking my wife just inches above my face.

Trudy had always had a stronger sex drive than me. I tried to keep up but knew that she often used her vast collection of sex toys to satisfy herself. Although I didn't know for sure I suspected that she had probably cheated on me. I was happy to look the...