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3sum Stories


The only movie I did with no men, I played a housewife who had just moved into a new house. I say there were no men but, my husband said goodbye and drove off. My new neighbor noticed me and invited me in. "We saw you moving in yesterday. I am Jill." "I'm...


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Protecting the help

Fria brought a man home last night for the second time, this time he stayed all night and they made a bit of noise. "Good morning Fria." I welcome her and her man. "This is Tim." Fria introduced her companion. Tim looked sheepish and embarrassed. "Good mo...



a desire

It was our third visit to see Donald. Carol was wanking Donald. The nurse arrived a little early to take Donald's blood pressure. "Good afternoon nurse." I said. Carol stopped, much to Donald's annoyance. "Donald needed to pee." Carol explained. "I'll tak...


Funking my husband's boss

It did not end as my husband thought

My second movie was filmed in the same house the following day. My costume was a nice housewife and I wore a ring. The film opened with Jed and myself on the sofa. The same sofa that Jed and Mike had fucked me on the day before. Jed held my hand. My ring...


Before my first film Lucy took me shopping for costumes and a wax. It hurt like my very skin was being ripped off. Fortunately it never lasted long. Lucy drove me to the set, a house in the suburbs. The crew was there and my co-stars arrived about the sam...



To the swinging

Sally came to stay for the night. We never made anything of her sleeping with us. We had dinner and surprised Fria by going to bed early. "Don't mind us Fria, stay up as long as you like." I told Fria. "I will." "Have you told her?" Sally asked. "No, we a...


The casting coach

and bed and shower

My boyfriend was a gambler and had once again lost money playing poker, more money than we had. I had a job filling shelves which I hated and since I was leaving the loser I had nowhere to live. Could anything be worse than creditors knocking on the door...

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Old friends

Thursday 11th May We spent the night at an airport hotel. We did find a couple In the hotel. We met them in the bar, but we settled for pizza in our room. We said good night to the couple. Friday 12th May We got to the airport early and had breakfast, the...

Sally has come again this weekend. She arrived this morning, we had lunch and we went to bed. Anna insisted on cooking so we went downstairs in loose clothing. Anna was in the kitchen. "When are the builders starting?" I asked. "I don't know. Can't you wa...


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Birthday Boy

Sinday I was not going to write about this week but Anna set me free to play. Anna will be away for a week, but we said goodbye this morning the way lovers do and she loaded her car. "Remember you play up to Thursday, but stay in on Thursday your birthday...


Two in bed

and another joins in

Rose had come to my room every night for 6 nights. On the 7th night she brought Bluebell with her. " When you are married your lady will have her body servant sleep inside the door." Rose informed me. Bluebell helped Rose remove her dress, and Rose slippe...



And we are having fun

I told Ken that I was staying with Emily for a week. I did not tell him why. I was staying to work out what I wanted to do. "Do you really want me to stay here, even with a baby." I asked. "I do, why don't you believe me?" Emily touched my hair. "I don't...


Girls weekend

Finding a man

I had asked Ken if he wanted children again, he said not yet. Not yet is a phase I am beginning to hate. That is one reason Emily and I are having a girls weekend. That and Emily loves my cunt, but her's is fab as well. That is how we found ourselves in a...

Lisa & Pete make 3

A bi 3some with Lisa & curious Pete.

I asked Pete would he fuck me , the dirty bugger even rimmed out my arsehole

Years ago I was looking for some fun with a couple , I wanted to explore my bi urges - I had a few replies , the one that got me It was from a couple in Wroxham - Nr Norwich , they were after a Bi male to join them in a 3 some . The travelling was ok cos...