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3sum Stories


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Black Mountain adventure

Monday Anna and I are on a business trip to Montenegro for a week, just the two of us. We are leaving Fria and Clare behind. We found our contact waiting as we walked out of customs holding our names high. She was an attractive blonde. “Can I help you wit...



but not as bad as I feared

It was Jane's Tuesday afternoon. We had met in the evenings and she had stayed over, but when she got married she could no longer stay over. “Lucy said you had her picture.” Jane commented picking up Gail's picture. “Did she?” “So you are fucking her.” I...


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Corrupting a husband

I knew nothing of the plan being hatched before it had already been started. “I've fucked Will.” Fria told me. “Your husband, Maddie?” “We have a job for you.” Anna continued. “Go on, tell me.” “Fria is meeting him again, you are going as her partner.” An...


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Fruity times

I finally got back to see Fruity. Five days of sex and work. I had to work but every morning we woke and clawed at each other. When I could get back for lunch we never had lunch, when I finished work I went to her place or she came to my room. We always f...

Meeting Cameron

This is the story about when my partners step father came to stay and the story of how his first marriage ended

Greg and I are very much outdoorsy people. We love hiking, wild camping and pretty much everything else that is out doors. We live in a croft on the north coast of Scotland which was hidden away in the middle of nowhere, or it was before the NC500 was cre...


By now you know I opened an account after I discovered Liam and he had taken advantage of me in a chatroom. I did spend a few hours on several days in the chatrooms, but soon I was looking for company. There were many I spoke with, some I liked but were s...


🚿 71

Fantastic Plans

Maddie had been to see us twice and spent an afternoon with Anna. That was when they came up with a plan to seduce Will, Maddie's husband. Anna had come back and suggested to Fria that she would have more luck. "I don't think it's a good idea." I offered....


The wonderful thing about New Year , is unlike Christmas you are not expected to spend it with family. We had 3 days having friends endlessly. You may recall Sue who joined the party on the second day. She is proving very popular. Sue wasted no time baggi...

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The only movie I did with no men, I played a housewife who had just moved into a new house. I say there were no men but, my husband said goodbye and drove off. My new neighbor noticed me and invited me in. "We saw you moving in yesterday. I am Jill." "I'm...


🚿 66

Protecting the help

Fria brought a man home last night for the second time, this time he stayed all night and they made a bit of noise. "Good morning Fria." I welcome her and her man. "This is Tim." Fria introduced her companion. Tim looked sheepish and embarrassed. "Good mo...



a desire

It was our third visit to see Donald. Carol was wanking Donald. The nurse arrived a little early to take Donald's blood pressure. "Good afternoon nurse." I said. Carol stopped, much to Donald's annoyance. "Donald needed to pee." Carol explained. "I'll tak...


Funking my husband's boss

It did not end as my husband thought

My second movie was filmed in the same house the following day. My costume was a nice housewife and I wore a ring. The film opened with Jed and myself on the sofa. The same sofa that Jed and Mike had fucked me on the day before. Jed held my hand. My ring...


Before my first film Lucy took me shopping for costumes and a wax. It hurt like my very skin was being ripped off. Fortunately it never lasted long. Lucy drove me to the set, a house in the suburbs. The crew was there and my co-stars arrived about the sam...